Dr Noreen Nguru MBBS BSc (Hons)

MD and Wellness Travel Coach certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness

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From mind full to mindful; meet the British doctor prescribing wellness travel™️ to tackle the silent pandemic of stress, occupational burnout and imposter syndrome affecting professionals in high-pressured work roles.

Founded by Dr Noreen Nguru-Berkou, an award-winning medical doctor and wellness travel coach accredited in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness practice, our trailblazing travel consultancy combines Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ experiences with supportive CBT to help our professional clientele detox from technology, recover from occupational burnout and implement fundamental well-being practices through wellness-based activities and mindful destination exploration abroad.

As a holistic service, Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ can be an effective, low-cost stress management solution for individuals and companies seeking preventative measures that increase workplace resilience and reduce the rising rates of occupational burnout in the global workforce.

The innovative wellness travel prescriptions have already helped countless overstretched executives and burnt-out professionals regain their mind-body-soul connection, garnering national press attention from The Telegraph, The Independent and Good Housekeeping magazine.

Following unanimously positive reviews from our clients, we are on a mission to show the world the evidence-based benefits of travel for reducing stress, increasing resilience and improving overall wellness.

Travelling abroad can be more than just a holiday: it can be a life-changing experience too.

Our vision is for Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ and wellness travel coaching to gain formal recognition as a holistic therapy by the College of Medicine and Integrative Health by 2024, with What The Doctor Recommends leading the movement.



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