Programs for you

Diabetes Control

Be proud of yourself in taking the first step towards controlling your diabetes with our plans. Services include:


Hypertension Care

Its easy to be in control of your high blood pressure with our hypertension care program. Services include:


Online Therapy

Considering today's scenario and thinking about your mental health, Mantracare is helping you to maintain a healthy life balance. Services include:


Weight Management

Experience the holistic way of loosing weight and moving towards a healthy lifestyle with our weight loss plans. Services include:


Physiotherapy Care

Managing all your pain areas at your comfort level from the comfort of your home. Services include:



Keeping yourself healthy and fit with the assistance of our expert instructors available only for you anytime & anywhere. Services include:


Women Wellness

Treating PCOS naturally and according to your comfort with the assistance of our health experts. Services include:



Quitting is not an easy journey but with determination and perseverance, you may find that there are benefits to quitting. Services include:


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