HbA1c or Glycated Haemoglobin Test

HbA1c Test

What Is HbA1c Test?

A1c test is a type of blood test which checks the blood sugar level of the last 3 months. The lifespan of our red blood cells is around 3 months so this test diagnoses the amount of sugar of this time period. This test detects the amount of sugar or glucose attached to haemoglobin inside our red blood cells that is why also known as glycohemoglobin or glycated haemoglobin. 


HbA1c Test



Why And How HbA1c Test Is Performed?

An HbA1c test is performed to diagnose diabetes and to re-check the blood sugar level in a diabetic patient. This test also diagnoses prediabetes.

The doctor will take out a little amount of blood from the arm and the reports will come within 2 days. 

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When To Get HbA1c Test Performed?

You should get an HbA1c test done if you have the symptoms of hyperglycaemia. These symptoms maybe 

  • Feeling thirsty most of the time
  • Frequent urination
  • Losing weight suddenly without any reason
  • Feeling weak and tired.

If you feel any of these symptoms you should check your blood sugar level by HbA1c test. There are no specific preparations you need before performing this test. The patient can get it done according to their own convenience.


When A1c Test Cannot Be Performed?

The answer is gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is found in pregnant women and disappears after childbirth. A pregnant woman should not get this test performed on herself.


How To Check The A1c Test Report?

The A1c results come in percentage. A normal person has a value of A1c less than 6%. If the A1c value is 6-6.4% then it is an indication of prediabetes which means the chances of developing diabetes in the future are quite high. Prediabetes can be treated and your A1c value will come to normal with some daily routine changes like eating healthy and exercising regularly. And if your A1c value is more than 6.5% then you probably have diabetes.

HbA1c Test


What Is The False Increase or False Decrease In HbA1c Test? 

There are some cases seen in which the person does not have diabetes but his A1C value is more than 6.5%. Similarly, there are some patients who have diabetes but their A1c value is less than 6.4. This phenomenon comes under a false increase and a false decrease of the A1c value. Let’s know in which conditions it happens- 

False increase– meaning you don’t have diabetes but your A1c value is increased. It happens in the condition of kidney damage, overweight, and when a person has been consuming alcohol for a long time.  

False Decrease– false decrease is the condition of decreased A1c value but you have diabetes. This condition is caused by Hypoglycemia, Blood loss, and sickle cell anaemia.

What Is The Difference Between The HbA1c Test And Other Blood Sugar Tests Like Fasting Blood Sugar, PP Blood Sugar, Random Blood Sugar?

All of these tests are used for measuring blood sugar levels and diagnosing diabetes. Let’s understand the difference between the- 

ideal HbA1c Test

PP blood sugar– postprandial blood sugar test is done after 2 hours of having a meal. This test is used to check how well our body is utilizing sugar. Pp blood sugar value of more than 200mg/dl indicates diabetes.

Random blood sugar test– can be performed anytime this test is used especially if you have the symptoms of diabetes. 160-200mg/dl value of random blood sugar means high blood sugar or diabetes.

Fasting blood sugar test– is performed after fasting for 8-10 hours because our blood sugar level fluctuates after eating the meal. So, our blood sugar level is measured accurately after fasting

And if your blood sugar level is tested more than normal in this test then the doctor will probably recommend HbA1c. HbA1c detects the blood sugar level of the past 3 months. This will help in testing the complications and causes of high blood sugar levels.

So, the main difference between HbA1c and other blood sugar level tests is that A1c checks the sugar level of the past 3 months whereas other tests only check it at a specific time.

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