Shaurya Gahlawat (MSc Psychology- Counseling)

Hi, I am Shaurya Gahlawat. A Woman, Counseling Psychologist & Existential Therapist. I offer Mental Health and relationship counseling/ psychotherapy to adults (age 20- 60) in India. The sessions are currently ONLY online via video calls. I am queer affirmative and trauma informed. I work with most mental and emotional health life challenges like Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Conflicts, Career Challenges, Body Image Issues, Burnout, Self Identity, Acceptance and personal growth & development.

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About Me-

Hi! I am Shaurya Gahlawat- a Woman, Therapist and Existentialist. I love both tea and coffee (mostly cannot pick!). Reading and writing is fuel to my soul. When I am not working, you are likely to find me taking long walks with my dog, exploring what nature has to offer! My interest in psychology and psychotherapy stems from my own struggles of navigating through multiple life challenges and my passion to help people. As a child, everything about the human mind and behaviour would fascinate me. A few years ago, when I started seeing my therapist, I realised I would never forget how she made me feel- heard, seen, understood, unconditionally regarded, cared for and helped me make the changes I wanted to. I knew that is exactly how I would like to make another person feel. When I noticed that most people trust me and are comfortable in sharing their life stories with me, I decided to academically train myself to pursue counseling as a full time career. Each day, I feel honored to be a fellow traveler in the life journeys that my clients and patients undertake.


I studied my undergraduation at Hansraj College, Delhi University and my masters (Master of Science in Counseling Psychology) at Christ University. I also hold a PG Diploma from MICA in Digital Marketing and undertook an Executive Program from XLRI in Leadership and Change Management.

I am a life member of the Counsellors Council of India and am now working towards my Psychotherapy Diploma in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy.

Counseling Certifications-

  • Treatment Strategies for Mood and Anxiety Disorders by American Psychiatric Association
  • Mental health care for self and public during COVID-19 by American Psychiatric Association
  • Suicide Prevention by QPR Institute
  • Existential Well Being Counseling by KU Leuven
  • Existential Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom
  • Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress at work by The Greater Good Science Centre
  • COVID-19 Preparedness by World Health Organisation