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PCOS Treatment in United Kingdom

PCOS is a common condition that affects women of reproductive age. It is a problem with the way the body makes and uses hormones. PCOS can cause symptoms such as irregular periods, fertility problems, and weight gain. There is no one cure for PCOS, but there are treatments available that can help manage the condition.

One treatment option for PCOS is prescription birth control pills. Birth control pills can help to regulate your menstrual cycle and reduce your risk of getting pregnant. They may also help to reduce your weight. You should talk to your doctor about whether birth control pills are right for you.

Another treatment option for PCOS is diet and exercise. Studies have shown that diets and exercise can improve the symptoms of PCOS in some women. If you are struggling with weight issues or have irregular periods, diet and exercise may be a good first step.

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Symptoms of PCOS

Irregular Periods
Irregular Periods
Difficulties in conceiving or even infertility
Difficulties in conceiving or even infertility
Excessive hair growth
Excessive hair growth
Sudden weight gain
Sudden weight gain
Formation of ovarian cyst
Formation of ovarian cyst
Low sex drive
Low sex drive
Insulin resistance
Insulin resistance
Mood Changes
Mood Changes

How We Treat PCOS?

Personal Coach

Having a PCOS-specialised coach in United Kingdom helps to ensure that you’re receiving quality care & direction while keeping you accountable.

Clinical PCOS Evaluation

We have certified gynaecologists and healthcare professionals in United Kingdom who can assess your PCOS profile and root cause.

stress management

Stress Therapy

Work with your therapist in United Kingdom to discover what sets off your triggers and learn helpful management techniques.

Yoga for PCOS

By including Yoga, cardio, stretching, and strength training in your exercise routine, you can help reduce the effects of PCOS.

Personalized Diet

Smart snacking, regulating sugar intake & improving gut health are all eating habits that your dietitian in United Kingdom can help you develop.

PCOS Community

You’re not alone on this journey. A group of peers & coaches in United Kingdom will be with you every step of way in our exclusive community.

Why PCOS Reversal with Mantracare, United Kingdom?


members find this more effective than other program


women regularise their periods within first 3 months


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Top PCOS Doctors in United Kingdom

  • Dr. Audrey Sanderson is a top doctor for PCOS and has a lot of experience treating the condition. She is based in Manchester and has a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable doctors on the topic.
  • Dr. Natasha Radjou is another highly-rated doctor for PCOS. She practices in London and has a wealth of experience treating this condition. Her patients tend to respond well to her treatments, which include diet and exercise advice as well as medication if necessary.
  • Dr. Sarika Dhillon is also an excellent PCOS doctor who offers a variety of options for treatment. She is based in London and specializes in fertility treatments as well as PCOS care. Her patients have reported great satisfaction with her care, which includes personalized recommendations along with quality treatment plans.
  • Dr. Aamer Anwar is another highly respected PCOS doctor in the UK, and he specializes in fertility treatments and diagnosis. He has worked extensively with women suffering from the condition, and is widely known for his expertise in this area.
  • Dr. Sarah Brewer is an experienced GP who has been working with PCOS patients for many years now. She has a wealth of knowledge on the topic, and offers treatment options that vary depending on individual needs.

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MantraCare has been life-changing for me since I started their treatment for PCOS. Before, I was struggling with a range of symptoms including irregular periods, acne, and weight gain – but since starting MantraCare’s individualized plan, these issues have significantly improved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The root cause of PCOS is still unknown. Yet, other things that have been seen to be evident in causing PCOS in women in United Kingdom are High levels of male hormones, genes, and insulin resistance.

PCOS can develop variously serious issues like infertility, uterus/ breast cancer, anxiety, depression, excessive hair growth, and issues with the bodyweight of the patient.

MantraCare manages your PCOS through a combination of mobile app interventions, health coach sessions, doctor consultations & medications. Our health coaches in United Kingdom work with you 24/7 to manage PCOS with a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and medication. Management of PCOS-related issues includes home remedies, regular hydration, healthy eating, regular exercise, stress reduction & medication.

There are many excellent doctors in United Kingdom who can provide you with the finest advice without a doubt. PCOS specialists, on the other hand, typically rely on face-to-face meetings and traditional therapies.

Each time you see a PCOS expert, it’s usually after two to three months. With the Mantra PCOS Care approach – you’ll be able to meet your consultant every day. He monitors you on a daily basis and directs you if or where you want him to. As a result, most individuals see better outcomes from the Mantra Care

Our PCOS treatment program is 100% online. You can take consultation from any part of United Kingdom. We cater to people in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin City, Port Harcourt, Jos, Ilorin, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Zaria, Warri, Ikorodu, Maiduguri, Aba, Ife, Bauchi, Akure, Abeokuta, Oyo, Uyo, Sokoto, Owerri, Yola, Calabar, Umuahia, Ondo City, Minna, Lafia & Okene.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as the cost of PCOS treatment will vary depending on the severity of the condition, the location in the UK where it is being conducted, and the specific treatment plan being used. However, some common PCOS treatments that may cost in the UK range from around £500 to £5,000 per treatment.

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