ENTJ Personality Type, Traits, and Characteristics

Someone with the ENTJ personality type is usually a natural leader, thanks to their extraverted thinking function. This allows them to be strategic and decisive, as well as organized. They have the ability to see potential consequences before taking action on a plan. Devising contingency plans comes naturally to ENTJs, so they often become leaders. They’re good at leading because they have a tendency to give structure to projects. Instead of just making plans, they look ahead and set goals.

ENTJ Traits

  • Driven to turn theories into plans
  • Highly value knowledge
  • Future-oriented
  • Natural leaders
  • Impatient with inefficiency and incompetence
  • Want things structured and orderly
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Dislike routine, detail-oriented tasks
  • Self-confident
  • Decisive

ENTJ Strengths & Weakness

ENTJs are willing to invest every resource (that they believe is efficient) into achieving something. They dislike errors and can be demanding. Because they are incredibly organized, inefficiency and personal problems that arise may not be tolerated by the ENTJ. Because of this, they may be perceived as harsh by their peers. ENTJs are quick decision makers and may have brilliant ideas. However, they may not be readily able to act upon their idea. As Extroverts and Thinkers, they are energized by challenging conversations.


  • Strong leadership skills

  • Self-assured

  • Well-organized

  • Good at making decisions

  • Assertive and outspoken

  • Strong communication skills


  • Impatient

  • Stubborn

  • Insensitive

  • Aggressive

  • Intolerant

ENTJ Career Paths

An ideal job for an ENTJ is one that challenges them to address complex problems with strategic planning and clear goal-setting. Thanks to their comfort in the spotlight, ability to communicate, and a tendency to make quick decisions, ENTJs tend to naturally fall into leadership roles.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Administrator
  • Judge / Lawyer
  • Manager
  • Politician
  • Teacher / Professor
  • Banker
  • Medical Doctor
  • Software Designer
  • Scientist

Dealing With ENTJ's

Friendships: ENTJs love to be around people and have stimulating conversations. Although they can come across as argumentative or even confrontational, it’s just their way of communicating. So try not take it too personally. ENTJs get along best with those who share similar interests and views; however, they may find it difficult to understand introverted, sensitive, or emotional types.

ParentingAs a parent of an ENTJ child, you should be aware that your little one is very independent and inquisitive. Help them to explore their curiosity by letting them ask questions and seek out answers. Remember that they will likely need explanation as to why rules exist in order to fully understand them – so take the time to sit down with your child and have these conversations.

RelationshipsHaving an ENTJ partner can sometimes feel like being dominated in a relationship. This is because they do not naturally understand or deal with emotions, so they may come across as insensitive to their partner’s feelings. It is essential to remember that this does not mean ENTJs don’t have any emotions—they just need to feel entirely comfortable before showing them.

Working with ENTJ's

  • Do offer promising new ideas, ENTJs love hearing about new concepts.
  • Do be direct with the ENTJ.
  • Do not make up excuses, ENTJs will not tolerate it.
  • Do engage the ENTJ in lively, thoughtful conversations.

Famous people with ENTJ

Famous ENTJs include 

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Kamala Harris
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Carl Sagan
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • David Letterman
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Harrison Ford
  • Mindy Kaling,
  • Quentin Tarantino.

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