Aneesa Moidoo

Double Masters in Psychology and Attachment theory

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I am a Passionate counselling psychologist/psychotherpaist psychoanalytically oriented along with the training in cognitive behaviour therapy. Apart from the Dual Masters in Psychology and Attachment theory, I also specialized in Applied behaviour therapy. My approach is client-centered and incorporates therapeutic strategies from insight-oriented, evidence-based psychotherapy.

Practicing in reputed hospitals and clinics around the middle-east since years extended the experience and proficiency in the treatment.

Now, Encountering and experiencing our own emotions and feelings is overwhelming at times.
Wondering why this is happening to me, why am I feeling this way, where am I heading,
how do I tackle this; why am I unable to do what I really wanted to do or achieve, what’s stopping me??..

Sometimes being confused about our own action may even lead us to think that maybe I am wrong and the people around me is right or I am right and the people around are acting weird.
It’s even confusing how to act or feel in certain situations.
Going through the same loop of troublesome thoughts, worries, concerns and not knowing where or how to move forward is exhausting but can’t pause for the ideal outcome, when we are longing for it.
Intense emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, may come across but most of the time being clueless to handle, or the resources that we use are not helping anymore, isn’t worst to go through.
I understand, talking to a therapist, the counsellor can create anxiety or nervousness to some. Talking to a stranger may sound like, how does a stranger understand my problem and the intensity of my pain and struggle. What if I am judged, what if the counsellor thinks that I am a bad person when I am being myself or share my views and perceptions. What if the society thinks am weak
Here is the answer, the concern is genuine, but trying out something hopeful to ease your struggle isn’t worth??
I provide a space for you, to feel and be yourself, to have an insight into the difficulties you go through
A space to declutter, vent out, validate and have clarity for yourself and the situations you are in, even in the midst of trillion thoughts

Couple therapy, adults and adolescents therapy are the area of my expertise.

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ashir2451 1 Reviews
Thank you for the amazing job you do

Thank you Aneesa, you are honestly wonderful. I heard a lot of positive feedback from the clients referred to you and I just want to thank you for the amazing job you do!

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Aneesa Moidoo Review

I want to write about my personal experience with therapy. I have been in and out of therapy for years and it didn’t seem to work out and the only other available option for me was to end my life. All until I decided to give it one more chance with my therapist Aneesa Moidoo. She was very easy to talk to even through difficult times, and I never felt judgment from her side which made me feel safe enough yo proceed forward with therapy. Giving therapy another chance with Aneesa changed my life and my life is still on it’s way of getting better. I don’t have a doubt in her competency or abilities as a qualified professional. I would highly recommend for anyone to take her help and go through their difficult journey with her by their side and I don’t think you will ever get disappointed by her services. She is extremely genuine and honest with her work and hold high values for her ethical believes.

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