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  • 24/7 access to health coaches and specialists
  • Social support from peer groups and condition-specific communities
  • Care teams account for social determinants, outside stressors, and life context
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Meet the growing demand for Telehealth solutions

Telehealth solutions have become increasingly important for benefit consultants as more and more members are seeking convenient and accessible healthcare options. With the rise of digital technology, telehealth has become a popular option for those who lead busy lives and may not have the time to visit a healthcare provider in person.

As a result, benefit consultants are actively seeking telehealth solutions to meet this growing demand. These solutions offer high-quality healthcare services that can be accessed from the comfort of one’s own home or office. They can include virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and digital health tools that allow for personalized care.

Employee Wellness

Why Benefit Consultants should partner with MantraCare?

Benefit consultants should partner with MantraCare as a telehealth solution provider because they offer comprehensive telehealth services, high-quality healthcare, and increased member engagement through convenient and affordable care.


Improved Integration

Integrates behavioral health and personalized care across comorbidities


Better Outcomes

On average, members with Stage 2 HTN lowered systolic blood pressure 9 pts at 1 year

Healthcare Patient Community

Higher member satisfaction

Your members get easy access to health services, wherever & whenever they need it

Online Medical Care

Success-based pricing

Mantra Care can be billed directly through medical claims with success-based pricing built-in.

MantraCare Employee Wellness Program Benefits

Most of our clients in World achieved a positive ROI on their employee health investment. We helped them make healthier and happier workplaces, leading to improved employee productivity, improved employee morale, lower absenteeism & higher retention. 

Felt more to manage stress
IT Company
0 %
Reported increase in productivity
FMCG Company
0 %
Saved due to turnover reduction
Hospitality Company
$ 0 M

Client's Sayings

Employee Deepak Sethi

“Individuals from divisions across the organization have expressed how much the substance on MantraCare has assisted them with handling recent developments, work on their rest, and even assist with keeping their children on target! On the regulatory side, our MantraCare reps are astonishing at noting our interminable bog of inquiries and ensuring that the application is set up to prevail for our groups. MantraCare has been a necessary piece of our pandemic reaction, and will keep on being a stunning advantage for our colleagues pushing ahead!”

Kevin, Vice President HR
Global IT Services Company

One stop Employee Wellness solution

MantraCare is comprehensive and affordable, and fits the bill for both large and small businesses.  With our 10+ employee wellness programs, MantraCare is the only corporate wellness benefit program you will ever need:

online counseling

Online Therapy

Therapy  improves employee well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, developing more mindfulness, and promoting better sleep

Learn More>

Physical therapy

Physical therapy programs  alleviate common pains such as back pain or neck, with help of online physical therapist.We provide different corporate exercise programs for your employees

Learn More>
Weight Loss

Weight Control

Weight management programs specifically focus on helping employees achieve a healthy weight with a healthy body.

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Yoga & Fitness classes are a versatile tool that can address physical, mental, and social well-being. Encourage Yoga during the workday.

Learn More>


Given their significant impact on employee productivity and wellbeing, several companies have started hypertension programs.

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Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be cured via positive changes in diet and exercise routine. It affect over 25% of all workforce.

Learn More


Considering women make up nearly half of corporate workforce, it’s important for employers to focus on women’s health issues.

Learn More


Fitness classes do not necessarily need to be limited to physical fitness.  Guided meditation sessions are great ways to improve well-being.

Learn More


With tracking tools, social media features, educational resources, and gamification elements incentivizing users to stay active.

Learn More


Keep your employees healthy and productive & reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism with our employees fitness programs.

Learn More

Want to Partner with Us?

Choosing Mantra care can be a viable choice as, we are devoted to providing high-quality, affordable telehealth solutions that gives your members quick, convenient access to the proper care at the right time, reducing the necessity for costly ER visits. At the initial stage, we will partner with your health plans, and then decide to deliver on telehealth’s promise to unravel larger challenges within the healthcare ecosystem.

Interested health plan providers can fill in the application form above, or email us at Our onboarding team shall reach out to you in 2-3 working days.

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