Is Pregnancy Complicated With PCOS?

Pregnancy and PCOS

PCOS and Pregnancy


All of us know that infertility is one of the biggest complications of PCOS. Women with PCOS get less than 9 periods in a year. This number can be life-threatening if the person does not take treatment timely. One must be very cautious about things that may be concerned with your pregnancy. Women with PCOS suffer from a great struggle in getting pregnant. In the most precise words, we can say that PCOS and pregnancy are hard to match. The disease may or may not come up at any other stage in life. The risk of developing complications is the highest during pregnancy. But, if you are managing the symptoms well, then there are chances that you give birth to a healthy baby. All these complications arise due to the development of male androgens in excessive amounts in the body.

You know, there is nothing in this world that we cannot improve. So do these complications of PCOS. If you practice healthy eating, regular physical exercise, monitoring your ovulation cycle, and careful sexual intercourse, there are chances that you give birth to a healthy baby. Complications are not mandatory in all cases. When you are following all the above habits and not seeing any positive results, your doctor may tell you to have the fertility tests.  If something fishy is found in the ovaries, then the doctor may suggest you get the particular section of the ovaries removed.

For this, the doctors first diagnose the parts responsible for producing excessive male hormones in the body.  Another option is to undergo In-Vitro Fertilization, which many people know by the name of IVF. This includes various methods of artificial fertilization. This should be the last option that a person should choose. It is quite expensive in India too.

Reasons for Complications in Pregnancy In PCOS

When a woman has PCOS, she faces difficulties in getting pregnant. It happens because of a big biological reason, which has been explained in the given points:

  • Doctors have proven biologically that a woman has the maximum chance of getting pregnant during the ovulation cycle. 
  • In a woman without PCOS, it is relatively easy to get pregnant because of her regular ovulation. When the egg releases from her ovaries and moves to the fallopian tube, it finds a sperm to fertilize.
  • The polycystic ovaries do not allow an egg to release and move to the fallopian tube. That means, there is a constant irregularity in her ovulation cycle.
  • During intercourse, sperm enters the fallopian tube to find an egg. But, it fails to fertilize and dies within 24 hours.

This is the reason why women with PCOS or irregular periods find it difficult to become pregnant.

Complications In Pregnancy

Complications In Pregnancy Some complications may occur if you are having PCOS and are conceiving. There are chances of miscarriage, high blood pressure (hypertension), risk of heart diseases, gestational diabetes, and even premature birth of the baby. The doctors, especially gynecologists advise having cesarean delivery if you are suffering from PCOS. This has a reason behind it. The baby may be larger than the expected size, and pulling him out would be challenging for both doctors and the woman carrying the baby.

Another complication that may occur is that when you are having PCOS, babies are more prone to the risk of dying around the time of birth. The doctors may admit them to the newborn intensive care unit. You need to be very cautious about your activities and eating habits during the whole pregnancy phase.  Keep in touch with your doctor or midwife during your pregnancy phase. They can assist you in the least possible time if any such complication occurs. This is everything that you need to know about the relationship between PCOS and pregnancy. 

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