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  • Get rid of pain in neck, back, shoulder, knee or other parts of body
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  • Affordable online physical therapy starting at $10/ session

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A New Model for Physical Therapy

All your physiotherapy-related queries and problems are managed online through regular online check-ins & teleconsultations.

Expert Physical therapists

Mantra Care members get matched with a professional physiotherapist for one-on-one treatment. They use interactive exercise videos available on our app to treat you.

Continuous Medical Care

Mantra Care physiotherapists are 100% virtual and provide medical care to patients without any time and geographical barriers. Our technology-enabled approach helps managing physical ailments from head to toe.

Personalized Physical Therapy

MantraCare provides everyday exercises, home remedies, and regular check-ins for all your physiotherapy needs. We individualize treatment for each person, with problems including back pain, arthritis, muscle injuries, and more.

World’s best online therapy clinic in your pocket

Our physiotherapists or chiropractors are available in all parts of the world on a near real-time basis through an easy-to-use mobile application. Use of Video consultations, self-care tools, 3D exercise videos, AI & technology enable expert online physical therapy for all of our clients.
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How it works

Patient signup

Sign up for Physiotherapy Program

Complete a simple five-minute online application to check your eligibility for the physiotherapy program and enrolment.
Online doctor consultation

Meet your health care team

We will connect you with a Mantra physical therapist who will be available to you 24/7 via call or chat
Online treatment

Connect to our app

Follow suggestions provided by the app and your physiotherapist to cure your pains. You can also track your progress in the app.

All about Physiotherapy & Treatment

Physiotherapy, also called physical therapy makes use of biomechanics, kinesiology, and manual therapy that helps in increasing a patient’s physical strength. It is a medical treatment that involves restoring the patient’s ability to move and function well.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

The healthcare professionals who provide physiotherapy are called physiotherapists. They are highly trained with a degree in physiotherapy and are skilled at pinpointing the root causes of an injury, as well as treating them. He helps overcome muscle & joint pains.

Physiotherapists employ a variety of techniques such as body manipulation, electrical nerve stimulation, and Acupuncture, depending on the nature of the injury.

Meet the best online physical therapist

MantraCare physical therapists treat muscle and joint pain problems through a combination of body exercises, video demonstrations, and a healthy diet. Our treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways.
Online health expert

Dedicated health coach

Daily support and answers to physiotherapy questions are just a message away
online telemedicine app

Continuous medical supervision

Certified Physiotherapist-led care team monitors your progress continuously via app
healthcare Patient community

Patient community

A private, opt-in forum for support from others suffering from muscle and joint pain issues
Online medical care

Expert care anywhere, anytime

MantraCare is 100% online—no waiting rooms, just on-demand care

We treat nearly all muscle and joint issues

Not all physical or muscle problems are the same. Different types of problems require different treatments. At MantraCare, 200+ physical therapist from the world cover a range of specialties to meet your needs be it back pain, shoulder pain, or sports injury:


Chronic, upper, lower, middle. We treat it all.

Hand / Wrist

Carpal tunnel, sore joints, and more.


Is it a tear or tendinitis? We have answers.


We’ll get to the bottom of your hip pain.


Stiff necks and limited range of motion can be fixed.


Your shoulder is a workhorse. Keep it in tip-top shape.

Foot / Ankle

Stop plantar fasciitis and recurring ankle sprains.


Don’t let tennis elbow slow you down.


Address your joint pain and function. It can get better.

10,000+ Happy Physiotherapy patients from the world

Our Patients Are Redefining Success


“I had severe nerve compression in my neck. I searched for help online & found MantraCare. I was surprised how they correctly diagnosed my problem without touch. I took live video sessions for 2 months days and now have recovered 95%. My physiotherapist engages me via 3D exercise videos and regular demonstrations.”

2 years on MantraCare

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