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  • Licensed by a State Board to provide therapy (e.g., LCSW, LMFT, LPC, PsyD, or similar credentials).
  • Experience in therapy for adults, couples, and/or teens
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Reliable Internet connection

Note: Therapists are not Mantracare employees, but independent providers.


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All About a Career in Counseling

Counseling/ Therapists Jobs

Counsellors or therapists educate patients on stress-relieving strategies, as well as how to overcome maladjustment, manage crises, and cope better with everyday stressors. Counseling psychologists provide their clients with skills to help them deal with stress in a healthy way.

Therapists/ Counselors Job Responsibilities

Counseling psychologists meet with clients to help them deal with issues that might emerge at any stage of life, including job issues, depression and anxiety, and relationship issues. They educate patients on stress management and problem-solving techniques, assisting them in adjusting to life changes and improving their relationships.

To assist clients to enhance their entire well-being, counseling psychologists devote special attention to emotional, social, educational, vocational, developmental, and health-related problems.

Skills Required for Counselling Psychology

Counseling psychologists must be socially aware of their clients’ emotions and understand why they behave in the way they do. They must be able to listen actively and communicate effectively. They’ll require excellent research abilities as well as the capacity to collaborate with others.

Counseling psychologists should use critical thinking and learn to recognize the strengths and limitations of their treatment programmes. They must use complicated problem-solving abilities to locate and assess fresh material that is relevant to their client’s concerns.

Psychologists who work with clients must have a good understanding of psychological theory as well as human behaviour and performance. They must be able to relate to and sympathize with a wide range of personalities.

How Do Counsellors and Therapists work?

Psychologists who specialize in counselling operate in a number of contexts. They operate in private practice, counselling individuals and groups of patients, as well as couples. They work at drug addiction treatment clinics, hospitals and other medical institutions, colleges and universities, and community centres, among other places.

To enhance work environments, counselling psychologists may assist with businesses and workgroups. They might also be teachers or researchers. Many work for government organizations, offering counselling to military personnel, veterans, and county or municipal government institutions.

Counseling psychologists work with a variety of institutions, including health maintenance organizations, rehab agencies, and mental health facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

A licenced professional with a background in psychology or counselling is referred to as a therapist. Mental health counsellors, school psychologists, drug abuse counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, and psychiatrists are among the various types of professions who fall under the title “therapist.” Therapists are typically considered as mental health professionals who give therapeutic services to individuals, couples, or groups. Therapists can operate in a variety of settings, including private practise, schools, social service organisations, clinics, hospitals, and even online.

To become a therapist, you will almost certainly require at least a bachelor’s degree; however, the majority of licenced therapists will need master’s degrees in addition to bachelor’s degrees. Advanced degrees, such as a PhD, PsyD, or MD, are held by certain therapists. If you want to deal directly with patients, you’ll need to finish your licencing with supervised clinical hours and educational degrees.

A master’s degree is usually required to become a licenced therapist. Most counselling licences also require master’s degrees, which is true of therapy professions such as social workers and psychotherapists. Typically, the master’s degree you seek will be in the field in which you intend to work.

You will need to perform supervised clinical work in psychology in addition to your degree, which will cover course material that will prepare you for your job. This implies you’ll have to practise having therapy sessions with people before the state’s licencing board will certify you.

Some therapist licenses that require master’s degrees include:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker [LCSW]

Licensed Master Social Worker [LMSW]

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker [LICSW]

(Licensed) Mental Health Counselor [LMHC or MHC]

(Licensed) Marriage and Family Therapist [LMFT or MFT]

Some therapists go on to earn doctorates in psychology after earning higher degrees. A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) or a PsyD (Ph.D.) are the two sorts of doctorates you can earn on your path to becoming a therapist (Doctor of Psychology).

  • Ability and desire to work with clients remotely using HIPAA-compliant texting and video therapy.
  • Mental and emotional illnesses are diagnosed and treated.
  • Keep a full-time caseload.
  • All clients must be engaged and responded to in a timely manner.
  • Complete the essential paperwork as soon as possible.
  • Test and support Direct to Employer solutions, including our new digital Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Recognize the therapist’s experience on the platform and develop best practises to improve the therapist’s experience.
  • As a member of the Peer Consultation Team, you may help providers grow and improve.
    1. Mentorship and consultation on a one-on-one and group basis are available to providers.
    2. New provider training and mentoring
    3. Assist providers with quality management challenges.
    4. Participate in biweekly team meetings.
    5. Keep a record of all services rendered.
  • Attend clinical supervisor meetings on a regular basis.
  • As needed, attend sessions with the Peer Consultation Team.
  • Additional responsibilities as needed

MantraCare is a telebehavioral healthcare firm aimed on making high-quality behavioural health treatment accessible and cheap to millions of people in need. Through an easy-to-use web and mobile platform, its signature psychotherapy and psychiatry offering connects individual users with a network of thousands of certified mental health practitioners. Users can send limitless text, video, photo, and audio messages to their dedicated providers from anywhere, at any time, with MantraCare.

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MantraCare operates at the global level, i.e, anywhere across the world. So, feel free to apply irrespective of your job location. We operation in 100+ countries including :  USA, India ,United Kingdom, Australia, Germany , Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Bangladesh, Austria, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Romania, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Cameroon, Sweden, Italy, Japan, France, Algeria, Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Malawi, Maldives, Myanmar, Namibia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Zambia, 

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