Diabetes:Type ll And Its Symptoms

Diabetes Type ll

Type II Diabetes And Its Symptoms

Type 2 diabetes is the common form of diabetes found in diabetic patients. In Type 2 Diabetes, insulin in our body does not get used properly because of which our blood sugar level increases. High blood sugar can create several health problems. But if diabetes is diagnosed in its early stage, it can be prevented. Therefore, it’s important to know the symptoms of type 2 diabetes to diagnose it early. 

Diabetes type 2 develops over the years so the symptoms may not be there for a long time. Let’s talk about them in detail. These symptoms may include:

1. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination

This could be a sign of diabetes as you may experience. It happens because your blood sugar is high and your body is trying to get rid of it through urine. You may feel like going to urine most of the time and that is one of the worst signs of diabetes. Frequent urination also disturbs sleep at night, leading to stress and depression. It is essential to take a healthy sleep for 7-8 hours daily for keeping your brain and body healthy. 

2. Excessive Thirst

Excessive thirst in Type 2 Diabetes

Another symptom is the excessive thirst which is quite obvious, as you are urinating frequently, your body will need more water leaving you feeling thirsty all the time. So frequent urination and excessive thirst are related and are two basic symptoms of diabetes that you should not ignore. 

This happens because your body tries to remove the excessive amount of sugar from your blood through urine. So, the more fluid you lose, the more thirsty you get.

3. Increased Hunger

Increased hunger

Another symptom could be increased hunger. Feeling hungry is a good thing for sure but if you feel hungry even after eating. Then it’s something to be worried about. You should get your diabetes checked as soon as possible. You have to choose a healthy diet, rich in fibers to keep the blood sugar levels in check. Eat nutritious food with low sugar content, and stay physically active as well.

4. Weight Loss

Weight loss in type 2 Diabetes

 If you are losing weight without any apparent reason then it’s not a good sign. In diabetes, the sugar does not reach the body cells so they start using protein and fat present in your muscles for energy. That is why you start losing weight even when you are eating a lot. Consult your dietician and include more fat and protein in your diet.

5. Skin Problems

Skin problems

One of the symptoms of diabetes is itchy skin. As the symptoms of diabetes vary from person to person some patients may have dark patches around their neck or armpits. Skin problems can happen because of other reasons too, so watch out.

6. Poor Wound Healing In Limbs

foot problem in type 2 diabetes

In diabetes our nerve vessels become weak so when you get even a small wound in your feet or in some other part of your body it does not heal easily. So if you have diabetes you should be careful of any cuts and sores. because one small cut can turn into a big ulcer. always wear socks around the house and don’t roam without footwear.

7. Blurred Vision

Blurred vision

Blurred vision is another symptom of diabetes. As mentioned earlier, diabetes damages our blood vessels which also includes our eye’s nerves present in the retina. This can affect our sight and blur our vision. this condition is known as Diabetic Retinopathy. If you feel any changes in your vision. Consult an eye doctor. 

8. Fatigue


One of the diabetes symptoms is fatigue or feeling of weakness. You may even feel irritated. These are all the effects of changes in your internal body. And it may lead to several other problems. 

So if you feel any of these above-mentioned symptoms, go get your blood sugar tested and consult a doctor before it gets any worse. 

8. Tingling in feet and hands

tingling in feetHigh blood sugar can cause the feeling of tingling in the feet or hands. This condition is also known as Diabetic neuropathy. The nerves in the limbs get damaged due to high blood sugar levels causing a strange sensation in the limbs.

If you notice any numbness, tingling in your feet, you should get your blood sugar level tested. If this condition is there for a longer time, it may lead to amputation.

9. Infection in gums

infection in gumsIf you have diabetes, you are more likely to get an infection in your gums. The signs of infectious gums could be red, swollen gums, and the muscles that hold your teeth can also become weak. Although this symptom is not that common, still be careful about your teeth.

10. State of confusion or dizziness


There are some conditions under which you can feel confused or dizzy. such as-

In these conditions, your blood sugar may get too low and you can feel dizzy. if the blood sugar level drops down too much, you could pass out. therefore, it is advised to eat every 2 hours.

Treatment of Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled with some healthy lifestyle change if it’s mild to moderate. But if the condition is severe you may need medicine or insulin to get a hold of the disease. These are the following lifestyle changes that you should follow with diabetes-

  • Eat right

Eating right will be the most beneficial for patients with diabetes. There are certain foods that are helpful in managing blood sugar levels and prevent the complications of diabetes like inflammation, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, etc. choose foods that are low in calories and sugar. eating food with high fiber, vitamins, and mineral content is advised to people with diabetes.

  • Stay physically active

Move as much as you can. There are numerous benefits of staying physically active. For example- being active will keep you fit, will give you mental wellness, and much more. Exercise for 120 minutes every week for controlling diabetes. You can do any exercise like yoga, jumba, or aerobics.

When to See a Doctor?

If you notice any of these above-mentioned signs or symptoms, then consult a diabetologist immediately. although some of these problems could happen because of other reasons too. It’s always a wise decision to get your blood sugar tested because early diagnosis can help you prevent or treat the disease better.

Even if you go to a general physician, he will test your blood sugar and blood pressure too. Diabetes is a fastly increasing disease around the globe. Therefore, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and keep your weight in check to keep this disease at bay.

Some facts about Type II Diabetes

  • Diabetes is a non-curable disease but it can be controlled with some measures.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle is necessary for diabetics. If diabetics eat a fiber-rich diet and do regular exercise, diabetes can be controlled to a major extent.
  • Diabetes is the major cause of cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy.
  • 90 to 95% of people with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes, it is a common disease.
  • Diabetes is not caused by eating sugar or eating a lot. However, once you are diagnosed with it, you have to avoid eating sugar and even keep a count on the carb intake.
  • Being obese increases your chance of developing diabetes. Losing weight will improve your health and reduce diabetes.
  • This condition can also be developed in healthy people sometimes if they have insulin resistance.
  • You can have diabetes for years and you may be unaware until symptoms appear.

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