The only Fitness app that allows you to measure your progress on your own with meaningful, easy-to-understand feedback and real-time insights.

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FitMantra is the world’s Best digital Diet App

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What You Get?

The leading online diet app for all your fitness and diet woes through video calls with qualified physiotherapists, exercises, and home remedies.

  • Unlimited one-on-one dietary consultation sessions 

  • Chat with licensed dieticians

  • Free diet plans as per the needs of the patient

  • Personalized dietary suggestions written just for you and adapted as you need

  • 24/7 support from DietMantra Specialists

  • Build a custom workout using DietMantra’s free diet plan library.

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Why choose FitMantra?

FitMantra is all about getting results

 The only tool that lets you track your own progress with useful, easy-to-understand feedback and real-time analytics. We provide you the tools you need to know exactly how you’re doing so that you can become better faster.

FitMantra is here for you, no matter where you are.

Unlimited appointments with a qualified dietician who will create a specific rehabilitation plan for you and be available for ongoing communication to answer your questions, modify your exercises, and finally get you back to your life.

FitMantra is simple and easy to use.

There is no traffic. There is no waiting. You and your smartphone, whenever and wherever you choose. We divide your recovery into short daily sessions since doing a little bit every day provides a path to recovery that leads to results.

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How to consult a dietician online?

Our dieticians are fully trained for online diet consultations. They will understand the problem you are having and suggest specific diet plans to you. These exercises can be done at home and have easy-to-understand videos with descriptions.

Your dietician will allow you some specific exercises from the video library of 100+ diet plans. Also, the dietician can record his/her own video and share it with you.

Your dietician will allot you some short-term or long-term goals and try to achieve the goals through exercise protocol, and you will be able to see improvement.

Our diet plans include


Back exercises

Neck Exercise

Neck exercises

Hand Exercise

Hand exercises

Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder exercises

Knee Exercise

Knee pain exercises

Back Exercise

Kyphosis exercises

About FitMantra

FitMantra is a subsidiary of Mantra Care, a global provider of digital healthcare services. Our team, which has been named one of the Most Innovative Companies, is made up of dedicated and brilliant professionals from ISB, Wharton, and Mckinsey.


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