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A New Model for Hand Pain treatment

We understand that it’s difficult for most of us to find time for traditional hand physical therapy. Mantra Care brings to you online hand pain treatment, where all hand exercises and treatments are managed through regular online check-ins & video sessions.

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Mantra Care members get matched with a professional physiotherapist for one-on-one hand pain treatment. They use interactive exercise videos available on our app to treat you.

Continuous Medical Care

Mantra Care physiotherapists are 100% virtual and provide physical therapy to patients without any time and geographical barriers. Our technology-enabled approach helps manage physical ailments from head to toe.

Personalized hand Therapy

Mantra Care provides everyday exercises, home remedies, and regular check-ins for all your hand pain physiotherapy needs. We individualize treatment for each person, with problems including hand pain, muscle injuries, sprain, bursitis, stiffness, and more.

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Best Hand Pain Clinic, Now In Your Pocket

Our physical therapists or PTs are available in all parts of the world via an easy-to-use mobile application. The use of artificial intelligence, and data science enables the patients to connect with expert physiotherapists and get real-time insights on their hand health.

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MantraCare physical therapists treat muscle and joint pain problems through a combination of body exercises, video demonstrations, and a healthy diet. Our treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways.


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A Complete Guide About Hand Pain

Understanding Hand Pain

It becomes very difficult to perform even the daily tasks when the hand and wrist undergo certain problems. These problems may occur due to many reasons, like arthritis, a jammed finger, numbness from carpal tunnel. Many times the doctors advise to take physical therapy from a skilled therapist and go pain-free in just a few weeks. Physiotherapy has the capability of curing 27 bones and 20 muscles along with all the ligaments that are associated with hand and wrist movements.

Symptoms Of Hand Pain

  • Trouble holding objects with the hands
  • Pain or numbness in the hands
  • “Pins and needles” feeling in the fingers
  • Swollen feeling in the fingers
  • Burning or tingling in the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers

Causes of Hand Treatment


Osteoarthritis is the erosion of the graceful cartilage padding at one or both ends of the bones that meet in any joint. This causes the eventual rubbing of two bones together which may cause inflammation and pain. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel may be a passageway for the nerves and tendons to travel through your wrist and into your palm to your fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is where the passageway narrows for a spread of reasons both genetic and activity-based causing numbness, tingling, or hand pain. 

Cubital tunnel syndrome

The cubital tunnel may be a passageway for the cubital nerve to pass from your upper arm through your elbow and into your forearm. Cubital nerve entrapment can give symptoms of “falling asleep” within the annualry and tiny finger, especially when the elbow is bent. There could also be an aching pain on the inside of the elbow.

Trigger finger

This is caused by swelling within the sheath around the flexor tendons in your hand also because of the tendon itself. If you are trying to straighten your hand from a fist and a finger catches resistance within the bent position then pops through the remainder of the motion quickly to the straight position you’ll trigger the finger.

Treatments For Hand Pain

As we now know that arthritis is the leading cause of occurrence of pain in the hands of any other joint in the body, there are many other things that come along, like weak grip strength, and loss of motion. There are two prominent types of treatment in physiotherapy, available for curing hand and wrist pain.

Manual exercises and therapy

Manual exercises and therapy are used to improve the condition of the patients and help them become more flexible with their movements. This type of Physiotherapy required manipulation of techniques in such a manner that they addressed the joint and soft tissues. This is done so that the patient can restore the functional movement of the particular body part.

Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Therapeutic Exercise Programs are customized and developed according to the needs of the patient. The ultimate objective of the program is to address the pain and limit it. It also prevents the risk of future injuries and teaches them certain proper movement patterns to improve the strength and endurance for the entire recovery.

Other methods of treatment for hand pain are:

  • wearing a splint to decrease inflammation and relieve wrist pain.
  • applying warm or cold compresses for 10 to 20 minutes at a moment.
  • taking anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen.
  • having surgery to repair the median nerve, in severe cases.
  • Keeping the hands moving.

