Stress and Age

Stress and Age

Most of us believe that stress comes only after certain years of lifespan. But it’s not true. At any stage, stress can be a part of your life.  Whether you are young or old, you have to face difficult situations and overcome them at every stage of life. Where young people find it difficult in finding jobs or building up careers,  older people on the other hand face difficulties of declining health and financial security.  So you can’t say that stress comes and goes away at a certain age.

Does stress affect older people more?

See, Talking to the side of stress,  it occurs and does the same with all, be it a young man or an old man. What causes the difference is how your body and mind react to deal with those stressful situations. The difference lies in stress management.  When people are young they and their bodies are physically sound to deal with different physical or mental problems. But the same is not the case when you are older because of your immune system.  Yes, there is no denying the fact that with age your body’s natural ability to fight back stress gradually decreases. Why does this happen? When a person is young, his or her body is able to deal with the stress hormones if released for a shorter period of time.

However, too much stress over too many years can crush a person’s hormone regulation.  Also, according to a study, If your body has been experiencing an over-release of cortisol over the years it can damage a part of the brain that’s very important for storing and retrieving memories.  The part of the brain is called the hippocampus. And we all know that overloading of stress hormones has been associated with several other health problems that might include a weakened immune system, heart disease, and high blood pressure. And it’s a  fact that older people are already at higher risk of certain illnesses and Ailments,  where it becomes difficult for them to manage stress well in addition. 

Does stress cause aging?

People often ask this question to some experts: can stress be the cause of one’s aging faster? And yes it’s very true that stress does make a person older.  it does not only make you feel older rather it does speed up your aging in a real sense. Stress adds years to the age of your immune cells.  According to a study whenever any reason is divided telomeres get shorter.  so over time when it becomes too short,  it loses the capacity to divide longer and replenish itself. And this is one of the reasons you cannot live till eternity.

Researchers found in a study that the immune cells of highly stressed women have led to the adding up of 10 extra years in their age.  The researchers said that the exact connection between the mind and the cells are still unknown but they did promote the theory that is very well known to two people,  that stress hormones do lead to the shortening of telomeres,  and cutting the life of cells,  hence leading to aging and death even faster.

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