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All of your physiotherapy-related concerns and queries are handled online through internet check-ins and teleconsultations with Physios in India.

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In India, Mantra Care members are paired with a competent physiotherapist for one-on-one treatment. They use our app’s interactive exercise videos to help you recover from your injury.

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Mantra Care physiotherapists are entirely virtual and provide medical care to patients across time and space. Our technology-enabled approach aids in the management of physical problems from head to toe.

Personalized Physical Therapy

All of your physiotherapy requirements are met by MantraCare, which gives regular exercises, home treatments, and check-ins on a regular basis. Back pain, neck discomfort, shoulder discomfort, arthritis, muscular injuries, and other challenges are all treated individually.

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On a near real-time basis, our physiotherapists and chiropractors can be found in every region of India through a simple mobile application. Expert online physical therapy via Video consultations, self-care tools, 3D exercise videos, AI & technology is available for all of our patients.


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We treat nearly all muscle and joint issues

Although there are many types of physical and muscular ailments, they are not all the same. Different sorts of difficulties need different therapies. To fulfill your demands, MantraCare provides 200+ Indian and international physical therapists with a diverse set of skills to treat back pain, shoulder discomfort, or sports injuries:

Meet the best online physical therapist in India

In India, MantraCare physical therapists use a blend of body exercises, video lectures, and a balanced diet to treat muscular and joint discomfort. In many ways, our treatment experience is superior to the conventional in-person approach.


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You get a personal Physio who customizes the exercise plan based on your comfort and needs

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3D animations & voice narrations in our app ensure proper and right guidance

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With over 200+ physios, MantraCare is 100% online – no waiting rooms

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Dr. Kamna

““God Bless You” is all I have to say! For the past two years, I’ve had debilitating sciatica and back pain. I went to three osteopaths, three physiotherapists, one chiropractor, and one authority radiology specialist who performed three series of local epidural injections under x-ray control. I must say, your methods of treatment are natural and unique along with being effective.”

Meeta, 2 years on MantraCare

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All about Physiotherapy & Treatment

Physiotherapy, sometimes known as physical therapy, makes use of biomechanics, kinesiology, and manual treatment to aid in the enhancement of a patient’s physical strength. It is a medical therapy that aims to restore the patient’s ability to move and function normally.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injuries and pain using physical modalities. Physiotherapists are health practitioners who use physical treatments to treat musculoskeletal problems. He specializes in treating muscular and joint pains.

Depending on the type of injury, physiotherapists may use a variety of therapies such as body massage, electrical nerve stimulation, and Acupuncture.

Problems that require Physio treatment in India

The need for physiotherapy may occur at any time, especially if you have had a physical accident such as sprains, fractures, or muscular ailments. A physio might assist you with the following:

  • Posture problems : Lower and upper back pain, Stiff neck, Shoulder tightness, Poor muscle tone, Lack of balance in muscles
  • Joint pain:  Poorly aligned joints, Arthritis, Age-related joint pain, Bursitis
  • Surgery recovery: Knee replacement, Tendon surgery, Lymph node replacement, Spinal cord injury surgery
  • Bruising or Inflammation: Sports injury, Contusions, Muscle swelling, & Lymphatic congestion
  • Other: Frozen shoulder, Slip disc, Stroke, Pregnancy-related pain in muscles and joints & Cerebral Palsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy is a treatment method that focuses on the study of movement. It aid s in the reconditioning, maintenance, and improvement of physical power and mobility by focusing on bodily causes. It is used to treat muscular and joint discomfort problems.

