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that integrates with on-campus teams.

Mantracare's Comprehensive Program

Our program enables you to provide quality, evidence-based mental healthcare that works as an extension to your current resources – all while avoiding replacement or automation of your proven systems and hierarchy.

Our board-certified therapy and psychiatry providers who work in conjunction with your existing staff. Your team leverages our Mantra Collaboration Portal to coordinate and collaborate in the care of your students.


Continuity of care

Continue care with the same provider over school breaks and after graduation.

Expand your hours

Expand your hours

Offer care in the evenings and weekends, when your students need it.

Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care

Increased visibility into student care with collaboration tools at your convenience.

Tailoring to your specific needs.

Needs Discovery

Needs Discovery

We gather information on care type needed (therapy and/or psychiatry), ideal care pathways and any other criteria that matters to you.



We dig into our network of providers and find the best match for your needs. Background checks, malpractice insurance, and the hiring process are all handled by Mantra.



We deploy our collaboration portal on your campus and customize our protocols to support your campus.

A secure platform your counseling center staff and students will love.

Coordinators or counselors directly schedule students your Mantra-affiliated provider. No more chasing off-campus providers.

Video appointments, HIPAA secure messaging, monthly scales tracking, and psychoeducation content. All in one place.

On-campus counselors can collaborate with your Mantra-affiliated provider through our Mantra Collaboration Portal.

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We work with forward-thinking leaders in higher education
mental health who prioritize quality care to design our

"College and University Counseling Centers often struggle to keep up with the high flow of students requesting services. Mantra’s program, with a focus on Higher Education and its unique and powerful Collaboration Portal, provides a wonderful compliment to the counseling center."
Harry Rockland-Miller
Director Emeritus, Counseling Services, UMass Amherst
"In a time of rapid change and unpredictability in college mental health, having a high-quality, reliable option like Mantra Health for health and counseling centers who need additional capacity is invaluable. Mantra's integrated approach is unique, and can fit the needs of colleges and universities of all sizes."
Nora Feldpausch
Staff Psychiatrist, Michigan State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Mantracare will work with you to understand your weekly capacity needs and tailor a program that matches those needs. We then train your staff on our collaboration portal for which you get charged based on volume of care.

Mantra now accepts insurance from select carriers. Find a Mantra provider in-network from our roster of insurance partners on our For Patients page.

Every Mantra-affiliated provider is trained on our emergency protocols to manage high risk patients including calling 911, referring to local crisis resources, and pointing the patient to the Crisis Text Line when appropriate. In the case of our program, we build a Safe Operating Handbook that includes all of your campus’ crisis management resources and train our providers on them.

Mantra is live on campuses across the country with the ability to support schools across all 50 states. If you’re interested in our program.

Our psychiatry providers can prescribe all medications except for controlled substances such as stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin and benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin.

The program is sponsored by the school as a student benefit. 

If prescribed, students will be responsible for the cost of their medication(s).

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