Exercises For Controlling High Blood Pressure Effectively

Exercises For Controlling High Blood Pressure

Exercises For Controlling High Blood Pressure

Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger. A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort. As a result, the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure. As per studies, regular exercising and physical activity — such as 150 minutes a week, or about 30 minutes most days of the week — can lower your blood pressure by about 5 to 8 mm Hg. However, It’s important to be consistent because if you stop exercising, your blood pressure can rise again. The exercises for controlling high blood pressure (hypertension) include-


exercise-for-high-blood-pressure walking

If you can not do exercises, you can just walk daily in the morning or evening for about half an hour. It will keep you active and help in reducing blood pressure. The effects of exercise like walking are most beneficial after eating your meals. The ideal way to get moving through walking is to break up your walking sessions into several sessions throughout the day. In fact, a study says that 10 minutes walk thrice a day is more effective in preventing blood pressure spikes than a 30 minutes walk at once per day.     



If you have a busy day ahead, just go for an early morning jog and you are good to go. In a study, blood pressure readings are found more optimal in people who go jogging every day. 


cycling for hypertension

Cycling will make your lungs and heart work a little harder, which is good for blood pressure patients. This exercise is perfect for people who do not like to do other heavy exercises. Physical activity such as cycling can lower blood pressure by up to 10 points. Cycling also helps in shaping your body and losing extra belly fat. 


swimming for controlling high blood pressure

Swimming is kind of a gentler form of aerobic or cardio exercise. Go for 20-30 minutes, and you don’t need to do any other exercises. This form of exercise can be beneficial in bringing blood pressure in adults and older. In a study, some participants gradually worked their way up to 45 minutes of continuous swimming at a time. By the end of the study, the swimmer participants found a reduction in their systolic blood pressure by an average of nine points.


dancing Exercises For Controlling High Blood Pressure

Exercising is not always gymming. You just need to get moving, and dancing is a fun way to do that. You can join a dance class if you find dancing boring. Or you can just dance at your home for 20-30 minutes in the evening hours.    

Strength TrainingExercises For Controlling High Blood Pressure

It can also help reduce blood pressure. Aim to include strength training exercises at least two days a week. Another good example of moderate activity that can have big results is tai chi. A research review on the effects of tai chi and high blood pressure shows an overall average of a 15.6 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure. 

As you regularly increase your heart and breathing rates, over time your heart gets stronger and pumps with less effort. This puts less pressure on your arteries and lowers your blood pressure. But you don’t have to run marathons. Increasing your activity level can be as simple as using the stairs, doing household chores, or going for a bike ride.

Exercise Tips For Controlling High Blood Pressure

Exercise is one of the keys to lowering your blood pressure. Working out also boosts the effectiveness of blood pressure medication, if you are already taking medication for hypertension. You just need to find some physical activities you enjoy and aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Get a trainer for help– If you find it hard to exercise, don’t worry, get the help of a trainer to learn the tips and tricks.

Make it fun– Emphasizing it again, because if you make it fun, it’s more likely that you will follow it regularly. 

Find an exercise partner- If you find it hard to go jogging or gymming every day, then get yourself a buddy, who is willing to do it with you.

Schedule a definite time to exercise- This is really helpful, scheduling a time and exercising daily at that time could help make it a routine.

Go for stretching– Stretching makes you more flexible and releases tension from your muscles. Using it as a warm-up can prevent injuries and will help you move better.  

Is It Safe To Do Intense Exercises?

Being active is one of the best things you can do for controlling hypertension. But before starting exercising, ask your doctor if there are any limits on what you can try. Notice how your body feels while exercising, it may take a while to get used to the exercise routine. That is normal, do not panic if you feel tired in the beginning. 

However, if you are experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath, or if your heart is beating too fast or irregularly, then stop and rest. Also, bring this to your doctor’s attention once. 

If certain exercises make you feel pain in the chest, dizziness, lightheadedness, or pain in your jaw, shoulder, or arm, then stop exercising immediately. Call your doctor or seek emergency treatment if these symptoms do not go away quickly.

Making exercising daily a habit can work wonders for your health and can help you to a great extent in lowering blood pressure. If you are taking medicines for blood pressure, exercising can help reduce the doses for it too. 

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