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Why MantraCare Assessment Program?

Mantracare’s employee personality assessment program is designed to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. By understanding the different personality types of your employees, you can better manage them and foster a more productive work environment. The program can also help you assess potential new hires to ensure they are a good fit for your company culture.


Types of Assessments



MBTI Assessment

Happiness Assessment

The Kolbe Index

Physical Health

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Assessment


Hypertension Assessment

Depression Can Affect Your Sleep

Sleep Assessment

Get Fit

Fitness Assessment

Mental Health

Anxiety Assessment

Anxiety Assessment

Happiness Assessment

Happiness Assessment


Mental Health Assessment

Stress Assessment

Stress Assessment

Depression Assessment

Depression Assessment

MantraCare Assessment Program Benefits

Most of our clients in World achieved a positive ROI on their employee health investment. We helped them make healthier and happier workplaces, leading to improved employee productivity, improved employee morale, lower absenteeism & higher retention. 

More equipped to manage stress
IT Company
0 %
Reported increase in productivity
FMCG Company
0 %
Saved due to turnover reduction
Hospitality Company
$ 0 M

Client's Sayings

Employee Deepak Sethi

“Since implementing MantraCare’s assessment program, we’ve seen a huge uptick in morale and productivity. Our employees are more engaged with their work, and they feel like their voices are being heard. The program has been a great success for our company, and we’re proud to have made such a positive impact on our employees’ lives.”

Kevin, Vice President HR
Global IT Services Company

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