ENTP Personality Type, Traits, and Characteristics

ENTP are outgoing, curious people who like to innovate. Their primary function is Extraverted Intuition, which helps them see different possibilities in any given situation. Their secondary function is Introverted Thinking. ENTPs love learning and constantly seek to understand the world around them through their own intuition and logical reasoning. They’re great problem solvers who enjoy challenges and new tasks; they also likeDFree spirits by nature, rules bore them quickly – preferring instead to find new ways of doing things or cause change in dynamic situations. The ENTP’s creative and inventive nature often leads them to become entrepreneurs or inventors, as their natural pseudo-logical approach allows them to easily come up with unique solutions.

ENTP Traits

  • Project-oriented
  • Enjoy generating ideas and theories
  • Creative and ingenious
  • Bright and capable
  • Flexible and Diverse
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enjoy debating issues with other people
  • Excellent people skills
  • Natural leaders, but do not like to control people
  • Resist being controlled by people
  • Lively and energetic; able to motivate others
  • Highly value knowledge and competence
  • Logical, rational thinkers
  • Able to grasp difficult concepts and theories
  • Enjoy solving difficult problems
  • Dislike confining schedules and environments
  • Dislike routine, detailed tasks

ENTP Strengths & Weakness

ENTPs prioritize the future, leaving little room for dwelling on details of their current circumstances. They are constantly looking to explore novel ideas and having proven them successfully, they opt to move onto other challenges instead of completing their present job. Additionally, ENTPs do not usually abide by standard protocols; rather, they like discovering new techniques that could help accelerate efficiency.


  • Innovative

  • Creative

  • Great conversationalist

  • Enjoys debating

  • Values knowledge


  • Can be argumentative

  • Dislikes routines and schedules

  • Does not like to be controlled

  • Unfocused

  • Insensitive

ENTP Career Paths

ENTPs tend to make great debaters because of their strong communication skills, and may enjoy a career in law because it offers the diversity and challenge that they crave. ENTPs’ rationality, creativity, and natural leadership abilities can also lead them to be successful in many business-related jobs.

  • Lawyer
  • Psychologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Photographer
  • Consultant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Actor
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing

Dealing With ENTP's

Friendships: Energetic and outgoing ENTPs are masterful when it comes to getting along with all kinds of people, but they can be quite competitive. Don’t let friendly banter between you and an ENTP become a one-upmanship battle or end in anger – unfortunately their debates have been known to spiral out of control! Keep conversations lighthearted and remind yourself that your friendship is more important than winning each debate.

Parenting: ENTPs are natural nurturers and always ready to show their children the world. As parenting with this personality type goes, ENTP’s are wonderfully supportive but may have a tendency to try transforming every situation into an educational experience for their kids.

Relationships: When it comes to romantic relationships, ENTPs can be incredibly passionate and thrilling. They are filled with love and care, as well as adept at understanding their partner’s desires. You may find that they have difficulty keeping their promises from time-to-time; however this is only a minor issue when compared to the warmth of an ENTP relationship.

Working with ENTP's

  • Do back up ideas with sound evidence because the ENTP will analyze them.
  • Ask for explanations on concepts—they will be happy to explain ideas.
  • ENTPs seek to challenge the status quo and they can be demanding.
  • Be direct with the ENTP.

Famous people with ENTP

Famous ENTPs include 

  • Steve Jobs
  • Walt Disney
  • Thomas Edison
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Richard Feynman
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Niccolo Machiavelli
  • John Stuart Mill
  • Jon Stewart
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic
  • Conan O’Brien

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