Coping Mechanisms: Types And Limitations

coping machanism

Frustration is a common emotion. It’s how we react when things don’t go our way, or when we feel like something is not fair. Sometimes it can even be helpful! We get frustrated when we want something different. It can make us work harder or go for something else. However, frustration can also cause problems if it gets too intense and lasts too long. In this article, you will learn about the different coping mechanisms people use to deal with their frustrations!

What Are Coping Mechanisms?Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms are the different things we do to help us deal with our emotions. They can be anything from talking to a friend, to going for a run, to eating chocolate! Everyone has coping mechanisms that work for them.

Some people like to tell their friends about their problems. Other people prefer to keep their problems to themselves. Some people find it helpful when they are feeling frustrated to write in a journal. Others might take a walk or sleep on the problem.

Types Of Coping MechanismsTypes Of Coping Mechanisms

There are lots of different coping mechanisms that can help you deal with your frustrations! These include:

  • Acceptance – If something is frustrating you, but you can’t change it, you might need to accept it. This doesn’t mean that you have to like the situation, but recognizing that there is nothing you can do about it may help reduce your frustration.
  • Distraction – Sometimes when we are feeling frustrated, all we need is a distraction from the problem. This could be anything from watching a movie to playing with your pet.
  • Positive Thinking – Sometimes, when we are frustrated it can be hard to think positively about the problem or our lives in general. If you look for good things to do and do them, it will be less frustrating.
  • Problem Solving – You need to find the problem that is making you frustrated. If you solve it, then you will not be so frustrated anymore. This could mean you want to talk to someone about it, or you have a plan of what to do.
  • Releasing Emotions – Another common way to cope with frustration is to release the emotions we are feeling. This might mean crying, yelling, punching a pillow, or any other way to get your frustration out.
  • Planning – It can be helpful to plan how you will deal with problems in the future. You can think about what you need to do so that you don’t get frustrated. This is especially true if you have had more than one problem of the same type! Planning for these things ahead of time can save you a lot of stress.
  • Trying To Enjoy Yourself – Sometimes we need to do our work and be serious. But other times it is important to take a break and have fun. Taking time for yourself can help your mood.

Benefits Of Coping Mechanisms

There are lots of benefits to using coping mechanisms! They can help you deal with your emotions, which will make you feel better. If people know about the things that make you happy, they can also help you without having to be involved in problems.

How Can I Use Coping Mechanisms?How Can I Use Coping Mechanisms

There are some easy ways that everyone can use coping mechanisms, such as:

  • Telling Someone – If you are frustrated because of something that is not your fault, it might help to talk to someone else about the problem. This could be a friend or family member who you trust will listen and support you. You don’t need to know how they will solve things!
  • Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins, which can help improve your mood and make you feel better. It can also help to clear your head so that you can think more clearly about a problem.
  • Yoga or Meditation – Yoga and meditation can help release emotions and help you focus on the present moment. This can help you not get as frustrated about things that have already happened. It can also help you to not be so worried about things that are happening in the future.
  • Music – Listening to music can be a great way to relax and cope with your emotions. It can also help you focus on something other than the problem you are facing.
  • Art – Expressing yourself through art can be a great way to cope with your emotions. This can be through drawing, painting, or other art forms.
  • Laughing Laughter is good for you because it releases hormones that make us feel happy. It also makes us less stressed. Watching comedies or funny videos are a simple way for everyone to release some frustration.
  • Taking Time Off – If you are feeling frustrated because of school or work, sometimes it is good to take a break. You should not spend your whole day on social media. It might make you feel bad. Taking some time for yourself can help you relax and come back to things with a fresh perspective.

When we are frustrated, we can find many ways to cope. We all find the way that works best for us. What is important is that you find what helps you healthily deal with your emotions! If you do not have any coping mechanisms or if you are using unhealthy ones, please reach out for help. Friends, family, or a therapist can all be great resources to help you find healthy ways to cope with your emotions.

Limitations Of Coping Mechanismslimitations

There are some limitations of coping mechanisms. They can only help so much, and they might not always be healthy or helpful. Sometimes it is better to try other things instead!

  • Trying To Change Things – We can’t always change the problems we face in life, but sometimes we think that just using a coping mechanism will help everything get better. This is not true, because coping mechanisms are only temporary solutions to problems in life!
  • Hiding Emotions – Sometimes we use our coping mechanism to hide the emotions that make us feel bad about ourselves or others (e.g., anger, sadness). It is easier to fix problems now instead of later. If you wait, the problem will get worse.
  • Using Coping Mechanisms To Avoid Responsibility Or Change: Using unhealthy ways of dealing with your frustrations often results in taking much less responsibility for things in life. If this goes on too long, it might also mean never learning how to cope with anything without having some kind of outside help. It’s important everyone learns how to be independent of their coping mechanisms. This is the only way to make sure you are always in control of your emotions!
  • Coping Mechanisms Can Be Very Unhealthy Sometimes – If someone has an unhealthy way of dealing with things, they can get used to it. Then it will be a habit for them. If someone is not coping well, they might need something that helps them feel better. This might be like talking to a friend or reading a book.


Coping mechanisms are one of the most common and important factors in mental health. If you want to learn more about how coping mechanisms work, we recommend reading our blog post on this topic. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions or would like help with your own personal situation. We know that when you’re struggling, it is hard. We hope that knowing what is going on in your mind will make things easier for everyone involved.

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