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A ‘Better’ Model for LGBTQ Counselling

Mantracare is with you on the journey to heal your LGBTQ. We will help you right from knowing the root causes of your LGBTQ to learning healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapies are 100% online and are conducted via video call or messages. So, feel free to take sessions wherever, whenever you need it

Specialized Therapists

As per your story and case, we assign the best counsellors experienced in LGBTQ issues. They work with you proactively to understand and address the root cause of your LGBTQ, hopelessness and persistent sadness.

Affordable & Effective

We believe that therapies should be driven more by “Need” than “ability to pay”. Our online sessions are 90% less expensive than face-to-face therapy. Online counseling starts at just $10.

LGBTQ Self Care

We provide you continuous LGBTQ help with self-care tools, mental healing videos, chat groups, meditations, breathing exercises and more. Our online LGBTQ therapists are available 24/7 via messages to provide care, whenever and wherever you need it. 

Online LGBTQ Counselling

Best LGBTQ Counselling, Now in Your Pocket

Our online LGBTQ therapists are available in all parts of the world, accessible via an easy-to-use mobile application. Our matching experts takes your preferences in consideration and connect you online with LGBTQ therapist. Movever, there are hundreds of free self help tools on our app, available 24×7.

Online LGBTQ Counselling

How it works

After filling out our questionnaire, you will be matched with a LGBTQ therapist based on your needs and preferences. You and your counselor will get your own secure and private “therapy room” where you can message your counselor at any time wherever you are. You can also schedule a session so speak live with your counselor over video or phone.

You can write or talk about LGBTQ, the things going on in your life, ask questions, and discuss the challenges you’re facing and your counselor will provide feedback, insights, and guidance.  Together you’ll work towards making a positive change in your life, accomplishing your goals, and dealing with LGBTQ.

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Just fill up a 5-minute online form to tell us about your LGBTQ symptoms and treatment expectations.

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Based on your preferences and neet, we will connect you with oline LGBTQ therapist that are available 24/7 to you via call or chat.


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Heal yourself with video or chat counselling sessions available in the app.  Access helpful self-care tools on our app to help you heal your LGBTQ, and take control of your life

Meet the best LGBTQ Therapists

MantraCare psychologists help you counter LGBTQ through a combination of positive conversations, exercises, and meditations. Our LGBTQ therapy services are better than the traditional face-to-face counseling in multiple ways:

  •  Over 5,000 counselors & therapists with expertise in online LGBTQ therapy. 
  • All counselors are licensed, trained, accredited and highly experienced
  • Match with an online LGBTQ therapist who is the best fit for your LGBTQ needs.
  • Unlimited private one on one communication with your therapist
  • Gain access to constructive, educational group webinars on LGBTQ
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A Guide on LGBTQ Counselling

Understanding LGBTQ Counselling

Before we begin discussing LGBTQ counselling, keep in mind that we are not here to provide you with any type of therapy, but rather to provide you with a completely secure space in which to discuss your concerns without fear of being judged.

Even while no one’s sexual or romantic preference or gender identity is an issue for anybody, LGBTQ individuals, or lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers, endure a lot of social stigma when they come out in the open. They are confronted with a variety of societal concerns that lead to insecurity, tension, anxiety, and even despair. They feel uneasy and sometimes embarrassed discussing their mental health with others.They feel uneasy and sometimes embarrassed discussing their mental health with others. As a result, internet counselling or getting professional support from a psychologist who can give effective LGBTQ counselling is highly vital.

What is LGBTQ?

Individuals who are neither heterosexual or cisgender are referred to by the abbreviation LGBTQ or LGBTQIA, which encompasses a wide range of identities and orientations. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, and asexual people are all referred to as LGBTQIA.

What challenges does the LBTQ community face?

Despite the recent Supreme Court judgement in India decriminalising homosexuality, the LGBTQ population in India continues to suffer prejudice and hardships. As a result of years of struggling with oppression, coming out to parents, or living in society due to societal expectations, mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, addiction, health challenges, and even suicidal inclinations are common.

