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Mantra Care is your one-stop shop for all things PCOS. We provide you with a holistic approach to treatment, including nutritionists, gynecologists, fitness experts, and skin doctors from Indonesia who will collaborate with you on every aspect of PCOS.

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Our members in Indonesia are connected with PCOS physicians, nutritionists, skin specialists, and health coaches for comprehensive care and one-on-one counseling. You receive specialized treatment for optimal results.

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For our patients in Indonesia, consultation and treatment are entirely virtual, with no waiting rooms but immediate care by chat or video consultation.

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Our doctors in Indonesia create a unique PCOS treatment strategy that includes dietary regimens, workouts, and lifestyle modifications that are the result of a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history as well as other key PCOS-related information.

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Our doctors and health specialists are accessible in Indonesia’s various areas on a near real-time basis through an easy-to-use mobile application. Expert PCOS therapy is possible thanks to AI, Technology, and health monitoring.


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In Indonesia, our specialists/doctors at MantraCare use a nutritious diet, exercise, and medicine to help you manage your PCOS symptoms. In many ways, our PCOS consultation is more traditional than conventional in-person visits.


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Patient community

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“Being an influencer demands a perfect body, which I lost when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I would like to thank Mantra Care who supported me throughout dealing with the syndrome. Whatever I have been doing in various states of Indonesia, is all because of Mantra care and its exclusive and personalized plan.”

Mandy, 2 years on MantraCare

A Comprehensive Guide on PCOS

PCOS is an acronym for PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome. It’s one of the most common hormonal diseases seen in women in Indonesia, resulting in a slew of problems including pregnancy/infertility, weight gain, acne, hair loss, mood swings, and irregular periods.

If there are any early signs in a PCOS patient in Indonesia, she or he should see a Gynecologists, Endocrinologists, and Primary Care Providers as soon as possible. Treatment becomes much simpler if you get it diagnosed early on.


PCOS Symptoms

It is relatively easy to detect the early symptoms of PCOS. The most common symptoms are visible in the reproductive age of women:

Irregular Periods
Irregular Periods
Difficulties in conceiving or even infertility
Difficulties in conceiving or even infertility
Excessive hair growth
Excessive hair growth
Sudden weight gain
Sudden weight gain
Formation of ovarian cyst
Formation of ovarian cyst
Low sex drive
Low sex drive
Insulin resistance
Insulin resistance
Mood Changes
Mood Changes

PCOS Causes

There is no research in medical science in Indonesia that claim the exact causes of PCOS. Yet, after studying a lot of cases in-depth, some have been listed under the possible causes of PCOS.

  • Excess insulin
  • Low-grade inflammation
  • Heredity
  • Cysts In Ovaries
  • Excess Androgen

Diagnosis of PCOS

There are no tests defined as such to diagnose PCOS.  Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose it in the early stages. Yet if you visit a doctor in Indonesia, he will start the treatment with a few tests:

  • Pelvic Examination; in which the doctor manually tests the disturbance in the vaginal Tract.
  • Physical Examination; in which he studies the medical history and symptoms.
  • Blood Tests; in which the hormonal disbalances are recorded in the test reports.
  • Vaginal Ultrasound; in which he picturizes everything by inserting a tool inside the vagina and studying the results.

Treatment of PCOS

The treatment of PCOS is highly diversified depending upon the individual concerns and areas of symptoms. Yet there are some common things that every patient  in Indonesia must follow to increase the probability of getting better:

Lifestyle Changes

Your consultant or doctor may tell you to shift to a low-calorie diet in combination with some physical exercises. Keeping your body in function can actually help your medications work more efficiently.


To help with your menstrual cycle, your doctor or consultant may tell you to take:

  • Birth control pills :  Combination of birth control pills to regulate estrogen level and decrease androgen production in the body.
  • Progestin therapy : to regulate your periods and protect you from endometrial cancer. 
  • Clomiphene: to maintain estrogen levels and help you ovulate.
  • Metformin :  to improve insulin resistance.
  • Spironolactone (Aldactone), to block the effects of androgen on the skin.
  • Eflornithine (Vaniqa): to slow down the growth of facial hair in women.


It is another effective treatment in which the specialists insert a needle into each hair follicle. A pulse of electric current is used to damage and eventually destroy the follicle to prevent further hair growth. You might need multiple sittings.

PCOS Home Remedies

It is very important for PCOS patients in Indonesia to maintain their health even after they complete their medicinal course. Some home remedies to prevent any further loss are as follows. 

Regulate your body weight

Regulate your body weight

Always pair your medicines with some physical exercise to enhance their efficiency.

Limit the carb intake

Limit the carb intake

You need to avoid food items like white rice, excess potato, carrots, wheat flour, etc.

Be active

Be active

You need to be very particular about your sugar levels, physical workout, and menstrual well-being even if you are getting back to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The root cause of PCOS is still unknown. Yet, other things that have been seen to be evident in causing PCOS in women in Indonesia are High levels of male hormones, genes, and insulin resistance.

The four distinctive types of PCOS are:

  • Insulin resistant PCOS
  • Post-pill PCOS
  • Adrenal PCOS
  • Inflammatory PCOS

PCOS can develop variously serious issues like infertility, uterus/ breast cancer, anxiety, depression, excessive hair growth, and issues with the bodyweight of the patient.

PCOS can affect us physically and emotionally. It can make us want to live all alone, without taking any interest in the activities that we enjoyed once. PCOS affects daily life of 1 in every 10 women in Indonesia

Yes, there have been types of evidence where PCOS stays even after pregnancy, Yet, the symptoms and severity may vary depending upon the individual case.

The list of food items that should be avoided in PCOS are:

  • Carbohydrates: Pasteries/white bread/white rice
  • Fried fast food items 
  • Sugary beverages, like sodas, and energy drinks
  • Processed meats

MantraCare can connect you to a  PCOS specialist Indonesia for help. 

No. PCOS is not painful at all. Still, if you are facing some pain in your pelvic region, there can be other reasons for the same. MantraCare can connect you to a  gynecologist in Indonesia for help. 

MantraCare treats PCOS using a suite of mobile apps, health coach appointments, doctor visits, and medicine.Our health coaches in Indonesia work with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage PCOS through a healthy diet, workout, and medication regimen. Home treatments for PCOS include drinking plenty of water, eating the right foods

Indonesia has a large number of excellent specialists that can provide you with excellent advice without a doubt. PCOS experts in Indonesia, on the other hand, typically rely on face-to-face meetings and conventional treatments. nEach session with a PCOS consultant generally lasts between two and three months. You may meet your counselor every day using the Mantra

We offer certain services such as app-based tracking and health blog for free. We charge a nominal price for other aspects such as PCOS consultations, expert chats, and PCOS medications. We provide one of the most affordable ways in Indonesia to tackle PCOS problems.

Our PCOS treatment program is 100% online. You can take consultation from any part of Indonesia. We cater to people in Surabaya, East Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, West Jakarta, Medan, South Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, North Jakarta, Semarang, Palembang, South Tangerang, Makassar, Batam, Bogor, Pekanbaru, Bandar Lampung, Central Jakarta, Padang.

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