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Hypertension Treatment in Nigeria

There are many ways to treat hypertension in Nigeria. The most common way to treat hypertension is with medication. There are a number of different types of medication that can be used to treat hypertension. 

Another way to treat hypertension in Nigeria is through lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes include reducing your weight, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking. If lifestyle changes don’t work, then medications may also be needed.

If you have high blood pressure and you’re not sure what to do, speak with your doctor. Your doctor can help you figure out the best way to treat your high blood pressure.

hypertension treatment

Causes of Hypertension

Diabetes & Kidney disease
Obstructive sleep apnoea
Hormone problems
Steroids & Contraceptive pills

Top Hypertension Doctors in Nigeria

  • Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye is a well-known hypertension doctor in Nigeria. He has authored several books on the subject, and he has also provided commentary for several media outlets. Dr. Okoye has helped many patients achieve successful treatment outcomes.
  • Dr Uchechukwu Nwosu is an expert in Vo2 Max testing and heart health care. He has authored several books on the subject, and he also provides expert testimony in court cases related to hypertension management . Dr Nwosu’s clinical experience and knowledge make him one of the most qualified physicians available to treat hypertensive patients in Nigeria.
  • Dr. Adeyemi Ogunlesi is a highly respected expert in hypertension and heart disease who has treated countless patients over the years. He has authored several books on these topics and provides consultations both in Lagos and Abuja.
  • Dr. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, who has been treating high blood pressure patients since 2002. His clinics are well known for their customer service and top-notch treatments, so you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands no matter which clinic you choose to visit.
  • Drs. Emmanuel Omole and Akinloye Olatunde are two more highly qualified hypertension doctors in Nigeria. Drs. Omole and Olatunde both hold degrees from prestigious medical schools in England and America, respectively, which speaks volumes about their expertise in this field. They have both published extensively on hypertension, and they are well known for their creative yet effective treatment methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypertension or High blood pressure is a common condition in which the force of the blood against your artery walls is higher than normal. It may cause health problems, such as heart disease, vision loss & dementia.

Exact causes of hypertension or high blood pressure are unknown, but several things may play a role including: Smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, too much salt in the diet, alcohol consumption, stress, older age, genetics, family history of high blood pressure & sleep issues.

We offer certain services such as app-based tracking and health blog for free. We charge a nominal price for other aspects such as Hypertension doctor consultations, expert chats and Hypertension medications. Bottom-line: We are one of the most affordable ways in Nigeria to tackle high BP.

Nigeria has many good Hypertension doctors without a doubt. However, Hypertension doctors in Nigeria typically really on in-person meetings and traditional interventions.
Each visit to Hypertension doctors typically happens every 2-3 months or more. With the Mantra Hypertension Care model – you get to meet your Hypertension doctor daily. He tracks you daily & guides you whenever or wherever you want. For this reason, the results from the Mantra Care high blood pressure treatment program turn out to be better for most people.

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