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MantraCare has some of the best diabetes clinics in Gabon, diabetes doctors in Gabon, physiotherapists in Gabon, nutritionists in Gabon & therapists in Gabon. We offer online consultations in all major cities.

  • Libreville
  • Mandji
  • Masuku
  • Oyem
  • Moanda
  • Mouila
  • Lambaréné
  • Tchibanga
  • Koulamoutou
  • Makokou
  • Akanda
  • Akok
  • Bakoumba
  • Batouala
  • Belinga
  • Bifoun
  • Bitam
  • Bongoville
  • Booué
  • Cocobeach

Top Hospitals in Gabon

Gabon has many good hospitals with world-class facilities. The list of top  hospitals in Gabon include names such as:

  • George Rawiri Hospitalier Regional
  • Koulamoutou Centre Hospitalier Urbain
  • Paul Moukambi Hospitalier Regional
  • Mouila Hospitalier Regional
  • Bongolo Hospital
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