Physiotherapy for Hand Pain

People who undergo some accidents or injuries in their hands may need to take physiotherapy sessions at times. Likewise, they need to keep their hands in a moving position so as to avoid any kind of jamming. Physiotherapy for hand pain helps you to recover from the pain and inflammation if there is any. If you take the facility of Physiotherapy for hand pain, you can enjoy many benefits like facilitating the functioning of your hand and being able to lift up the objects properly.

Forms Of Physiotherapy For Hand Pain

The most common form of physical therapy include:

Passive Physical Therapy: This type of physical therapy includes heat application, usage of ice packs, and electrical stimulation. For example, a heating pad can be used to warm up the muscles and make them more flexible for the exercises.

Active Physical Therapy: Active physical therapy is more about exercising and stretching muscles so that they open up, relieving the pain as a consequence. When we avail of Physiotherapy services for back pain, people usually go for this type of therapy.

Benefits of Hand Physiotherapy

Here are a few benefits that a person can enjoy if he takes physical therapy for hand pain.

  • Manage and reduce joint pain. 
  • Increase range of motion, function, dexterity, and strength. 
  • Desensitize nerves following injury or trauma.
  • Personalized care
  • Restored mobility
  • Elimination of the need for surgery.

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“I had never imagined that I could avail myself of physiotherapy sessions online. Thanks to Mantra care has done wonders and brought physicians online so that even if we cannot reach out to them physically, we can enjoy the benefits.”

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Frequently Ask Questions

5 best and worst foods items for people having Arthritis/hand Pain

  • Processed & Fried Foods.
  • Nuts.
  • Garlic & Onions.
  • Beans. 
  • Citrus Fruit.

According to experts and many patients, Physiotherapy is one of the best and Highly Effective treatments for treating wrist tendonitis. Physiotherapists at Mantra Care design  an individual personalized treatment program that may include all the exercises 

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment for wrist tendonitis. Your physio will create an individual treatment program that may include: Pain relief and pain management. A general treatment starts off with a few simple steps to control inflammation and allow tendon healing.

Many factors determine the cost of therapy, like the criticality of the case, the duration of the whole session to be attended, as well as the type of physiotherapy that the patient needs. Online physiotherapy though offers a very effective and low-cost alternative compared to traditional in-person physiotherapy. The charges for online physiotherapy are in fact 20-40% lower compared to the charges sought at hospitals and clinics.

With the availability of online physiotherapists, you no longer need to stress yourself about visiting a clinic or hospital and aggravate the injury. Just Google physiotherapy near me and make an appointment with a physiotherapist on Mantra Care. You will get the best-trained physiotherapists to help you in getting your normal life back as soon as possible.

The sore area can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve movement. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or pain relievers might help if needed. Try modifying your activities to give your achy hands or wrists a rest.

Other home remedies for hand and wrist pain include:

    • Massage. Try massaging the painful area and surrounding muscles.
    • Heat. Some pain responds well to heat. 
    • OTC medications. Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can help with pain and inflammation from a wide variety of conditions.

See a doctor promptly if you have severe wrist pain (but no obvious injury) or trouble moving your wrist, or you are experiencing numbness or loss of sensation in your hand or fingers. Schedule a same-day appointment or go to an urgent care facility.

Once you’re able to move your wrist without pain, you can add in some strengthening exercises to try and strengthen the joint to compensate for the ligaments which have been stretched or partially torn.

Carpal tunnel occurs when a specific nerve in the wrist is compressed, causing numbness and tingling in the hand and fingers. Since it’s a structural problem of not having enough room for the nerve in the wrist, Daluiski said, doing exercises (like squeezing a stress ball) won’t help.

The pain of wrist tendonitis is not very severe. It’s often described as more of a dull, passive ache than sharp, intense pain. Wrist tendonitis can decrease the range of motion in your hand, and you may experience weakness when performing routine motions, such as gripping.

When you’re first injured, ice is a better choice than heat, especially for about the first three days or so. Ice numbs pain and causes blood vessels to constrict, which helps reduce swelling.

Hand Therapy is a technique that involves the science of treating strength and range of motion in an individual’s upper extremity.

It includes arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, elbows, and forearms. Patients seeking hand therapy generally have an injury or chronic condition which demands therapeutic assistance.

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