Diabetic Shock: Important Points To Learn

diabetic shock

Diabetes is a fatal disease that happens to people who suffer from fluctuations in blood sugar levels. If you are suffering from diabetes, then this is the right place for you to get all the relevant information about diabetic shock. Make notes of the important points while you read till the end.

An emergent situation in which the blood sugar level drops drastically leading to even fatalities is called diabetic shock. The other name of a diabetic shock is severe hypoglycemia. It is the situation of severe hypoglycemia where the patient might need the help of others too. Particularly, diabetic shock is not a medical term but it is called so because the situation gets quite severe, even fatal and the patient might need guidance from a doctor.

Symptoms of Diabetic Shock

Symptoms of Diabetic Shock

The symptoms of diabetic shock should be monitored at early stages so that one can get appropriate treatment in time. Any delays or carelessness in the treatment can even lead to fatalities. It is pretty obvious that the blood sugar level eventually rises and falls down back several times a day. Like every other disease, a diabetic shock also exhibits some signs and symptoms. Take a tour to some of them in the points given below:



  1. The intensity of headaches goes from mild to severe at a fast pace.
  2. Patients feel nervousness and anxiety. They eventually lose control over their thoughts and negativity rules their mind.
  3. You can also observe excessive sweating on the face, arms, and legs of the patient.
  4. You will find the affected person quite irritable and moody during diabetic shock.
  5. The appetite of the patient increases drastically and he feels hungry every now and then. The urge increases but overeating have its own consequences.
  6. A person may feel sleep deprived due to tiredness, excessive sweating, and even nightmares.

These are all the signs and symptoms that you must check if you are a diabetic patient. If you find yourself or anyone from the acquaintances exhibiting any of the above-mentioned diseases, the first thing that you should do is to call the doctor to seek help.

Furthermore, when you know all the possible symptoms that you can observe in an affected person. you must make yourself aware of its causes too. It would be imperative for you to learn the causes so that you can prevent yourself from the same.

Causes of Diabetic Shock

In this section of the article, you will learn about various different causes of diabetic shock. You must read them thoroughly so as to prevent yourself from such things and thereby reducing the chances of diabetic shocks. Take a tour to the below-mentioned points:


Insulin is generally provided to people who are suffering from diabetes. It is one of the most common causes of hypoglycemia when injected in higher quantities. It may turn to the severe form which is generally named a diabetic shock. If you yourself or somebody whom you are related with is being injected insulin, make sure that the drug is used in medicinal amounts only.

Consumption of Alcohol

If your alcohol intake is way too much than your capacity, then it might end up giving you a diabetic shock. You must lower the alcohol consumption gradually and believe me, you will feel improved. Rather, you can go for some snacks with alcohol. This reduces the negative impact on the liver and kidneys.

Delayed or Skipped Meals

This habit is generally observed in teenagers or early adults when their busy schedule is responsible for having the meals delayed or skipped. One should not do the same unless the situations are unavoidable. This might affect the blood sugar level drastically resulting in hypoglycemia. If you continue skipping meals or delaying them, you will eventually end up having a diabetic shock.


Our age is directly proportional to fluctuations in blood sugar levels in the body. As we grow older. We experience more frequent fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It is essential to keep a close watch on the growing age as well as the intake of food and medicines.

Missing Medicines Frequently


You must be aware that there are a few diseases that can affect the human body adversely if they miss medicines frequently. Know that diabetic medication is responsible for keeping the blood sugar levels intact. If you want a life where diabetes does not bother you considerably, then all you need to do is to take your medication timely and regularly.

Developing Other Kidney or Adrenal Diseases

Diabetes or sugar level fluctuation never comes alone. They always bring several adrenal or kidney diseases that might turn up to be severe at some stage of life. You might develop some diseases associated with your kidneys or adrenal glands. So, it is important to get a routine check-up for your kidneys’ priory and then the rest of the body parts so that you can keep a track record and take action when you find something fishy.

