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doctors/ consultants via your phone.

15+ Healthcare programs that adapt to your care needs.
Mantra for better health, better life.

No matter where you are in life, Mantracare’s five programs are built to change as you do.

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Mantracare members get a unique, personalized path to better health, including support from a dedicated care team, devices, peer support, and interactive lessons.

Members get maximum peace-of-mind, with minimal pain

We focus on helping people through one of life’s most inconvenient experiences, getting sick. Mantracare is the only 100% virtual healthcare provider that handles every step of the process, from diagnosis to virtual doctor visits, treatment plans, and follow up. We’re here 24/7, from any device.

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We help companies and organizations take care of their people

Whether or not your workers have traditional healthcare benefits or pay for their own insurance, Mantracare is something you’ll be excited and proud to offer. It gives members instant access to excellent care from the office, from home, or on the road.