The most common musculoskeletal problems that physiotherapists in India treat include:
Elbow pain – Elbow discomfort can be the result of a variety of factors, including as a result of physical injury. It is related to a variety of reasons, including striking a hard object, harm, putting pressure on the elbow while performing any sport.
Back pain –Back pain can be minor to severe depending on the circumstances. Lifting heavy weight, an accident or age may all cause minor to serious back discomfort. If left untreated, the symptoms might grow worse. Physiotherapy is used to treat these issues.
Hand pain – Hand pain is generally caused by a disease or injury that affects bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments as well as veins and connective tissues. One component of joint aggravation (joint pain) is hand discomfort felt within the hand.
Wrist pain – Wrist pain is typically the result of mishaps or fractures from unexpected wounds. Wrist discomfort, on the other hand, can be caused by long-term issues such as monotonous pressure, joint inflammation, and carpal passage blockage.
Sore joints – The joints of our body are painful, aching, and sore when we suffer from joint discomfort. It prevents us from executing the appropriate motions of our limbs.
Knee pain – Knee discomfort is common, and it can be caused by any of the following: injury, intense sports participation, or age. It makes walking up stairs, running, and carrying out everyday chores difficult.
Tendinitis – Tendons are fibrous, rope-like structures that connect muscles to bones. Tendonitis is the result of inflammation or irritation in the tendon.
Hip Pain – Hip pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including trauma, poor sitting posture, muscular stiffness, sprains, or strains.
Neck pain – Neck pain is not caused by an underlying disease. It’s due to prolonged sitting, tension, chiropractic treatment, or wearing large jewelry.
Hardened neck – A hard neck can be caused by a variety of factors that aren’t related to an infection. It’s the consequence of injuries, strains, poor sleeping posture, prolonged sitting at a workstation with helpless ergonomics, or lack of growth.
Shoulder pain – Shrugs can be used for many purposes, but they’re most commonly associated with symptoms of shoulder discomfort. Injury, poor posture, and putting weight on the shoulder are all examples of models that may cause pain.
Lower leg hyper-extends – When the joints bend in an unnatural way, it’s known as a joint problem. Growing discomfort and restricted range of motion are caused by a hyper-extended lower leg.
Foot pain – Wearing uncomfortable shoes while walking may lead to lower back pain and discomfort. Models include poor-fitting shoes, contact with a hard object, misuse such as long strolls or running far, injuries, strains, and injury.

Tension, stress, overuse, and little injuries are the most common causes of muscular and joint discomfort. This sort of pain is usually focused in a localized area of your body. Systemic muscle ache or pain that affects your entire body, on the other hand, is more often caused by an infection, sickness, or adverse drug reaction.

Most musculoskeletal issues can be treated over the internet. Some conditions, on the other hand, necessitate hands-on evaluation or therapy that cannot be providedremotely. If our expert physiotherapist suspects this, he may recommend you to see a clinic in India. Furthermore, patients will receive a refund for their online consultation.

It’s not about which option is better; it’s all about availability and accessibility. Everyone in India should have unlimited access to individualized healthcare, ideally. However, we do not live in a perfect world. Online physical therapy allows you to connect with the top physical therapists on the planet while still residing in India.

People have a negative idea that physical therapists can only diagnosis and treat with hands-on treatment. However, in most cases, physiotherapists just need to be informed about your lifestyle and pain zones to recommend therapy. Our Physical Therapists in India will be accessible via video calls, and they’ll assist you with each stage of rehabilitation exercises.

The treatment of muscular and joint pains is based on the root cause analysis of the issue at Mantra Care physiotherapists in India. We utilize a variety of bodily exercises, online training, video demonstrations, and a healthy diet to cure you once the problem has been discovered.

We provide a number of free services, including app-based films and a health blog. For other things, such as physical therapist doctor visits and expert discussions, we charge a modest fee. In the end, we are one of the most inexpensive methods in India to address musculoskeletal issues.

We provide 100% online physical therapy treatment. You may choose to visit from anywhere in India for consultation namely – Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Mysore, Tamil Nadu etc.

There are several excellent physiotherapists in India. Physiotherapists in India, on the other hand, tend to focus on face-to-face consultations and conventional treatments. Each visit to a Physiotherapist lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 months. You may see your Physio every day with the Mantra Physical treatment method. He follows you and guides you when and where you need it. As a result, the outcomes from the Mantra Care Physiotherapy treatment program are typically superior for most individuals.

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