These are the causes of diabetic shock that a person can volunteer entirely if he keeps a check on his activities, medicinal intake, and the diet that he is following. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Proceeding with the valuable points, it’s time to discuss the treatment that we can follow up with. Stay tuned to get a detailed version of what all things and treatments can be done in the cases of diabetic shock.

Possible Treatments of Diabetic Shock

The moment you start noticing the symptoms of diabetic shock, whether it is type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, you must start taking your health cautiously. Prior to any other treatment to proceed with, you must know that panicking won’t lead you anywhere and will only be responsible for fluctuations in blood sugar level causing hypertension. So don’t panic and take your next move in a composed manner.

As per the data collected by American Diabetes Association (ADA), the first move should be to collect the monitored data showing fluctuations in blood glucose level.

If you find the sugar levels below, then you must eat a sweet sugary snack containing at least 15 grams of carbohydrates. Recheck your sugar levels after 15 minutes of a sugary meal. Once it goes up to normal, you can continue following your regular meal and snack schedule.

However, if there is a risk of having a diabetic shock, then you must see a doctor to get a glucagon injection.

If the person faints due to hypoglycemia, the first thing that you should do to get the person round is to inject glucagon. If he does not recover back to his senses, then it indicates that the person needs immediate help. The helpline number is 911.


You can definitely prevent the possibility of experiencing the most severe forms of diabetic shock. Here you need to get through the below-mentioned points:

  1. The foremost thing that you can do to prevent a diabetic shock is to monitor the blood sugar level on a regular basis and get a balanced diet chart planned accordingly. You can get this done under the supervision of a doctor.
  2. Secondly, you need to make sure that you do not miss or delay your no matter how hard it is to deal with. be punctual with your meal timings.
  3. If you take alcohol. make sure that you do not take it alone, Always accompany it with a meal. Alcohol, when taken alone, can deliver an acceleration to the blood sugar level in a negative manner.
  4. When you feel that there is a boost in the activity level, make sure that you adjust your diet and medication accordingly.
  5. There are certain mobile applications to keep you handy with your schedule of medicines and meal alarms. Install them on your personal device and take advantage.
  6. It is always a good move to avoid frequent hypoglycemia episodes so that you get clear indications of warning symptoms.
  7. Do not be your boss when it comes to medications. Take a precise amount of medicines at the scheduled timings in order to prevent yourself from the adverse effects.

Other Points To Ponder About Diabetic Shock

These are all the preventive measures to check in terms of diabetic shock. You need to be very cautious about your health if you are a diabetic patient. Proceed further in the article to get some tips related to diabetic shocks.

Refer to the points given below if you want to understand the concept of diabetic shock more concisely.

  1. You must take the warning signs pretty seriously and be cautious as soon as you start experiencing them or see somebody else experiencing them.
  2. While taking any treatment that keeps a relationship with diabetes, you must monitor the glucose that you need to give to the patient. A small carelessness in this step can rebound your blood sugar levels to rise.
  3. Low blood sugar levels can lead to various progressions in the brain like loss of consciousness, seizure, and death.
treatment for diabetic shock

This is everything I have to depart about diabetic shocks. Moving towards the conclusion now. All the information inculcated in the different sections of this article is well researched and structured in such a manner that it conveys everything to you that you must know if you or somebody from your family is suffering from diabetes.

The Final Takeaway

There are chances that the blood sugar levels go extremely down and result in diabetic shock in no time. This can be life-threatening too. If you do not get yourself a treatment in time, then the worst consequence can be a diabetic coma. Your worst enemy in this can be insulin. Reduce the amounts gradually and avoid taking any medication without consulting a doctor. There is nothing you cannot do on a whole to protect yourself from a fatal diabetes shock. Take a glucagon injection in the least possible time. It will help you facilitate your recovery. Hope you had a productive time reading the above article.

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