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All about Neck pain & Treatment

Neck pain is a medical condition where a person experiences mild to severe pain in their neck.

Various causes can lead to pain in the neck including injury, improper resting position, inflammation or abnormalities. The cervical disc present in our body absorbs these shocks between the bones and indicate a problem in your neck area.

In case of severe neck pain, our person needs to get a neck pain treatment from a professional Orthopedist.

Who is an Orthopedist?

An orthopaedic surgeon or physician is responsible for performing physical therapies, exercises and surgeries to eliminate your neck related problem.

Orthopedists employ a variety of techniques for correcting congenital or functional abnormalities of bones through casting, bracing and surgery.

In addition to neck pain reduction, an Orthopedist is also responsible for treating injuries of the bones.

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MantraCare physical therapists treat neck pain problems through a combination of body exercises, videos demonstrations and a healthy diet. Our treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways.


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Patient community

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Everyone has a different type of neck problem. Different types of problems require different treatments. At MantraCare, 200+ Orthopedists from Nigeria & the world, cover a range of neck-related problems to meet your needs for neck pain or injury.

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I had severe nerve compression in my neck. I searched for help online & found MantraCare. I was surprised by how they correctly diagnosed my problem without touch. I took live video sessions for 2 months days and now have recovered 95%. My Orthopedist engages me via 3D exercise videos and regular demonstrations.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Neck pain can be described as a pinching or discomforting sensation around the neck and shoulder area. This pain can vary in intensity. It occurs mostly due to an improper resting position, injury, inflammation or abnormalities. The cervical discs present in our body gives a sudden shock between the bones that results in pain and stiffness in the neck.

Several Orthopedic conditions need a different kind of treatment. A variety of conditions affect our body’s musculoskeletal system. These conditions can only be treated by a professional orthopedist.
Following are some of the conditions that are treated by an Orthopedist:
Arthritis: Arthritis is a medical condition where a person experiences swelling and tenderness in the joints.
Osteoarthritis: This medical condition occurs when the protective cartilage at the end of our bones starts to wear with time.
Bursitis: Bursitis is a condition where the fluid-filled sacs in our body called bursae become inflamed. It leads to severe pain, which will require treatment from a professional Orthopedist.
Elbow pain: Elbow pain occurs mostly due to injuries and sudden hit during sports, daily activities, and job. These activities require a lot of wrists, arm, and hand movement leads to pain.
Back pain – A person may experience minor to severe back pain due to several reasons including lifting heavyweight, injury or age. If neglected, the symptoms can turn worse. Orthopaedic treatment helps in getting rid of these symptoms.
Hand pain – Hand pain is frequently brought by illness or injury that affects bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments, veins, or connective tissues altogether. Hand pain is one element of joint aggravation (joint pain) which is felt inside the hand.
Wrist pain – Wrist pain is typically brought by injuries or cracks from unexpected wounds. However, wrist pain can also occur from long haul issues such as monotonous pressure, joint inflammation and carpal passage disorder.
Knee pain – Knee pain can occur due to injury, rigorous sports activity or age. It leads to difficulty in climbing stairs, running and carrying our daily activities.

Hip Pain – Hip pain can occur due to several reasons including trauma, improper sitting position, muscle stiffness, sprains or strains.
Neck pain – Neck pain is not associated with underlying illness. It is a result of resting in an awkward position, stress, chiropractic control or wearing substantial pieces of jewellery.
Hardened neck – A hardened neck can have causes that are not due to fundamental infection. It is a result of injuries, strains, improper sleeping position, sitting at a work area with helpless ergonomics or absence of development.
Shoulder pain – Shoulder pain can have causes that are not due to fundamental sickness. Models incorporate injury, improper resting position, or putting weight on the shoulder.
Foot pain – Foot pain can affect your walking ability. Models incorporate inadequately fitting shoes, collision with a hard object, abuse like long strolls or running a long distance, injuries, strains or injury.

The neck acts as a supporting part for your head, hence, it is vulnerable to injuries and various conditions that give rise to pain and restricting motion. Some of the most common causes of neck pain include injuries, diseases, improper resting position, nerve compression, muscle strains, and worn tissues.

Pain and stiffness in the neck can affect your everyday routine. Minor pain can be treated naturally, while severe pain will only cure through professional Orthopedic treatment.
Some of the benefits associated with getting neck pain treatment include:
•Reduced pain
•Absence of neck stiffness
•Allows a free range of motion
•Dynamic strengthening of the neck
•Supporting musculature

Most neck pain can be treated online. However, some problems need hands-on assessment or treatment fix problem, which cannot be performed during online treatment. If our specialized Orthopedist comes across such cases, then he might recommend you to visit the clinic. Moreover, the patient’s will be provided with a refund for their online consultation.

Medications are rarely used in the treatment. But, yes, an online Orthopedist at MantraCare can prescribe medication. However, for certain states/ regions in Nigeria, where online prescription is not allowed, we will try to connect you to a locate Nigeria doctor. Alternatively, we also ship medication at your location in Nigeria.

It isn’t about which is better; it’s about availability and access. Ideally, everyone should have unlimited access to personalized healthcare. But we do not live in an ideal world. Online neck pain treatment bridges those instances where in-person visits are less effective/feasible. Moreover, through online treatment, you get access to the best Orthopedist in the world, while sitting in your home in Nigeria.

People have a wrong perception about Orthopectists that they only perform the hand-on-hand treatment. In reality, Orthopedists research your condition lifestyle and then ask you some questions to discover your problem. They will recommend some tests and confirm the diagnosis. Several neck related problems can also be treated through exercises, which can be consulted online as well. If our specialized doctors from Mantra care found the injury to be critical, then we will recommend undergoing physical treatment.

Orthopedists employ a variety of techniques, depending on the nature of the injury or problem they are treating. The most common Neck pain techniques include:
•Minimally invasive surgery
•Using bone graft substitutes ad bone-flushing protein
•Advanced external fixation

MantraCare Orthopedists treat neck problems from their roots to eliminate the origin of the issue. Once the issue is identified, our specialist will recommend a combination of body exercises, online training, videos demonstrations and a healthy diet to treat you.

Select a ventilated spot where you can perform exercises without any disturbance during your online mantra care session.
Let your Orthopedist know about your areas of pain so that he can provide the proper treatment.

We offer certain services such as app-based videos and health blog for free. We charge a nominal price for other aspects such as physical therapist doctor consultations & expert chats. Bottom line: We are one of the most affordable ways in Nigeria to tackle neck issues.

Our neck pain treatment program is 100% online. You can take consultation from any part of Nigeria. We cater to people in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin City, Port Harcourt, Jos, Ilorin, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Zaria, Warri, Ikorodu, Maiduguri, Aba, Ife, Bauchi, Akure, Abeokuta, Oyo, Uyo, Sokoto, Owerri, Yola, Calabar, Umuahia, Ondo City, Minna, Lafia & Okene.

Nigeria has many good Orthopedists without a doubt. However, Orthopedists in Nigeria typically rely on in-person meetings and traditional interventions.
Each visit to Orthopedist typically takes place every 2-3 months or more. With the Mantra Care neck treatment program, you can get to meet your Orthopedist daily. He tracks your report daily and guides you accordingly. For this reason, the results from the Mantra Care Neck pain treatment program turn out to be better for most people.

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