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Try our app-based or online approach to reach a healthier weight. Get personalized diet plans for dealing with obesity, weight loss, digestive disorders, diabetes, and more

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Consultation with dieticians in real-time, wherever or whenever you need it. Get effective diet plans from professional dieticians and keep health problems at bay.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Get food logging directly from your nutritionist via the app and get recommendations of meals, snacks, drinks, exercise etc based on your preferences.

Affordable & Effective

We believe that path to a healthier life should be driven by “Need” instead of “ability to pay”. Our online dieticians provide counseling at 90% fewer rates than in-person dieticians. Our online nutrition counseling starts at just $10.
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World’s best Weight Loss clinic in your pocket

Now you can acquire a personalized diet plan through your Mantra Care application anywhere and anytime by our professional dieticians/ nutritionists. Here, you can avail of dietitian consultation, food charts and diet plans online 24/7.
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All about Weight Loss: Diet plans, treatment & exercise

Taking diet and nutrition is a practice of consuming such food which suits best to your body’s dietary needs. Following a diet simply means taking food and drink that are balanced in several nutrition including vitamins, calcium, fiber, fats, and more.
However, due to the ongoing unhealthy eating practices, people are more exposed to obesity, diseases, fatigue, and less endurance.

Symptoms of Obesity

Unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle are associated with various health problems including obesity, which gives rise to other conditions such as diseases, heart problems, fatigue, and less endurance. Some common symptoms of obesity include eating disorders, shortness of breath, stretch marks around the hips and back.

Complications associated with Obesity

Obesity gives rise to various other health risks including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, breast, colon or endometrial cancers, stroke, gallbladder diseases, fatty liver diseases, high cholesterol and more.

Weight Loss through nutrition counseling

Mantra care provides you with specialized nutrition for different programs such as weight loss, weight gain etc. Following are some of the things will need to do for weight management:
  • Eat a balanced, calorie-controlled diet as recommended by your weight loss management health professional or dietitian.
  • Join a local weight loss group
  • Take up activities such as fast walking, jogging, swimming or tennis for 150 to 300 minutes a week.

Meet the Best Online Dietician

Dieticians at Mantra Care treat your weight-related problems through a combination of a healthy diet & exercise. We provide real-time access to a weight loss program where members can calculate their weight, take online consultation from a specialized health coach, get diet tips, food charts, and exercise tips all through the Mantra Care app.
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Dedicated health coach

Daily support and answers to diet-related questions are just a message away
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Continuous medical supervision

The dietician-led care team monitors your report continuously via the app
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A private, opt-in forum for support from others suffering from Weight issues
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Mantra Care is 100% online—no waiting rooms, just on-demand care

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“I was suffering from obesity since a young age. My obesity also led to Diabetes. MantraCare played a pivotal role in my weight reduction. I lost almost 15kgs in 6 months. They have excellent nutritionists / health coaches who tracked my symptoms, designed my diet & advised exercise. I couldn’t have asked for a better obesity & diabetes treatment.”

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