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Life changing experience

I hope my honest review will help to anyone who is thinking to go for therapy from her. I myself have taken 10 therapy sessions from her and I can't be thankful enough. Trust me this will change your life, provided you need to be honest and courageous enough to talk any and everything with her. Even coming and reading about the reviews ,you have already taken the first step. I am telling you the way I am talking or writing this right now wasn't same before therapy. I was suffering from depression and anxiousness issues and I was having no one to talk to or who could understand (at least this is what I had thought at that time) . I was having so much of insecurities, couldn't even stand out with anyone and this thing had been from my childhood. Lack of confidence, having a few suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, feeling unsafe and insecure. I remember that I wasn't even sure in my session that if I will be able to take this therapy seriously or not. The initials sessions were all crying sessions. I wasn't even sure that from where this crying is coming because earlier I wasn't even doing this. I am thankful to her she listened me very patiently and without judgement. I realized that it's very important to cut the pattern, to discharge that negative emotions. One of the key way is by speaking up and she helped me in speaking up and also understood so much. This is what we all want. No?! And in our conversations, she cleared me that there are no rooms for judgements, which rejoiced me and gave me hope gradually. Sometimes what happened we are unable to see the larger view about ourselves or we loose our balance and a professional helps to regain that balance in our life. That's what they are profficient at and I love this thing about them. She helped me knowing about my pattern. We used to set small and big goals and used to practice them in the class so that when the actual moment comes, I would be able to handle it easily. We unlearn and learn patterns. Slowly I became so excited to her sessions. She also gave me tools and practices which I found so essential and wonderful. She helped me to see the reality of things. I am so so so thankful for her support and her presence. Can't thank her enough. She turned out to be a saviour for me. It's not like that everything will suddenly become a fairy tale or so. It is more of like through the conversations we had , I become more self aware as a person, started analysing my current thought pattern at the moment. And now sometimes I forget using those tools, but then I realized that I am not being harsh on myself as I used to and that's a big big win. Also, I want to say I was too late to start therapy. Anyone can take it even the one who isint going with depression. Also, charges were also affordable as I took in the sale session. To conclude I really felt cared for and I am totally satisfied. I thank her wholeheartedly. 💕

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