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What Is Metformin?

Metformin is a unique therapeutic drug used extensively by various patients to manage type 2 Diabetes. Diversified organizations produce it at multiple places globally. People call it an anti-diabetic, addictive drug. In this article, you will know about the best Metformin manufacturers. So, jumping ahead concept-wise, keep browsing the forthcoming segments of the article till you reach the end.

Metformin is an efficient medication that people with type 2 diabetes use to regulate their blood sugar levels. However, we all know that a diabetes patient can never annihilate the after-effects of the disease. In any case, the curative drug is effective in reducing the risk levels. The restorative drug class is Biguanides (Biguanides Derivative).


Points To Ponder Before Metformin Intake

In the below-given points, you will find the significant areas that a patient must focus upon if he is propelling forward with Metformin as the medicine.

  • During pregnancy, you should consume Metformin only if your midwife or gynaecologist studies your medical history and prescribes you the same.
  • During the Lactation period, doctors say that the restorative drug is safe for mothers to take. Therefore, it is continually a good option to move ahead after discussing with your doctor in the primary place.
  • If you take alcohol, then Metformin is risky for you. You can ask your doctor to prescribe some other medication.
  • While driving, you must not take Metformin to regulate your blood sugar level. This is because the drug can cause frequent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which is risky.
  • If you are a patient with liver and kidney warnings, taking Metformin can be risky. You must consult about the same from your doctor.
  • Metformin is not addictive in nature. Even the doctors advise taking it in medicinal amounts.

You must keep all points mentioned above in your mind before proceeding with Metformin as your diabetic treatment. While buying the medication, we must check the manufacturing background to be double sure about the quality and rely on the treatment entirely. Read the brief description of the best Metformin manufacturers as you proceed with the article.


Best Metformin Manufacturers

metformin tablets

You can find Metformin in the market under various brand names. This is because the manufacturers sell the drug in the market as an extensively marketed product. One of the best Metformin manufacturers is Glucophage, yet this section contains some other not-so-common brands that manufacture Metformin. Read them in the points ahead:

Actoplus Met

A blend of two oral diabetes medications, namely, pioglitazone HCl and Metformin HCl, ACTOplus is a great treatment contributing to type 2 Diabetes. At the back of the medicine packaging, you can see that it includes a widespread-release form of Metformin combined with another diabetes drug called Actos (pioglitazone).

The medicine is effective in recovering glycemic control in the body quite easily and conveniently. Metformin favorably reduces the amount of glucose that is produced in the body, in the liver. The purpose of Actos is to target insulin stability in the body.



It is yet another brand for Metformin the hypoglycemia patients when there is a medicinal emergency. Oral medications are relatively more effective if it is followed with hypoglycemia diet. Along with this, you can take all the precautions that a hypoglycemia patient will ever take during the tenure of the disease. Another benefit of Metformin is that it effectively reduces the quantity of glucose that a human liver manufactures.


FORTAMET Extended-Release Tablets

To treat type 2 diabetes, it is one of the most effective brands that deal in Metformin. All a diabetes patient needs to do is take a 1000 mg tablet regularly prescribed by the doctors. You can either use it as a single oral medication (monotherapy) or in combination with some other effective medicinal drug(combination therapy).

All the people above 17 years of age are likely to be safe if they intake FORTAMET Extended-Release Tablets. Like every other treatment medication, all the doses or tablets are used, and a healthy diet complements the treatment. Also, you should keep exercising regularly and monitoring your blood sugar levels accordingly.

Exercise will help you in regulating the glucose levels generated by the liver, whereas monitoring the sugar levels will assist you in maintaining your diet according to the fluctuations,


Riomet: A Liquid Metformin Manufacturer

The other name of Riomet is metformin hydrochloride oral solution. It is another uncommon and assorted brand that deals in Metformin. It is famous because it is the first-ever and the only brand that provides Metformin in liquid forms. Like every other brand description that you have read before and the upcoming ones, Riomet is also taken in combination with the best diet that helps you regulate your blood sugar level.

Adding to the information is the fact that the doctors prescribe Riomet to patients having type 2 diabetes. The dosage of this medicinal dg is as follows: 5mL of Riomet syrup is equivalent to 1 500mg tablets of Metformin.



Following the other metformin manufacturers, it is yet another form of oral medication useful in treating diabetes. Like other brands, the oral dosage of Glumetza s effective in treating patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, metabolic acidosis, and renal dysfunction.