LGBTQ students have also been bullied by heterosexual and non-transgender peers in schools and universities, causing a great deal of emotional distress.

Domestic abuse, verbal and physical bullying, and sexual assault are all common occurrences that can contribute to chronic stress and poor mental health.

Where do I find help for LGBTQ Issues?

Here are some important points that you need to look into ifyou are facing LGBTQ issues:

  • Find out more about the LGBTQ community and the issues they face. Education is a means of increasing knowledge and understanding of the particular challenges that this demographic frequently encounters (socially, economically, financially, etc.)
  • Learn about human rights legislation and how they apply to the LGBTQ community.
  • Surround yourself with individuals who are helpful and encouraging, such as family, friends, and peers. Having individuals with whom you feel safe to express yourself and be honest is vital, whether or not they are struggling with the same difficulties as you (or someone you know).
  • If you see (or are the victim of) prejudice, speak out. Although sharing these sorts of stories might be frightening, it is one of the most effective methods to advocate for yourself, the LGBTQ community, and combat prejudice.
  • Seek expert assistance. If you are suffering from a mental illness as a consequence of the stress caused by stigma and/or discrimination, seeking professional treatment can help you acquire new coping skills, feel less alone, and improve your overall mental health and wellness.
  • Share what you’ve learned with others. Share what you know with others, whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community yourself or have LGBTQ friends or family. The more the stigma around this demographic is discussed, the more others will become aware of it.
  • To oppose unjust policies and/or discriminatory treatment of the LGBTQ community, join a political or advocacy group.
  • Join an LGBTQ Mantra Care Online Counseling session to connect with others who can relate.

10,000+ Happy & Healed LGBTQ patients


“I am much closer to being the person I want to be, and I am grateful for the knowledge, challenge, and honesty that have helped me break free from shackles that no longer hold any power over me. Your presence and attentiveness, Mantra Care, were an important part of my experience. I’m grateful for the advice I’ve received from the LGBTQ therapist. Encouragement, kindness, concentration, and thoughtful empathy were really beneficial. It aided me in getting through a difficult time.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than assuming, we recommend gently asking. “I want to be respectful,” you may remark. “Do you use a gender pronoun?” It is critical to respect each individual’s sense of self. Female pronouns, male pronouns, gender-neutral pronouns like ze or hir, or a combination of pronouns may be used. When referring to someone, never use the term “it.”

We believe that whether people’s sexual orientation is something they are born with or something they choose should have no bearing on how they are treated as individuals or groups.

People usually use the term “sex” to refer to a person’s given sex at birth, which is determined by physical anatomy and chromosomes. Roles, looks, hobbies, and one’s psychological sense of self as a gendered entity are all commonly referred to as “gender.”

No.People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender have existed throughout human history in all cultures and periods (LGBT). Homosexuality is not a disease or a condition.

Online LGBTQ therapy has been proven to have the same effectiveness as in-person therapy. There are multiple reasons why online counselling proves to be better:

No need to travel to a psychologist, sit on the same couch, and talk with the same therapist. Online LGBTQ therapy doesn’t require that you leave the comforts of your home or office. Talk to your therapist in your pajamas, sitting on your bed!

Most of us live hectic, unbalanced lives wherein scheduling a traditional therapy session becomes prohibitive. Online LGBTQ therapy allows you to set the time, location, and initial direction of the therapeutic relationship. It’s freedom that puts you, the client seeking mental health solutions, first.

We offer a vast array of free self-help tools such as stress & anxiety control exercises, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and helpful blogs. We also offer mental healing videos, chat groups, breathing meditations, and more, available 24/7 at no charge. However, there is a nominal price for LGBTQ counseling. That said, we provide one of the most affordable ways to tackle LGBTQ .

The cost of LGBTQ counseling through MindMantra ranges from $15 to $40 per week. Unlike traditional in-office therapy which can cost over $150 for a single session, your MindMantra membership includes unlimited text, video, as well as audio messaging.

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