How To Reverse Insulin Resistance

Reverse insulin resistance

What Is Insulin?

Insulin is the most prominent Hormone secreted by the pancreases prominent in regulating blood sugar levels as well as carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism in the body.


Our body essentially needs substrates to perform any physical activity and to perform these activities it derives energy through the oxidation of glucose and production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which becomes the spending fuel for our body.

The unique ability of our body to perform these high endurance activities solely depends on this process. And since this cycle of carb utilization has promoted human survival for so long it has become necessary for the perpetuation of human life as we know it.

When we consume carbs in any quantity our blood sugar level increases this, in turn, triggers insulin to release insulin in the bloodstream which through the medium of the bloodstream starts directing cells to absorb this and utilize them.


Insulin Resistance

Sometimes the cells stop responding to insulin which can tamper with the absorption of sugar and lead to a blood sugar level spike this can be especially dangerous in the long term and is called insulin resistance.

It can even have debilitating effects on the pancreases and lead to failure in insulin production. A persistent spike in blood sugar levels can lead to dangerous diseases like type 2 diabetes and a myriad of other diseases that are symptomatic of high blood sugar levels. Today more than 8% of the human population is suffering from the consequences of high blood sugar levels.


Insulin Resistance And Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity are two topsy-turvy terms that confuse a lot of people it is therefore advised to take caution while dealing with these two terms medically.

If your doctor tells you that you have insulin resistance then you have low insulin sensitivity conversely if you seem to have low insulin resistance that your body has high insulin sensitivity which is more or less beneficial for your body as it helps regulate your blood sugar levels and lowers your BMI by keeping your weight in check.

You are at the highest risk of insulin resistance if you are either prediabetic or have a long family history of type 2 diabetes in the family.


 Causes of Insulin Resistance

Some of the main factors that contribute to your insulin production, sensitivity, and resistance in your body are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity of access fat accumulation
  • A large amount of belly fat
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Hormonal disorders like Cushing’s Syndrome and acromegaly
  • Fatty liver
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Sleep apnea or insomnia
  • Psychiatric medications like anti-depressants and steroids

Other Rare Causes of Insulin Resistance

  • High Fructose intake
  • Inflammation of body through high stress
  • Disrupted Gut microbiota


Ethnicity And Insulin Resistance

Different studies have suggested that genetic modeling of Africans and well east Asians make them more vulnerable to insulin resistance and hence diabetes as compared to the Caucasian populations around the globe.


Tests For Insulin Resistance

Physical Body Exam

This exam consists of a fairly simple blood test and a weigh-in.

Haemoglobin A1c Test

Haemoglobin A1c Test is usually used to diagnose diabetics and prediabetics by monitoring their blood sugar levels over a month or more.

Fasting Plasma Glucose Test

This test helps determine your blood sugar levels after you’ve fasted for at least 8 hours.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

You are usually subjected to this test after you’ve taken the fasting glucose test. This test includes ingestion of a sugary drink and then testing your blood sugar two hours after drinking.


Natural Ways To Reverse Insulin Resistance

Improving Sleep Pattern

A good sleeping pattern is one of the most essential things when it comes to insulin resistance. Other than the obvious benefits of sleep which include a healthier weight, lower risk of heart diseases and diabetes, less anxiety and stress management, increased concentration and attention span. Good sleep can also maximize your athletic skills. Poor sleep is also linked to depression.

sleeping pattern

Cortisol levels increases due to sleep deprivation. Not just that C-reactive protein is increased due to lack of enough sleep which fluctuates and affects the glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Following things affect your insulin:

  • The amount of sleep you get
  • Stages of your sleeping pattern
  • Time of the day when you sleep
  • Your diet
  • Your age


Exercise And Work Out

Due to the lifestyle that has become so popular in the wake of corporate culture, it is almost impossible to take time out for ourselves therefore this sedentary way of living has led to a gradual increase of our waistlines and simultaneously our blood sugar levels.

With a routine of mild workouts or any kind of movement of the body, you can reverse your insulin resistance. When we work out it increases the oxidation of glucose in our body and promotes an immediate increase in insulin sensitivity.

weight loss to reverse insulin resistance


Exercises like cycling, running, brisk walking and a little bit of resistance training can do wonders for your insulin resistance. At Diabetes Mantra we believe that there is no better natural way to bounce back or fight even the most terrifying diseases than work out. Working out not only keeps you fit but has an insurmountable list of ways to help rejuvenate your body.