In addition, patients use an oral dosage of an anti-hyperglycemic drug and are favourably prescribed by diabetes doctors. It is an extended-release tablet that is effective in treating both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.


Obimet: A Metformin Manufacturer for Obesity

For all those who have both diabetes and obesity, Obimet is the best and most effective treatment.  It is the people’s first choice when the doctor prescribes them to take metformin for diabetes treatment. The drug is capable of treating diabetes and lowering down the risk factors of hypoglycemia.

The medicine is available in the market in a pack of 10 tablets. These packs usually contain tablets of 500 mg or 1000 mg. Some people use this drug as a combination therapy with sulphonylurea, but only after a doctor prescribes it. Yet, the best use of the medicine is when the patients take it as initial therapy to prepare the body for further treatment cycles.



The most active ingredient of the Dianben tablet is metformin hydrochloride. The medicine comes in the form of tablets of 850 mg and is also called oral anti-diabetes. The doctors prescribe this medicinal drug to overweight patients and those who cannot have as much control over the diet (as they have to meet the body requirements) as required to treat diabetes.

However, people who cannot regulate their blood sugar level by doing some physical exercises because of some physical deformities also use Dianben tablets as a monotherapy or in combination with other medicinal drugs or even insulin.



To all those who have had diabetes for 10 years or even more than that, doctors prescribe Diabex. This is another trusted brand of Metformin that is effective in improvisation of fluctuations in blood sugar levels. One more benefit of Diabex is that it is effective in treating anovulatory infertility.

Anovulatory infertility is generally caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The patients are free to use the drugs either in combination with another one or as a monotherapy. The best move is to do what your doctor says, as he always knows what’s better for you.



Diaformin is a medicinal drug that diabetes patients use to lower blood glucose levels and regulate them as per their requirements. When adequate physical exercises and diet control activities fail to help the patient in recovering from diabetes, then the doctors prescribe them Diaformin tablets. Thus, the drug is helpful to facilitate the treatment of type 2 diabetes, especially among adults.


Galvus Met (50+1000) Tablet

This is another medicinal drug that medical science specialists have discovered from the combination of Metformin and Vildagliptin. The medicine is a generic species of Metformin and is effective in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. It is also useful in the regulation of blood sugar levels throughout the body.

These are a few handpicked best Metformin manufacturers across the world. Now, as all of us already know how important it is to choose the best treatment for Diabetes, let us glance at some more reasons for it.


Reasons To Choose Best Metformin Manufacturer

There are many reasons to choose the best Metformin manufacturers available in the market. Some of them are classed in the below points:

  • Since Metformin is a strong drug that people use to lower the effect of diabetes on their bodies, it is powerful in consumption. Choosing a brand with some different salt may have some side effects on your body.
  • A diabetes patient gets weak enough to inherit other diseases easily. As a result, they have relatively less immunity to cope with the hard salts of the anti-diabetes drugs.
  • Using inappropriately salted metformin medicine can have an extreme effect on sugar levels; thereby, the risk of a diabetic shock may increase.
  • There are chances of the presence of an unacceptable level of a probable carcinogen, a drug that causes cancer. This might be harmful to your well-being.
  • A wrong choice of Metformin brand can lead to the build-up of lactic acid inside the body. This can be life-threatening.
  • There are risks of kidney damage, too, as they are the most prone organs that impact diabetes to a great extent.

These are a few considerations that you must see before choosing the best Metformin manufacturer for your personal well-being. In addition, you must be curious to know about the correct method of choosing a Metformin brand for yourself. Refer to the next section of the article for it.


Ways To Choose Best Metformin Manufacturer

The best way to choose the best Metformin manufacturer is to consult a doctor in the first place. Let the doctor check your medical history and then make a decision. He will give you a better way out, or if the salts are not suitable, he will suggest a combination therapy. All the oral medicines mentioned above are effective when you are cautious enough about their intake.

Physical exercise

Undoubtedly, you cannot eradicate the disease from your life, but there are a lot of things that you can do to prevent yourself from the worst. The foremost precaution is that you must control your diet. Whatever you eat has a lot to do with your body, more importantly, with your diabetes.

Moreover, adding regular physical exercises is also a good move to defeat the symptoms of diabetes. You can ask your doctor about some exercises that can stimulate the affected organs and lead them towards recovery. Also, if you quit smoking and try to reduce your alcohol intake, you can conquer the situation. If you start practicing these things regularly, you can certainly feel that difference.

This is all that you need to know about Metformin, its uncommon manufacturers, other alternatives, and relevant information.

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