About Mantra Care

Mantra Care aims at providing affordable, accessible, and professional health care treatment to people across the globe.

At Mantra Care, our specialists/doctors follow an effective approach for improvising the flawed healthcare system through their real-time access to a convenient and affordable digital health care system.

We started by providing solutions to the patient queries

The thought of acquiring medical help comes with a lot of queries and problems among the people. Our medical team at Mantra Care aims at eliminating those problems including the high cost, inefficiencies, and inconvenience of going to the doctors through our robust digital health care services.
We believe in providing suitable information at the right time to help patients get rid of inconveniences and acquire a smooth medical treatment for their health problems.
We started by taking as many queries from the patients via technology to deliver personalized health information while eliminating the need to make an offline visit. Our doctors directly connect with the patients through MantraCare app and serve them with personalized health care solutions 24/7.

patient queries
accessible patient data

Easy storage and access to personalized information

We provide easy storage and access to information from Mantra Care technology. Here, patients can easily acquire notes from virtual doctor consultation, treatment plans, prescriptions, and more from one place. Get medical information 24/7 from any digital device.

Reducing unnecessary cost

Mantra Care aims at creating a much more efficient experience for the patients through their cost-effective and quality-driven medical treatments.
We provide relatively lower cost treatments for almost every health problem making our company the best choice for patients. Mantra Care technology automates all the manual tasks for members and doctors, making it a viable choice for acquiring lower-cost treatments.

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Online Counselling

Personalized support for real life

Our habits play an important role in shaping our lifestyle. Good lifestyle practices would include healthy eating, regular exercises, and following an effective daily routine. However, due to hectic schedules and improper diet, people are more exposed to health risks and poor lifestyles.
MantraCare has come up with a platform which provides 24* 7 health support and offers preventive care and specialized program for health problems including diabetes, hypertension, and behavioral health.
In our model, we provide a team of trained and specialized doctors for the best treatment of our patients. For convenience to our patients, we have created an application through which our team can track and provide you with small lifestyle changes to see positive results in your health.

Mantra Care is the future of personalized health Care

We continue to shape the future of health care and provide quality medical help



We treat diabetes through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and medication. Our diabetes treatment experience is a better than traditional in-person approach as it is affordable, personalized, less dependent on medication.



Hypertension leads to health risks including heart attack, stroke, or even death. We treat Hypertension through online care, a healthy diet, & exercise

Mantra Care behavioral-health

Behavioral health

Mantra Care’s therapists help you to the solution of your problem with proper advice and care. Try our app-based or online approach to better mental health.

Mantra Care Primary Care

Primary Care

Our primary care service aims at identifying the patients’ risk factors, performing deep research into their medical history, and providing suitable primary health care.

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