Michelle Jabre M.A. Psychology

Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist. Certified addictologist. Certified Life Coach. Couple therapist

5.0/58 Reviews

I call my approach ‘The Winner Mix’, with a tailored blend of psychology theory, psychoanalysis, CBT and other short therapies like psychodrama and music therapy. I may elect to adopt a coaching approach, depending on the individual patient’s struggles, mental blocks and goals, and use my experienced ‘shrink’s ear’ without necessarily requiring clients to go back and relive their worst traumas. This enables me to quickly pinpoint precise questions that need to be answered in order to unlock self-confidence and deal with any traumas that are affecting my patients, and to identify and use a much wider range of tools and techniques to help them with their issues.

However challenging it is to work in that field, my job is my true passion and what makes it so amazing is the opportunityto witness inner wounds healing into beautiful scars, enablingthe transformation I help create in my patients’ lives.

More about me… I love fashion, Netflix binges, reggae… and I’m a foodie! I am fluent in English, French and Arabic, and have had the chance to live in different places of the world. This allowed me to discover different cultures, widened my horizon and made me a better person.

Additional Details

  • Female
  • English, Arabic, French
  • 2008
  • Yes
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eclectic, Existential/Humanistic, Psychoanalytic, Relational Psychotherapy, Self Psychology, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Christian
  • Individual, Couple, Webinars, Online
  • 18-30

8 Reviews for Michelle Jabre M.A. Psychology

She woke the forgotten self back in me

Professional, helpful, caring and friendly… she took me in and made me feel more comfortable than anyone else. It felt like talking to someone who knew exactly how I felt and what I went through. She helped me overcome all the obstacles I’ve faced in all my life and thought me to be more myself than what other people around me wanted me to be. Ever since I started with her, I feel better and more powerful to stand tall and be me. She gave me exercises and helped me grow. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

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rozana.jaafar14 1 Reviews
Highly recommended

Michelle is the best! When it comes to expertise, professionalism, manners and concern for the patient she is the only one i can recommend. Thanks for helping me know and discover my self❤️❤️

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Highly recommended the best one that helped me grow

She is benevolent understandable attentive and caring. She helped me evolved at all levels. Michele is always listening, she gives me confidence. Thanks to her my life today is better, and I will always come back to her to be sure of what I really want. most important in all of this is what to help me to stay always strong and overcome the difficult thing.

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nass_zak69 1 Reviews
My experience with Michelle

Michelle is one of very powerful coach i had ever meet. Heradvices and way in therapy are very effective. My life is getting better and always remember her advices. Very kind, caring and freindly person

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jadabk27 1 Reviews
Life changing

One the best life coach, adviser, and most of all one of the best persons you can meet. Easy to talk to multiple points of view and new ideas and appoches unlimited support u will definetly be a better person.

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dana_ghoutani94 1 Reviews
Very beneficial

She is very understanding , helpful , friendly

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ghinwa_awwad67 1 Reviews
Highly recommended!!

Very professional, caring and friendly person! She goes the extra mile in helping her patients reach their inner peace, awarness and open their eyes to several aspects of their life to understand their present self

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sarachahwan9980 1 Reviews
A great approach that has helped me grow as a person

She is a very understanding therapist who approaches therapy in a very effective way where you will see a change within a few months. She uses a mix of life coaching and psychology to help me overcome my challenges. I’ve only been with her for a few months and have changed for the better at a quick pace due to the exercises she does with me and asks me to do on my own to truly identify the root of my problem myself. She truly works on making the person reliant on themselves and makes you learn how to deal with challenges head on in a healthy and effective way.

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