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A ‘Better’ Model for Bisexual Counselling

Mantracare is with you on the journey to deal with your bisexual identity. We will help you right from knowing the root causes of your bisexuality to learning healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapies are 100% online and are conducted via video call or messages. So, feel free to take sessions wherever, whenever you need them.

Specialized Therapists

As per your story and case, we assign the best counselors experienced in tissues. They work with you proactively to understand and address the root cause of your homosexuality, hopelessness, and persistent sadness.

Affordable & Effective

We believe that therapies should be driven more by “Need” than “ability to pay”. Our online sessions are 90% less expensive than face-to-face therapy. Online counseling starts at just $10.

Bisexual Self Care

We provide you continuous help with self-care tools, mental healing videos, chat groups, meditations, breathing exercises, and more. Our therapists are available 24/7 via messages to provide care, whenever and wherever you need it.

LGBTQ counseling

Best Bisexual Counselling, Now in Your Pocket

Our therapists and our counselors are available in all parts of the world, accessible via an easy-to-use mobile application. Our matching experts take your preferences into consideration and connect you with therapists specialized in gay issues. Moreover, there are hundreds of free self-help tools on our app, available 24×7.

Online Counselling

 How It Works 

After filling out our questionnaire, you will be matched with a bisexuality counselor based on your needs and preferences. You and your counselor will get your own secure and private “therapy room” where you can message your counselor at any time wherever you are. You can also schedule a session so speak live with your counselor over video or phone.

You can write or talk about bisexuality, the things going on in your life, ask questions, and discuss the challenges you’re facing and your counselor will provide feedback, insights, and guidance.  Together you’ll work towards making a positive change in your life, accomplishing your goals, and overcoming your sexuality.

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Just fill up a 5-minute online form to tell us about your bisexuality symptoms and treatment expectations.

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Based on your preferences and neet, we will connect you with bisexuality counselors that are available 24/7 to you via call or chat.


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Heal yourself with video or chat counseling sessions available in the app.  Access helpful self-care tools on our app to help you deal, and take control of your life.

Meet the best Bisexuality Therapists 

MantraCare psychologists help you counter your sexuality through a combination of positive conversations, exercises, and meditations. Our bisexuality therapy services are the better traditional face-to-face counseling in multiple ways:

  • Over 5,000 counselors & therapists with expertise in bisexuality and other areas
  • All counselors are licensed, trained, accredited, and highly experienced
  • Match with an available counselor who is the best fit for your bisexuality needs
  • Unlimited private one on one communication with your therapist
  • Gain access to constructive, educational group webinars on bisexuality
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A Guide on Bisexuality Counseling

Understanding Bisexuality

Bisexuality is defined as romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual conduct directed at both males and females, or several genders. It can also be characterized as romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity, which is referred to as pansexuality.

Bisexuality, along with heterosexuality and homosexuality, is one of the three primary classifications of sexual orientation that exist on the heterosexual–homosexual continuum. A bisexual identification does not always imply equal sexual attraction to both sexes; many people who identify as bisexual have a clear but not exclusive sexual preference for one sex over the other.

Types of Bisexuals

    • Asexual: The lack of sexual attraction to others, or a lack of interest in sexual activities, is referred to as asexuality. Some people define asexuality as their sexual orientation, while others define it as the lack of sexual orientation. Others are aromantic, which means they have no romantic feelings for other individuals.
    • Bisexual: Bisexuality is defined as romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual conduct directed at both males and females, or several genders. It can also be characterized as romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity, which is referred to as pansexuality.
    • Heterosexual: Heterosexuality is defined as romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual conduct between people of opposing genders or sexes. Heterosexuality is defined as “an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction” to people of the opposite sex; it “also refers to a person’s sense of identity based on those attractions, related behaviors, and membership in a community of others who share those attractions” as a sexual orientation. Straight is a term used to describe someone who is heterosexual.
    • Homosexual: Romantic interest, sexual attraction, or sexual conduct between members of the same sex or gender is referred to as homosexuality. Homosexuality is defined as “an enduring pattern of emotional, erotic, and/or sexual attraction to people of the same sex” as a sexual orientation. “It also refers to a person’s sense of identity-based on those attractions, related behaviors, and involvement in a community of individuals who share those attractions,” according to the definition.

