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Insurance Credentialing Services for Mental Health Providers

Mental health Insurance Credentialing for psychologists and counselors have become extremely important today. Mental health specialists, just like other practitioners, need to go through an extensive credentialing process to validate their practice.

By forsaking credentialing, a practitioner compromises on a good number of clients covered under the federal insurance program. With a clamoring for more progressive ‘medicare for all idea floating in the United States political spectrum, credentialing has never been this urgent for mental health specialists.

At Mantracare we answer this urgent need by offering insurance credentialing services for mental health providers. Mantracare offers mental health billing and credentialing services to providers who are in dire need of it.


Mental Health Insurance Credentialing and Billing for Mental Health Providers

Now, if we assume that a physician works on a $100/hr, pay, that’s approximately $20000/year in credentialing work per physician. This is excluding any paperwork; of course, you lose more money if you lose relevant documents.

In hindsight, you are spending way more than $20000/year. Mental health credentialing services cost way less when outsourced to a third health insurance credentialing specialist like Mantracare.

So, on average, the general cost of physician insurance credentialing services is somewhere between $2000-$3000/ year.

Most of the cost incurred in the process of Mental Health Insurance Credentialing services is because of its lengthy nature. You lose money if you lose your documents. You lose money if you fail to follow up with the insurance companies, resulting in the expiration of your application. The entire process has too many pot-holes for medical practices to crash and burn.

Hence, it is highly recommended to use the help of mental health credentialing agencies or third-party experts like Mantracare for insurance credentialing and billing for mental health clinicians.

Mantracare’s Insurance Credentialing Services and its Benefits

➤ Home to credentialing specialists that will help you manage and navigate through all the paperwork without a hassle.

➤ Take care of the entire credentialing process from start to finish, thus allowing you time to focus on patient care.

➤ Update on credentialing status in 24 hours.

➤ Assists you while making an appeal for panels closure.

➤ File error-free credentialing applications.

➤ Appeal on your behalf to reverse claims denials.

➤ Make sure payments from third-party payers arrive in a timely manner.

Insurance Credentialing

Why Choose a Credentialing Service?

Insurance Credentialing is no small task. It is a complex process that can last for months. You need to be vigilant throughout the process, making sure all information submitted is correct. Any misstep will end up costing you both time and money. Claim denials can be especially frustrating. Unfortunately, most medical providers don’t have the time, insight, or resources required to efficiently undertake the credentialing process.

This is where Mantracare’s Insurance Credentialing Services come into play. We are home to highly skilled credentialing experts that shoulder the responsibility of credentialing on your behalf. We take care of the paperwork, appeal, status follow-up, and handle claim rejections if any. We make sure your application is clean and devoid of any errors, thus drastically reducing your chances of rejection.

We also follow up with the payers regularly at your behest to make sure your credentialing process goes smoothly. With Mantracare by your side, your credentialing burden becomes ours and we don’t stop until you are a part of the insurance carrier’s network.

Mental Health Credentialing Process

Insurance credentialing for mental health professionals is no easy task. The process is long and involves the following crucial steps. 


Getting Your Information in Order

As we mentioned before, credentialing requires a lot of information and documents from the practitioner.



Fill Out Your CAQH

You will find many companies that use the Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare for the purpose of credentialing. Before filling out the CAQH form, you are required to hold an authentic resume with no gaps in employment. The application is supposed to be completed online via the CAQH hub.

The entire process can be extremely confusing to follow, but we at Mantracare assist you till the end.


Contact provider Relations

Once you have gone through the CAQH process, you are now afforded the liberty of choosing which insurance panel you want to be on. The insurance companies you choose may vary in the department of reimbursement rates, provider friendliness, payment speeds, etc.

Some companies may have their own sets of rules and requirements to apply. Now here you might face an issue of rejection, or not being accepted because the panel is full.


Submit Application

Once you have taken care of the documentation and decided on which insurance panel to join, it’s time to submit the application and wait. The entire process of getting paneled is relatively swift, culminating within 9-10 hours.

All you have to do now is a follow-up. You have to keep tabs on the status of your application. Chances are it might expire while still in the process if taken too long, and you don’t want to start again. The insurance companies have to be notified every time you submit a document to ensure it has reached them.


Review after Approval

Once you have received approval, it is still not an appropriate time to celebrate. Do the following to be on the safer side.

  • Review your contract carefully before signing
  • Keep a file with the agreement and any addendums ready for future reference.
  • Learn more about the insurance provider’s portal on its official website.

Once you have taken care of the above bucket list, you are ready to sign. To speed up the process, Mantracare’s will help you submit your claims electronically. This will help you save time, money, and paper.

Mantracare’s Insurance Credentialing Services and its Benefits

Our Website provides helpful articles and the latest news that give you the advice and tips needed to make your credentialing process easier.

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Of course, we offer insurance services to our clients that can take the burden of credentialing off of their busy shoulders. Our prices are affordable, and we offer the most advanced automated assistance with your credentialing. 

We work for you, so you don’t lose a single client. The value of one client greatly outweighs the cost of credentialing.


What Our Clients Say?

“Using Mantracare Psychiatric Billing to do your credentialing is the one most important piece of advice I gave to a colleague starting her own behavioral health practice.”

Brighid Gannon , Psychiatric NP

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance credentialing is a process wherein healthcare providers apply to health insurance companies to be a part of their provider network. This process involves the verification of a healthcare provider’s credentials before they are enrolled into their network.

Insurance Credentialing is a long and complex process. Typically, the entire process can take anywhere around 90-120 days to conclude.

To get insurance credentialing, simply approach the insurance company whose network you would like to join. Follow the credentialing process as instructed by them and follow up with the company until your application is either accepted or denied. To increase your chances of succeeding, we suggest you seek the assistance of a professional insurance credentialing service.

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