Lina Malessa

Psychologist, Stress- & Burnout-Coach, Relaxation Trainer and Fitness trainer with a holistic view of health. Passion for supporting people on their way to an improved health and overall wellbeing.

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I am a psychologist with a holistic view on our health. That’s why I completed a further education in the stress and burnout field. Also I am a licensed relaxation trainer and fitness trainer. My passion is to support people on their individual way to an improved health and overall wellbeing. In my consulting/coaching I am following a solution and resource orientated approach, taking advantage of different aspects of the cognitive behavioral therapy. I am convinced that everyone has his or her characteristics and strengths and is able to take advantage of them to find their personal right way. I will support you in finding this path, as well as bringing forward your personal development. Together we will figure out which tools are the right ones for you and what you need to achieve your goals, improve your health and enhance your wellbeing.