Causes of Bisexuality

It has been a long-held belief that homosexuality and bisexuality were choices. In fact, not too long ago it was believed that homosexuals could be ‘treated’ to become heterosexual. The psychological community now recognizes homosexuality as a sexual orientation for which there is no treatment to make someone heterosexual. More recently, the American Psychological Association has taken the position that sexual orientation is not a choice. The question of whether bisexuality is also something that develops rather than being something someone is born with has been the topic of many studies.

The cause or causes of homosexuality and bisexuality are not yet fully understood. However, there are numerous theories that attempt to explain the influence of biology and environment on sexual orientation. While traditional psychological theories of causality stress that the development of homosexuality or bisexuality stems from family dynamics, sexual abuse, and faulty relationships between parents (particularly fathers) and their offspring during childhood, more recent gay activist explanations for homosexuality reject the notion of a person’s sexuality being influenced by their upbringing.

Bisexual Counselling

According to studies, LGBTQ people have a higher risk of mental health difficulties than the overall population. LGBTQ persons typically battle with melancholy, anxiety, trauma, and self-acceptance as a result of their lives of prejudice. LGBTQ youth are three to four times as likely to attempt suicide than their peers. Living with these many emotional challenges might lead to feelings of rejection and abandonment.

It can be difficult to come out and talk about your problems, but having support in life is essential for one’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Because of continuing movements within the LGBTQ communities, people can connect, communicate, and heal in meaningful ways through leisure activities. You should seek help from a mental health professional if you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression.

10,000+ Happy & Healed Bisexual Patients


“I am much more the person I want to be, and I am grateful for the knowledge, challenge, and honesty that has enabled me to free myself from shackles that no longer have power over me. Thank you Mantra Care, your presence and risks were crucial to my experience. I was inspired by how you were. Thank you very much.”

Kevin, 1 year on MantraCare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online bisexual therapy has been proven to have the same effectiveness as in-person therapy. There are multiple reasons why online counseling proves to be better:

No need to travel to a psychologist, sit on the same couch, and talk with the same therapist. Online bisexual therapy doesn’t require that you leave the comforts of your home or office. Talk to your therapist in your pajamas, sitting on your bed!

Most of us live hectic, unbalanced lives wherein scheduling a traditional therapy session becomes prohibitive. Online bisexual therapy allows you to set the time, location, and initial direction of the therapeutic relationship. It’s the freedom that puts you, the client seeking mental health solutions, first.

We offer a vast array of free self-help tools such as stress & anxiety control exercises, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and helpful blogs. We also offer mental healing videos, chat groups, breathing meditations, and more, available 24/7 at no charge. However, there is a nominal price for bisexual counseling. That said, we provide one of the most affordable ways to tackle bisexuality.

The cost of bisexual counseling through MindMantra ranges from $15 to $40 per week. Unlike traditional in-office therapy which can cost over $150 for a single session, your MindMantra membership includes unlimited text, video, as well as audio messaging.

Non-binary people identify themselves in a variety of ways, with non-binary being one of the most popular. Other terms include genderqueer, agender, bigender, and others.

Ambiguous genitalia is a rare condition in which a newborn’s external genitals do not appear to be either male or female. A baby with ambiguous genitalia may have undeveloped genitals or exhibit characteristics of both sexes.

In biology, a “hermaphrodite” is an organism that can produce both male and female gametes. Some people with intersex features refer to themselves as “intersex,” while others prefer to refer to themselves in various ways.

Baking soda gender testing is a simple at-home method that involves combining baking soda with a pregnant woman’s urine and watching it bubble. The presence or absence of fizzes in the urine is supposed to reflect the gender of the baby. The purpose of the baking soda gender test is to determine the sex of the baby rather than its gender.

Military service and homosexuality are incompatible. The presence of personnel who engage in homosexual activity or who, by their remarks, display a proclivity to engage in homosexual conduct in the military environment gravely jeopardizes the military mission’s success.

In the United States, LGBT Pride Month is held to remember the Stonewall riots, which took place at the end of June 1969. As a result, various pride activities are held throughout the month to honor the contributions of LGBT individuals around the world.

Here are some tried-and-true strategies for locating a therapist who can assist you in achieving your therapeutic objectives.

  • Consult your listing of service providers.
  • Inquire with someone you can trust.
  • Make use of a trustworthy web database.
  • Look into what’s available in your area.
  • Make contact with groups that deal with your issue.
  • Consider your objectives ahead of time.

There has only been one active player in the National Football League (NFL) who has officially declared himself gay or bisexual: Carl Nassib, who announced his sexual orientation on June 21, 2021. After retiring from the NFL, six former players have come out publicly.

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