Katherine Manalo

I am Katherine M. Manalo, a registered psychologist, psychometrician, and licensed professional teacher. I graduated with a degree of Master of Arts in Psychology and have been working as a counselor in an educational institution for five years.

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My tasks as a counselor include conducting the initial interview with incoming students, administering psychological tests, designing, and implementing mental health programs, and conducting webinars and counseling. My experiences as a counselor developed my skills in addressing the mental health needs of the students and delivering psychological services. Apart from guidance and counseling, I also work as a part-time instructor in the same institution. I handled subjects such as Introduction to Psychology, Understanding the Self, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Statistics, and Psychological Assessment. Personally, my work experiences helped me to improve my organizational, empathic, and communication skills. Through the support I provided to the students, I realized that I could make a change in the lives of other people. In addition, as part of my graduate studies, I trained at Batangas Medical Center. During my internship, I experienced dealing with people from various backgrounds and with different needs. My training in the clinical setting provided me with knowledge and skills in addressing the needs of people with mental health condition.  After obtaining my professional license as a psychologist, I would like to extend the support I am giving to students to other individuals in the community. I have a good learning attitude and effective communication skills. I can deal with different kinds of people in an approachable and cooperative way. I am very flexible and highly trainable. I believe that we share the same goal in life and that is the strong desire to serve the people with dignity and integrity. I also believe that this is the best institution to utilize and enhance my skills.