i have psychology degree also im perusing for the master in italy behind those i also had a lot of workshops about marketing , CBT , industrial psychology , TDCS , QEEG .positive psychology etc . also i take some courses from USA university about clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

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my name is Arash Naderi 25 years old. I studied a bachelor of psychology in Iran and after then I got 19 points (From 20) I decided to pursue my education in another country with a better education system so after that I applied for the Padova university that have a good rank on the QS website ( 52 in the world ) . while when I was in Iran I had work in a top 5 clinic in my city I had an experience in assessment and therapy mostly in the relationship and beside my work experience I took a lot of workshop from all the world mostly from the USA.

now I’m studying clinical intercultural and social psychology at Padova University and I will graduate in 2022 and here again I’m going to a workshop about refugees.


to want to more about my experience you can check my CV