Spirit Psychology: A Practical Guide to Healing and Empowerment

spirit psychology

What is a Spirit?


  • The first thing to note is that a spirit is not a person, there is spiritual psychology.
  • A spirit can be a thought or an idea.
  • The second thing to note is that there are many types of spirits.
  • Different substances, such as air, fire, water, earth, or the sun can combine to form spirits.
  • It might also be abstract like love or hate or happiness or sadness.

A spirit is a supernatural being, typically incorporeal, and often having some form of individual identity. This term usually refers to things that live in the environment, like animals. It can also refer to things that are parts of natural phenomena, like the wind.

The spirit world is the supernatural world that mirrors our natural world. People think that many different types of spirits have inhabited the place. Some people are alive, some are dead, and some live in other places.

What is Spirit Psychology?

Spirit psychology is a psychic development system that focuses on teaching people how to tap into their natural abilities. It is a type of psychotherapy that also incorporates the use of psychic abilities and other spiritual practices. One can use these practices as an alternative to traditional psychiatric treatments.

Dr. James Hillman, a psychologist, and professor of depth psychology has coined them. He also coined the term archetypal psychology.

Hillman’s theory is that there is a part of the soul that is not personal. This part could be god-like.

Spirit psychology is a new field of study that looks at consciousness and the mind from a non-traditional perspective.

We are busy. We have so many things to do. When we complete work, we also have family obligations and money to manage. But it’s hard to see how our minds work because of all this! We don’t know what makes us tick or why we do the things we do. It feels like everything is happening in the dark. No one has a flashlight to show us what is going on in there. The mind wants you to see how it is working. It needs help from you to function at its best.

Spiritual psychology is the belief that humans are spiritual beings who exist in a world of spirits and energies.

Spiritual psychology says that the energy vibrations in our surroundings influence our emotional, physical, and mental health.

Principles Of Spirit Psychology

Spiritual Psychology is a way to study people’s spirits. It is the study of human beings and how we act. This section discusses topics like how to grow your spirit, what spirituality is, or how you can make it better.

In Spiritual Psychology, we learn that we need to work on improving our spiritual quality. This improves our health and well-being.

Spiritual psychology aims at understanding and realizing the possibilities in oneself and others in order to make life more meaningful.

Spiritual psychology is about becoming aware of your own essence. That means feeling good and happy all the time.

Spirituality is about living with an awareness that there is something beyond what we see or experience through our senses.

Types of Spiritual Psychology

There are many types of spiritual psychology that people use in their everyday lives. These include psychic healing, tarot, astrology, ceremonial magic, dream analysis, guided meditation, and much more.

Psychic Healing

psychic healing

Psychic healing is when someone with a gift heals from an injury or illness. The healer puts hands on the body to unblock energy channels. Tarot readings can help you figure out what may be coming up for you in the future so you can prepare for it accordingly.

While it is a controversial topic, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that psychic healing has a lot of benefits for those who need it.

One can use it as an alternative to conventional medical treatments, or as a complement to them.

In some cases, psychic healers are capable to cure their patients completely of illnesses. In other instances, they have been able to relieve their patients from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions.

Psychic healers often use energy-based therapies such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch; these therapies come with little or no side effects and anyone can safely administer who has undergone the proper training.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a deck of cards that rely on symbolism and imagery. The deck of 78 cards has been around for centuries and Europe created the earliest tarot sets.

The cards are used in different ways by different people. Some use Tarot for divination, some use it as a form of meditation, while others use it for pure entertainment.

In general, Tarot is used to answer questions about the past, present, or future, or to provide advice when making decisions about life or career options.

The process begins with a question being asked during reading and the reader shuffles and draws cards from the deck in order to answer this question. Depending on what card is drawn it will correspond with an event from either the past, present, or future.

Tarot cards are a form of divination, most often used for the purpose of gaining insight into the past, present, or future. The study is related to very old European practices from which modern-day fortune-telling methods emerged. Tarot cards were originally designed as a gaming system and were not used as a divinatory device until 1781.

A tarot reading can be done in person or remotely, where someone would shuffle the cards and then lay them out on a table. The reader then studies their positions and interprets them with a meaning that is relevant to what they are reading about.


Astrology in spirit psychology

Astrology is the study of how the positions of celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, and planets, affect human beings. It is often used to predict things that are about to happen in someone’s life or that will happen in the future.

The word astrology comes from two Greek words: Astron meaning star and logos meaning speech. The idea behind astrology is that while there are many different stars in our sky, all of them radiate some kind of energy. These energies can affect people on Earth in various ways such as their personal traits or what might happen to them in their lives.

The earliest recorded history of astrology goes back about 4,000 years ago to ancient Mesopotamia (southern Iraq).

Ceremonial Magic

Ceremonial Magic

Magic is a ritualistic practice that predates the modern world. It is not one particular religion or belief system but can be best defined by its function of achieving results in accordance with natural laws. Ceremonial magic is a specific type of magic that involves the use of symbols, gestures, and words to create an effect. This type of magic is typically used for healing purposes or for influencing other people’s thoughts.

Ceremonial magicians follow guidelines for rituals that are passed down from generation to generation. These guidelines are often found in books written by past ceremonial magicians or in texts written to help teach people about ceremonial magic. There are many ways to perform a ceremony depending on what the magician wants out of it.

Dream Analysis 

Dream Analysis in spirit psychology

Dream analysis is a method of understanding the unconscious desires of the dreamer. Dreams are a window into our own psyche, and there are many ways to interpret dreams, depending on what you want to find out about yourself.

The Freudian dream interpretation is often the most common, but Carl Jung’s analytical approach is better for some people. Other approaches may include looking for symbols or messages from your subconscious or parts of your life that you have been neglecting.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Meditation is also becoming more popular in the workplace, as it can increase productivity.

Guided meditation is a form of meditation where there is a voice guiding the person through their meditation session. This can take many different forms, but in general, it involves listening to an audio recording that guides the person through their breathing and visualizations to help them reach a state of deep relaxation.

We have found that guided meditation is extremely beneficial for people because it helps them manage stress levels and improves their focus levels.

Benefits Of Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology helps individuals grow from within. The spiritual aspect of this psychology is to help people find their true selves, reconcile their relationships with others and the world, and connect with a larger spiritual awareness.

Spiritual psychology is a way of looking at human beings as complex beings who have a body, mind, and spirit. This type of psychology emerged in the late 19th century but it remains to be an important part of modern society because it helps individuals grow from within. The spiritual aspect of this psychology is to help people find their true selves, reconcile their relationships with others and the world, and connect with a larger spiritual awareness.

Spiritual psychology is a growing field in the world of psychotherapy. It often connects with Eastern spiritual traditions, but Westerners have been exploring this form of healing for over a century.

Spiritual psychology is a more holistic approach to mental health and emotional well-being. It includes a focus on physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Some say it can help people to become more whole and more connected to themselves and others.


Spirit psychology is a relatively young branch of psychology that deals with the psyche as it relates to spirituality. This type of study focuses on how humans experience and interact with the world through their faith, beliefs, and intuition. In other words, spirit psychologists take interest in understanding our conscious selves from an existential perspective. The field has emerged out of many different disciplines such as comparative religion, transpersonal psychology, shamanism studies, depth psychotherapy, and more. It blends together cognitive science and philosophy into one holistic discipline and one can apply them to just about any aspect of human life including personal relationships or even addiction counseling!

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