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A ‘Better’ Model for Queer Counselling

Mantracare is with you on the journey to heal your queer issues. We will help you right from knowing the root causes of your queer issues to learning healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapies are 100% online and are conducted via video call or messages. So, feel free to take sessions wherever, whenever you need it

Specialized Therapists

As per your story and case, we assign the best counselors experienced in queer issues. They work with you proactively to understand and address the root cause of your queer, hopelessness, and persistent sadness.

Affordable & Effective

We believe that therapies should be driven more by “Need” than “ability to pay”. Our online sessions are 90% less expensive than face-to-face therapy. Online counseling starts at just $10.

Queer Self Care

We provide you continuous queer help with self-care tools, mental healing videos, chat groups, meditations, breathing exercises, and more. Our therapists are available 24/7 via messages to provide care, whenever and wherever you need it.

LGBTQ counseling

Best queer Counselling, Now in Your Pocket

Our therapists and counselors are available in all parts of the world, accessible via an easy-to-use mobile application. Our matching experts take your preferences into consideration and connect you with therapists specialized in queer issues. Moreover, there are hundreds of free self-help tools on our app, available 24×7.

Online Counselling

How It Works 

After filling out our questionnaire, you will be matched with a queer counselor based on your needs and preferences. You and your counselor will get your own secure and private “therapy room” where you can message your counselor at any time wherever you are. You can also schedule a session so speak live with your counselor over video or phone.

You can write or talk about queer, the things going on in your life, ask questions, and discuss the challenges you’re facing and your counselor will provide feedback, insights, and guidance.  Together you’ll work towards making a positive change in your life, accomplishing your goals, and overcoming your queer.

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Just fill up a 5-minute online form to tell us about your queer issues and treatment expectations.

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Based on your preferences and neet, we will connect you with queer counselors that are available 24/7 to you via call or chat.


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Heal yourself with video or chat counseling sessions available in the app.  Access helpful self-care tools on our app to help you heal your queer issues, and take control of your life

Meet the best Queer Therapists 

MantraCare psychologists help you counter queer based problems through a combination of positive conversations, exercises, and meditations. Our queer therapy services are better than traditional face-to-face counseling in multiple ways:

  • Over 5,000 counselors & therapists with expertise in queer and other areas
  • All counselors are licensed, trained, accredited, and highly experienced
  • Match with an available counselor who is the best fit for your queer needs
  • Unlimited private one on one communication with your therapist
  • Gain access to constructive, educational group webinars on queer
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A Guide on Queer

Understanding Queer

A term that emerged in the 1990s to describe people who did not fit into mainstream LGBT or queer categories. Queer is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities which are historically marginalized from society at large, but can also refer to everyone whose sexuality and/or gender identity falls outside of the heterosexual norm.

Who Might Identify as Queer?

Queerness may be identified by someone who identifies as LGBTQIA+. However, the LGBTQIA Resource Center points out that some LGBTQIA+ individuals still believe “queer” to be a hurtful slur, and that people often consider the word a slur if it is used to describe members within the community by those outside the group.

Queer Issues:

Queer issues are not just for queer people. The Q in LGBTQA can stand for Questioning, or Queer, or both (or neither). Everyone has questions about sexuality and gender at some point; sometimes it’s a crisis of identity that leads to seeking support services like counselling.

Some queer issues are :

  • queer youth homelessness
  • queer mental health stigma and discrimination, such as the case of Kenneth Tse in Hong Kong who was diagnosed with depression and then fired from his job because he revealed that he suffered from it. This has led to a petition for workplace equality legislation where employees can not be discriminated against due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • queer financial insecurity
  • queer social isolation and invisibility in society, such as queer people of colour who may feel isolated due to the lack of queer POC representation in mainstream media and culture.
  • queer refugee status and immigration challenges etc.

Queer Counselling:

Queer Consultants are open to learning about Queer issues. They have experience with Queer individuals working through identity development stages which allow Queer Consultants to provide Queer people with a non-judgmental and supportive approach. Queer Couselllors are able to help Queer individuals develop healthy relationships, explore their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in both the present and future timeframes.

How Does  Queer Counselling Help?

Queer counselling is an approach to queer counselling that focuses on the client’s perspective and experience. The queer counselor aims to develop a queer-affirming environment where queer people feel safe, validated, and free from oppression before working together towards goals for change or acceptance. Queer counseling can be beneficial because it allows queer clients to explore their sexuality and/or gender in a safe and queer-affirming space. This can be useful for queer people who do not feel comfortable coming out to their family, friends or partner because they are unsure of how others will react. It is also beneficial when queer people wish to explore their identity without judgment from cisgender heterosexual counselors .

10,000+ Happy & Healed Queer patients


“I am a working professional and it’s tough to attend physio sessions regularly. After suffering from a backache for around three years, my friend suggested that I try Mantra Care for their physiotherapy services. I was able to get completely back pain relief, after taking a completely online course. Thanks to my PT at MantraCare for this, who conducted sessions whenever I needed them.”

Kevin, 1 year on MantraCare

5000+ Queer Counselors from across the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Queer is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities which are historically marginalized from society at large, but can also refer to everyone whose sexuality and/or gender identity falls outside of the heterosexual norm.

All members of these groupings are subjected to biases based on sexuality and gender ideas and customs. As members of a social minority group, LGBT individuals face a variety of financial and cultural injustices. The inability of LGBT persons to properly access and enjoy their rights as citizens is hampered by a lack of societal acceptance. Because of their sexual orientation, they are more likely to face intolerance, discrimination, harassment, and the threat of violence than individuals who identify as heterosexual.

Being queer or falling into that category becomes a major concern, it starts causing troubles in your day-to-day life. You will not be able to concentrate even after trying so hard.

Online queer therapy has been proven to have the same effectiveness as in-person therapy. There are multiple reasons why online counselling proves to be better:

No need to travel to a psychologist, sit on the same couch, and talk with the same therapist. Online queer therapy doesn’t require that you leave the comforts of your home or office. Talk to your therapist in your pajamas, sitting on your bed!

Most of us live hectic, unbalanced lives wherein scheduling a traditional therapy session becomes prohibitive. Online queer therapy allows you to set the time, location, and initial direction of the therapeutic relationship. It’s freedom that puts you, the client seeking mental health solutions, first.

We offer a vast array of free self-help tools such as queer & anxiety control exercises, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and helpful blogs. We also offer mental healing videos, chat groups, breathing meditations, and more, available 24/7 at no charge. However, there is a nominal price for queer counseling. That said, we provide one of the most affordable ways to tackle queer .

The cost of queer counseling through MindMantra ranges from $15 to $40 per week. Unlike traditional in-office therapy which can cost over $150 for a single session, your MindMantra membership includes unlimited text, video, as well as audio messaging.

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