8 PCOS Symptoms That You Must Know

PCOS symptoms

PCOS And Its Symptoms

PCOS is a harmful disease that can end up making a woman infertile. It is very important for us to get it diagnosed in the least possible time. But, everything needs an alarm to notify an incoming. Similarly, PCOS shows some symptoms which are clearly visible in people. Some PCOS symptoms are mild and are hard to detect, while others are quite visible at the beginning itself. 

In this article, we have categorized the PCOS symptoms into three broad categories: mild, moderate, and severe. You can find a detailed description of all the symptoms in the given points.

Mild Symptoms Of PCOS

PCOS shows some mild symptoms initially which may or may not warn you about the diagnosis. You must not take these symptoms lightly and proceed with the treatment. Also, you should shift to a healthy diet plan that contains food items that complement your treatment of PCOS. 

Here are a few mild symptoms of PCOS that you must be aware of, before getting it diagnosed by an expert:

Excessive hair growth

excessive hair growth

It is one of the most initial signs of PCOS. Women start experiencing excessive hair growth on unusual parts of the body, like the face, limbs, back, and stomach. Some women may also experience heavy hair growth in the pelvic region. This leads to other serious issues like vaginal itching and dryness. Even after trying a lot of products like hair removal creams or razors, a PCOS patient fails to control the hair growth. You must consult a doctor once you start getting these unusual signs that appear all of a sudden. 

Thinning of hair on the scalp

Thinning of hair on the scalp

Earlier we mentioned that people experience heavy growth in PCOS, but the case is completely different when it comes to hair growth on the scalp. Hair may grow on other parts of the body where they are not even expected, but there is a heavy hair loss from the scalp. PCOS brings a lot of stress with itself. With stress, many complications like depression, anxiety, fear of being infertile, insecurity of the menstrual cycle, and many other things related to one’s own body may appear. Due to the increased levels of stress hormones, women may experience thinning of hair on the scalp. At this age, some people also undergo excessive and uncontrollable hair loss. Any creams or oil will not act as effectively as they should. Before going to any doctor to consult about your hair loss, you must get your PCOS diagnosed.

Oily Skin and acne

Oily Skin

Oily skin and acne can appear due to many factors, like unhealthy eating habits, weather conditions, stress, some allergic reaction, and PCOS. Since the module is centered on PCOS, you must note the fact that oily skin and acne are some of the major problems that a woman can experience in her reproductive years. There is nothing bad in mentioning that 90% of women in their adolescence or puberty age have unwanted, oily, and patchy skin. The condition of the skin keeps getting worse if you do not get the treatment for PCOS anytime soon.

These are a few mild features that may appear on the onset of PCOS. You must consult a doctor or an expert to get his word about your condition. The symptoms, if not treated, in the least possible time may get severe to a considerable extent. The story of PCOS does not end here. The next category contains some moderate PCOS symptoms.

Moderate Symptoms Of PCOS

As mentioned earlier, you must know that if you do not work upon the initial symptoms of PCOS, you may end up having a severe version of it. Here are a few symptoms that may appear moderately in PCOS patients: 

Irregular periods 


The menstrual cycle forms one of the most important parts of a female’s life. Periods occur after every 28 days and any kind of irregularity or absence of periods may indicate some problem with the reproductive organs in the female. If you are having PCOS, the disease may be initiated by a considerable irregularity in the menstrual cycle or ovulation process. Many other problems like stomach ache, muscular cramps, unusual acne, etc. may appear due to the absence of periods. If you are missing out on your periods frequently and you know that you are not pregnant, then you must consult a gynecologist or an expert to get your PCOS diagnosed. Other symptoms that may occur along with the problems with the menstrual cycle are unusually heavy or light periods, spotting, abnormal or absent menstruation, and many more.

Weight Gain or Obesity

weight gain

Some people gain weight because they want to get into a perfect body shape. But, sometimes people experience a drastic change in their weight that they start hating it. Even after doing a lot of exercises and having control over their diet does not help them lose weight and leads to obesity in the longer run. The excessive gain in weight invites meaning problems and unfortunately, PCOS tops the list. The treatment of PCOS is dependent on the food items that you follow after being diagnosed with the disease. You have to control your hands-on junk food if you want to get rid of excessive weight or obesity.

These are a few moderate signs of PCOS that may indicate its incoming. You must keep a check on what goes on with your body so that you take emergent action if something goes against your will.

Next comes the category of severe PCOS symptoms. Know that is symptoms can be fatal if you do not take treatment in time.

Severe Symptoms of PCOS

If you do not keep your body in an organized manner, then you can get the most severe symptoms of PCOS as well. Imperatively, you must know about all the severe symptoms that may happen to you if you have developed or are in the process of developing PCOS.

Here are all the severe symptoms that you need to know if you are having PCOS:

Difficulties in pregnancy

infertility due to pcos

PCOS is the leading cause of irregularity in periods or menstruation cycle,  It also causes difficulties in pregnancy. It makes it quite challenging for a woman to get pregnant and give birth to a young one. This is because of the formation of cysts in the ovary which disables the organs to transport the female reproductive eggs into the fallopian tube so that they can connect with the male reproductive sperms to form the baby. This is why the patient fails to get pregnant. 

Dark patches on the skin

Skin Conditions and pcos

Sometimes, when PCOS goes untreated for a long time, it leaves dark patches on the skin. These patches may occur on any part of the body, making that particular organ quite itchy, and ugly. Some people do not consider it a symptom of PCOS. They say that the screen goes purplish or sometimes black in color due to insulin resistance in the body. Researches have shown that the decoloration of the skin appears primarily in the underarms or collarbones. If you want to get rid of these decolored parts of the skin, then you must reach out to a doctor for the diagnosis in the initial stages of their appearance. A perfect medication schedule and a healthy diet will definitely help you recover from it soon.

Inappropriate male features

Inappropriate male features

The people having PCOS exhibit male features at times. This is due to the accelerated growth of androgens in them. In various cases of PCOS, people observe characteristics, like excessive hair growth on the face, changes in walking and eating habits, changes in the voice of the patient to date. If you find yourself inheriting something which is not familiar with your gender, then you must consult a doctor and ask about the reasons. You may also have to undergo certain diagnostic tests to check whether you are suffering from PCOS or PCOD. Like all the other symptoms of PCOS, early consultation with a doctor or an expert, a healthy diet, and optimum levels of physical exercise are the only treatments available to treat the symptoms of PCOS.

This is everything that you need to know about the symptoms of PCOS. You must keep a check on what happens with your body so that you can get the symptoms diagnosed in the most initial stages. 


PCOS is one of the leading issues that women across the world suffer from. Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment that ensures fertility and a healthy lifestyle for them. All you can do is monitor your activities and diet along with the regulation of physical exercise. This will help you prevent yourself from the worst consequences of the syndrome. 

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