For diabetes patients, exercise offers surprising benefits. Not only does it lower your stress levels, but it may also lower your blood sugar level and may even reduce your insulin requirements. Apart from a decrease in insulin resistance, there are other major benefits of exercising which include:

  • Weight reduction
  • Decreased insulin resistance
  • Decreased risk of heart diseases
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reduction in depression and anxiety
  • Low harmful LDL cholesterol levels


Divulge In A High (soluble) Fiber Diet

While insoluble fiber can help with bowel movement to a great extent soluble Fiber has numerous benefits like reducing appetite, making you feel full sooner, lowering cholesterol levels, and well as sugar levels.

Many medical researchers have found a direct link between a high soluble Fiber diet and decrease insulin resistance.


Diversify Your Fruit And Vegetable Pallet

It was always well ingrained in our brains that fruits and vegetables make our meals not only nutritious but also interesting, appetizing to eat. But what you probably don’t know is they are rich in compounds with anti-oxidants and can minimize the general inflammation that has become a default to the modern bodies.

fruits and vegetables- insulin resistance

It has also been discovered that having a plant-based diet can reduce your risk of heart diseases as well as lower your body’s insulin resistance.

When you limit your diet to fresh fruits and vegetables with 2-5 servings each day it can help you regulate your blood sugar levels. But also, be careful to not include high-carb fruits and vegetables. It’s more important to be cautious of fruits because some of them like mangoes and grapes have huge amounts of fructose and can increase your blood sugar levels.


Make Your Food Flavourful With Spices

Herbs and spices are notoriously famous for making the cuisines more flavourful while this is a known fact, their medicinal properties were quite unknown until recently to the western culture. They’ve been used in Indian, Korean, and other Asian cultures for their medicinal properties for a long time now.

A tinge of these can spice up your meal and decrease insulin resistance in your body without a doubt. Some of these include ginger, turmeric, garlic, fenugreek seeds.

These herbs and spices reduce free fatty acids and blood sugar levels. Ginger has gingerol which is a component that makes the sugar receptors present in the muscles more available for utilization and transportation.


Drink Green Tea

Research has shown that adding green tea to your daily intake or even replacing it with your regular caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee can have a lot of amazing effects on your body. Not only due to its antioxidant properties but also because it contains countless bioactive compounds and is also known to increase brain function.

green tea to reverse insulin resistance

Green tea has been shown to decrease insulin resistance as well as favorable outcomes with respect to blood sugar levels and Hb A1c concentrations in the bloodstream.


Cut Down on Carbs

When we consume carbs our blood sugar levels rise which prompts the production of insulin which is helpful in sugar absorption. And eventually, the blood sugar level begins to fall. When this happens, the pancreas starts producing glucagon. Glucagon is the hormone that triggers the liver to release stored sugar. And this simultaneous oxidation of glucose with the production of insulin and glucagon helps in keeping up the constant flux of sugar supply to the brain.

When the body can’t make enough insulin then this carbohydrate metabolism is disrupted and this disruption is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes.

Eating lesser carbohydrates can lead to lowering your blood sugar levels and can help decrease insulin resistance in your body. Eating smaller portion sizes can also help with this process.


Choose Your Carbs Carefully

Carbs that have a low Glycaemic index are the best options to facilitate your body’s process of reversal of insulin resistance. These include:

  • Most vegetables and fruits
  • Green beans
  • Low-fat yogurt and other dairy products
  • Pasta
  • Grains (unprocessed)

Say No To Trans Fats

Trans fats are one of the major components in the dietary trend of the modern world with fast food outlets around every corner. But the issue is that they don’t add a shred of nutrition to your diet. And believe it or not, do more harm than good. Especially artificial trans fatty acids.

Artificial trans fatty acids are usually found in processed foods like doughnuts, pies, French fries, onion rings, and other fried fast foods.

Studies have found that foods with high levels of trans fatty acids can contribute to high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Including risks of many heart diseases, stroke, even cancer, and diabetes.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to decrease or reverse your insulin resistance some of the natural ways of doing that are mentioned above. At Diabetes mantra we provide professional help to all kinds of complications including ailments like insulin resistance.

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