3+ Experience as Zumba instructor and 2+ Experience as Yoga Instructor with corporate clients of Mantra Care

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I am qualified and experienced yoga and Zumba expert, known for my exceptional skills in promoting wellness and fitness. I embarked on my journey by completing a diploma in yoga from AAFT Noida, which provided me with a strong foundation in the ancient art of yoga. With this comprehensive knowledge, I have been able to guide individuals towards physical and mental well-being through yoga’s various techniques.


Additionally, I holds the prestigious title of a licensed Zumba Instructor Level 2, which I obtained from Fitline Lucknow. This certification showcases my dedication to incorporating fun and dynamic fitness routines into her practice. My expertise extends beyond the mat and dance floor, as I have successfully served a diverse range of corporate clients. My tailored wellness programs have not only improved employees’ physical health but also contributed to a more positive and productive work environment.


My unique blend of yoga and Zumba expertise, coupled with my experience in corporate wellness, makes me a sought-after professional in the fitness industry. My passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives shines through in my work, making me a valuable asset to anyone seeking a balanced approach to wellness

Additional Details

  • Female
  • English, Hindi, Marathi
  • 2020
  • No
  • Hindu
  • Individual, Group, Webinars, Online
  • 18-30