Zoraida Toro Barrios

Graduate in Psychology. I am studying a Qualifying Master's degree. (Máster Universitario en Psicología General Sanitaria). In February (2022) I will be able to obtain my degree. Currently, I am doing an internship at the Cruz Roja.

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Graduate in Psychology. I am currently finishing the qualifying master’s degree: Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology.

I have not previously worked, but I have done internships in a family treatment team, in an old people’s home and, currently, in the Cruz Roja. My functions in the Cruz Roja are to assess and intervene with users, that is, I carry out individual sessions. The profile of the users is very varied. I deal with problems of anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness… I also carry out group sessions. In these sessions I deal with caregiver syndrome and family problems.
I am also working on music therapy sessions for people with severe cognitive impairment. These sessions will be held in a nursing home.

During my internship in the family treatment team, I had to deal with cases of sexual abuse, gender violence, couple problems, problems between parents and children, depression…

During my degree, I have been trained on gender and health in relation to psychology, doing extra courses and trainings on feminism and gender violence.

I also have a degree in Social Integration. To obtain it I did an internship with children with disabilities.

Additional Details

  • Female
  • English, Spanish
  • 2021
  • Yes
  • Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • LGBTQ+
  • Individual, Couple, Group, Online
  • 18-30