Marianna N.

MD, PhDc in Psychiatry

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Hello, my name is Marianna, I am a Medical Doctor and a PhD candidate in Psychiatry (specializing in depression). I have multiple certifications in School Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology. I am also well versed in criminology and I have done extensive research in trauma and abuse. I am here for everything you might need in terms of improving your mental health!

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janenight16292 1 Reviews
Marianna is the best, most empathetic therapist/coach/mentor

My experience with Marianna has been amazing so far. I have complex trauma and she really helped me unpack and work on my healing journey. She has a very sweet, calm, completely non judgemental aura. I love how she was able to ground me and encourage me. And her awesome education/professional background is just the cherry on top! If you are thinking of having someone to help you in dark times, I highly suggest her!!

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