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All of your physiotherapy-related questions and difficulties are addressed online via frequent online check-ins & teleconsultations with Physios in Germany.

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In Germany, Mantra Care members are paired with a professional physiotherapist for one-on-one care. They use our interactive exercise videos to treat you.

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The first step is to examine your ketones. During this time, you are likely experiencing Keto Flu symptoms such as fatigue and nausea (sickness). You may be able to leave now if you don’t feel better in a few hours!

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MantraCare offers a variety of physiotherapy treatments and services to meet all of your physiotherapy needs. Each person’s treatment is customized, with issues ranging from back pain to neck pain to shoulder discomfort to arthritis to muscular injuries, and more.

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Our physiotherapists and chiropractors are available in every section of Germany through a simple mobile application, allowing us to respond quickly. Video consultations, self-care apps, 3D exercise films, AI, and technology allow skilled online physical therapy for all of our clients.


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In Germany, monks use a variety of body exercises, video lectures, and a balanced diet to treat muscular and joint discomfort at MantraCare physical therapists. Our treatment method offers several benefits over traditional in-person therapy.


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You get a personal Physio who customizes the exercise plan based on your comfort and needs

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“Continuous sitting on a chair often makes a person develop some problems. The same happened to me when I was working in an office. I was suggested to consult a physiotherapist for therapy. One fine day I came across Mantra Care. They helped me to heal faster.”

Jack, 3 years on MantraCare

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All about Physiotherapy & Treatment

Physiotherapy, also known as physical treatment, employs biomechanics, kinesiology, and manual therapy to help patients improve their physical power. It is a medical therapy that aims to restore the patient’s ability to move and function normally.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals that provide physiotherapy. They have received a degree in physiotherapy from Germany and are skilled at identifying and treating the underlying causes of injuries. He is an expert in the treatment of muscular and joint pains. Depending on the type of damage, physiotherapists utilize a variety of therapies such as body manipulation, electrical nerve stimulation, and Acupuncture.

Problems that require Physio treatment in Germany

The need for Physio can be unpredictable, and it can come up at any age, especially if you have experienced any physical trauma like sprains, fractures or muscle disorders. A physio can help you with:

  • Posture problems : Lower and upper back pain, Stiff neck, Shoulder tightness, Poor muscle tone, Lack of balance in muscles
  • Joint pain: Poorly aligned joints, Arthritis, Age-related joint pain, Bursitis
  • Surgery recovery: Knee replacement, Tendon surgery, Lymph node replacement, Spinal cord injury surgery
  • Bruising or Inflammation: Sports injury, Contusions, Muscle swelling, & Lymphatic congestion
  • Other: Frozen shoulder, Slip disc, Stroke, Pregnancy-related pain in muscles and joints & Cerebral Palsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy, in its broadest sense, is the study of movement. It aids individuals in regaining, preserving, and maximizing their physical strength and mobility by addressing the underlying physical causes. It is used to treat muscular and joint discomfort problems.

Physiotherapists in Germany are experts at providing physiotherapy treatment for:
Elbow pain – Elbow pain can have causes that are not due to fundamental illness. It is associated with several causes including hitting a hard object, injury, putting pressure on the elbow, or attempting any sports activity.
Back pain – A person may experience minor to severe back pain due to several reasons including lifting heavy weight, injury or age. If neglected, the symptoms can turn worse. Physiotherapy helps in getting rid of these symptoms.
Hand pain – Hand pain is frequently brought by illness or injury that affects bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments, veins, or connective tissues altogether. Hand pain is one element of joint aggravation (joint pain) which is felt inside the hand.
Wrist pain – Wrist pain is typically brought by injuries or cracks from unexpected wounds. However, wrist pain can also occur from long haul issues such as monotonous pressure, joint inflammation, and carpal passage disorder.
Sore joints – Joint pain is associated with aches, discomfort, and soreness in the joints of our body. It restricts us from performing a proper movement of our body parts.
Knee pain – Knee pain can occur due to injury, rigorous sports activity, or age. It leads to difficulty in climbing stairs, running, and carrying our daily activities.
Tendinitis – Tendon is the thick fibrous cords that connect muscles to the bones. Inflammation or irritation in the tendon can lead to the problem of tendinitis.
Hip Pain – Hip pain can occur due to several reasons including trauma, improper sitting position, muscle stiffness, sprains, or strains.
Neck pain – Neck pain is not associated with underlying illness. It is a result of resting in an awkward position, stress, chiropractic control, or wearing substantial pieces of jewelry.
Hardened neck – A hardened neck can have causes that are not due to fundamental infection. It is a result of injuries, strains, improper sleeping position, sitting at a work area with helpless ergonomics, or absence of development.
Shoulder pain – Shoulder pain can have causes that are not due to fundamental sickness. Models incorporate injury, improper resting position, or putting weight on the shoulder.
Lower leg hyper-extends – A physical issue that occurs when the joints bend in an inappropriate way. A hyper-extended lower leg causes growing pain and restricted scope of movement.
Foot pain – Foot pain can affect your walking ability. Models incorporate inadequately fitting shoes, collision with a hard object, abuse like long strolls or running a long distance, injuries, strains or injury.

The most typical reasons for muscular and joint discomfort are strain, tension, overuse, and minor injuries. This sort of pain is usually localized and affects a specific group of muscles or a tiny section of your body. Systemic muscle ache or general bodily discomfort, on the other hand, is more often caused by an infection, an illness, or a medication’s side effect. For example, you may get muscle or back pain as a result of taking blood pressure medicine.

Online treatment is frequently effective in treating muscular problems. Some disorders, on the other hand, necessitate hands-on examination or therapy, which cannot be completed over the internet. If our specialist physiotherapist finds instances like this, he may recommend that you see a German clinic. In addition to that, patients will receive a reimbursement for their online consultation.

It’s not about which option is best; it’s all about accessibility and availability. Everyone in Germany should have unlimited access to customized healthcare, ideally. But we do not live in a perfect world. Online physical therapy connects people who don’t live near an accredited health clinic with the best physical therapists on the planet from the comfort of their own home in Germany.

Although physiotherapists are sometimes thought of as “hands-on” clinicians, many people have a wrong impression that they can only evaluate or cure with hands-on treatment. However, in most cases, Physiotherapists just need to know about your lifestyle and pain spots to recommend you a therapy. Our Physical Therapist s in Germany will be accessible via video conferences and will help you through each stage of rehabilitation exercises. They also advise adjustments to your lifestyle. All of this may be completed online with ease and efficiency. However, if our Physical Therapists discover that the damage is serious, they will advocate for physical therapy in Germany.

In Germany, Mantra Care physiotherapists use a root cause analysis approach to address muscular and joint discomfort. Once the problem is identified, we use a variety of physical exercises, internet training, video demonstrations, and a nutritious diet to cure you.

We provide a variety of services, such as app-based videos and a health blog, for no cost. We charge a modest fee for other aspects such as physical therapist doctor visits and expert discussions. Overall, we are one of the most affordable methods in Germany to treat musculoskeletal problems.

Our physical therapy treatment plan is entirely online. From anywhere in Germany, you can get consultation. We serve individuals from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf , Dortmund , Essen , Leipzig , Bremen , Dresden , Hanover (formerly), Nuremberg , Duisburg Bochum Wuppertal Bielefeld Bonn Münster)

There are a plethora of excellent physiotherapists in Germany. However, physiotherapists in Germany are generally focused on face-to-face meetings and traditional treatments. Physiotherapist visits normally occur every 2-3 months. Because he tracks you daily and directs you when and where you want, the outcomes from the Mantra Care Physiotherapy treatment program tend to be better for most people.

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