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A complete care approach to weight gain

Real-time consultation

Consultation with dieticians in real-time, wherever or whenever you need it. Get effective diet plans from professional dieticians and keep health problems at bay.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Get food logging directly from your nutritionist via the app and get recommendations of meals, snacks, drinks, exercise etc based on your preferences.

Affordable & Effective

We believe that path to healthier life should be driven by “Need” instead of “ability to pay”. Our online dieticians provide counselling at 90% less rates than in-person dieticians. Our online nutrition counselling starts at just $10.

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Why you should gain weight with Fitmantra?

Built from years of research by Fitness Experts

Results can be noticed from as early as the first 5-6 weeks

Backed by the latest trends in fitness and wellness

Amazing Results seen through 1000+ active members

The Four Pillars of your Transformation journey


Physical health is the first pillar the transformation program will focus on. With specifically curated exercise regiments, completely personalized to you, you will begin to see changes in your body and mental state as soon as the first few weeks.


80% of your physical and mental transformation lies in the food you put into your body. We develop personalized and fully researched diet plans so you don’t have to even think about it. Follow the plan given to you, and for guaranteed transformation. 


Yoga has lived at the intersection of superior physical and mental performance for centuries. We handhold you through this transformation by teaching you fundamentals of the practice of yoga at the very pace you prefer.


Meditation is an art most people struggle with. We have broken it down into very easy, detailed steps so that anybody can build and slowly grow this new skill. Our approach is a slow gradual process, but is one that can not be reversed.

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How it works?

Take Weight Gain Assessment

It also enables us to comprehend your requirements so that we can connect you with the best dietitian and fitness trainer.

Match with Experts

You will be paired with a Mantra dietitian and fitness coach whose only job is to support you 24/7 through chat or call.

Weight loss program

Enrol in Weight Gain Program

Our program help you gain weight, as well as gain access to self-care tools, yoga and meditation to improve your overall health.

50000+ Happy Clients after weight gain from FitMantra


“Weight gain from Fitmantra has been a life saver! I was so skinny that people used to make fun of me and I was always getting sick. But ever since I started using Fitmantra’s weight gain program, I have been able to put on weight and stay healthy! Thank you, Fitmantra!”


Frequently Asked Questions

A dietician is a medical expert who provides personalized diet plans and food charts according to your body needs. Your online dietician will identify your health issue and recommend healthy diets to treat your disease-related malnutrition. He will conduct effective medical nutrition therapy to help you manage your weight and keep health problems at bay.

A balanced diet supplies nutrition to our body and helps us work effectively. A balanced diet should consist of components including 60-70% carbohydrates, 10-12% protein and 20-25% of fats from the total calories.

To acquire your online diet plan, update your assessment through our Mantra Care application and our specialized dietician will provide you with a food chart that needs to be followed according to the requirement. You can take advises and discuss the diet plan with your dietician via chat or video calls.

During the from-filling process, you would be asked some questions including ‘who cooks at your home’ or ‘how many meals do you eat outside. So that our nutritionist would be able to make diet charts accordingly while adhering to the restrictions and your preferences.

Our specialized dietician/nutritionist will provide you with diet charts for 10 days. For e.g. –In 1 month you’ll get 3 diet charts, and 9 diet charts for the next 3 months.

Your data will be updated on our app. Moreover, you will be asked to save a range of trackers on our app including Weight tracker, Inch loss tracker or photo tracker. It will help you to track your progress.

Our program aims to give you a balanced diet which can only be accomplished through your feedback. Weight trackers and schedules are the tools for acquiring feedback from the patients.

Our counselling via Mantra care is 100% secure. We will ensure to keep your data confidential. Our whole communication would be end-to-end encrypted.

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Find out your ideal weight and if you are at risk for obesity-related problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension. Learn what steps you can take to start losing weight safely and effectively. 

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