Humor: Why It’s Important And How To Employ It?


Humor is a powerful tool. It can lighten the mood, break the tension, and bring people together. The problem is that it’s not always easy to know how to employ humor in your life and surroundings. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips for using humor in your life and surroundings!

(1) Know what you’re talking about: Be sure that before you start poking fun at something, you understand it first. You need to make sure that you don’t make jokes about confusing things. That is because it will confuse your readers. It can confuse people who are trying to find more information on the matter from your blog post.

(2) Write like you talk: When speaking with others, we often don’t think about what we are saying. We just say it! There are many ways to write something. If you are writing for a presentation, then do not use that strategy.

What is Humor?

Humor is a type of absurd incongruity that appeals to our sense of the ludicrous or even the ridiculous. It is a way to make people feel good and laugh. It creates an enjoyable moment for the reader, which helps them connect with you more easily. You want to be funny sometimes. You don’t have to be funny all the time. It is okay if not everyone likes your jokes. But you should try to always come across as kind and approachable.

What is the Difference Between Humor and Funny?

  • Humor is the act of bringing laughter to people.
  • Funny is an adjective that means something that makes you laugh or smile. It can be anything, but typically humor takes on a more professional tone than funny does.

Different Ages — Different Humor

Humor is relative. What may be funny to you, may not seem so humorous to someone else. That’s why different age groups tend to appreciate specific types of humor more than others.

  • Babies: Babies and toddlers love visual and physical humor. This can include silly voices, slapstick comedy like falling down or getting hit in the head with a toy, etc.
  • Middle Schoolers: Middle school kids tend to be more interested in sarcasm than other types of jokes. They also enjoy seeing people get embarrassed or feel superior about their own life and experiences.
  • Adults: Adults respond well to more complex humor with a message behind it, such as satire or irony. Physical slapstick type of humor is not the best idea for posts. A comedy that is more subtle might be better.

Humor, Laughter, Comedy, and the Holy Grail

Laughter is good for you. Laughter is good for you. It helps us relax and be less stressed. It also makes your body stronger so your immune system works better too. Laughing can help people who feel rejected. It can make them feel better. They will be able to think more clearly again.

The Holy Grail: The word comedy comes from a Greek comedic writer named Aristophanes. The word ‘komodia’ consists of two words – ‘kōmos’ which means revel or party, and ‘dēmos’ which was short for δῆμος meaning the people. The word combined means festival or party. This then evolved into a comedian in Italian before finally being adapted to English as comedy.

Lessons Drawn From Humor

Lessons Drawn From Humor

Humor is an important part of human communication. Many people may laugh at others, but not many can be good at using their own humor. Reading about it and practicing should help you learn to use your own sense of humor. Here are 13 lessons that will help you learn more about why humor exists in society as well as how you can make use of this understanding for your own benefit:

Makes People Feel Good

Humor makes people feel good when they’re around you, even if the joke was at their expense. If you want to learn how to be funny and apply it in your everyday interactions, try reading some books on comedy or watching a few stand-up clips online.

Improves Sense

A great way to improve your own sense of what is humorous is by starting small – tell jokes whenever possible (they don’t have to be original), share amusing anecdotes during conversations, etc., until you get better at recognizing the potential for humor throughout each day. It’s also important to incorporate humor into your relationships with others.

Acts As A Defense Mechanism 

Humor is a defense mechanism that people sometimes use when they’re uncomfortable or nervous. If you’ve been feeling less confident lately, paying attention to the things which make you laugh and smile will help alleviate stress so that you can be more comfortable in different situations.

Conquers The Opinions Of People

When used correctly, humor has great power over people’s opinions of both yourself and others who are involved in any given situation where it comes up. This makes it possible for someone like Donald Trump to get away with being so inappropriate and offensive in his speeches.

Gives Freedom 

Humor is a platform for you to speak freely about anything – including touchy subjects like politics, religion, or race relations which many people avoid because they don’t want to be misunderstood or offend others. By using humor as your shield against other people’s opinions of you (when the topic might otherwise make them think less of you), it will help form stronger relationships with those who can handle these types of conversations while also helping remove any social stigma attached to having an opinion that differs from someone else’s.

Creates Influence

When done properly, humor has great power over how much influence you have over another person; this makes it possible for comedians like John Oliver to get away with saying things that would normally not go over well.

Gives Motivation

Humor can be a great motivator for people to work harder and more efficiently at their jobs by lightening the mood during stressful situations or helping them through tough times when they’re not feeling up to par. If you want to know how humor impacts your own success, try keeping track of what makes you laugh each day; it may help give you some insight into why certain things are difficult (and which ones aren’t).

Generates Curiosity

If someone is trying too hard to make other people like them or believe in something that’s untrue/unhelpful, this often leads others away from wanting anything to do with that person. This means learning how self-deprecating humor works will enable you to minimize any potential damage done by using it.

Attracts Attention

Humor can be a great way to get people’s attention before you deliver your message, but too much of it or using the wrong type will make them tune out instead of paying close enough attention to know what they should take away from what you’re saying. If you want other people to understand and retain information that is important for their health/lives, try being self-deprecating while still maintaining some authority so that others respect your opinion despite its humorous delivery.

Avoids Misunderstandings

If someone isn’t very good at understanding humor when they hear it, this often leads them into thinking less of both themselves and whatever else was said in terms of how helpful/serious it might have been; this means learning more about sarcasm will help you avoid being misunderstood by people who are confused about what you’re trying to say.

Helps To Make Bonds

Humor is a great way to bond with others, so if you want your relationships to grow/deepen, try using it more often instead of taking yourself too seriously all the time. If someone isn’t good at saying funny things without feeling awkward or embarrassed about it, this often leads them into thinking less of both themselves and whatever else was said in terms of how helpful/serious it might have been; learning more about self-deprecating humor will help limit any damage done by its use.

Expresses Opinions 

When used properly, humor can be an excellent tool for expressing opinions that other people normally would not take seriously because they come from somebody who doesn’t have a lot of authority. By using it as your shield against other people’s opinions of you (when the topic might otherwise make them think less of you), helps minimize any potential damage that could be done by others who don’t understand what is being said. Some people do not understand humor when they hear it. This sometimes makes them think less of themselves and what was said. If you want to make sure that this does not happen, learn more about self-deprecating humor.

Improves Relationships 

Humor can also be used to bond with others, so if you want your relationships to grow/deepen, try using it more often instead of taking yourself too seriously all the time.

Some Commonly Asked Questions on Humor

What Makes Something Funny?

Laughter is a natural human response to humor. Humor can be found everywhere and anytime, as long as there are people around us. That’s probably one of the reasons why we love it so much! However, if you’re still wondering what makes something funny or not, here’s an answer: anything that surprises the brain will trigger laughter – whether it’s seeing your mom with red lipstick on her teeth or hearing about your friend getting arrested for public urination at a construction site during lunch break (yes, this happened).

In other words, our brains make us laugh when they think something is out of place in reality—when someone falls down suddenly while walking up some steps; when two friends bump into each other wearing similar T-shirts; when your mom speaks to you in a British accent and pretends to belong from across the pond (this also happened).

Why Are Some People Funnier Than Others?

We take birth with different senses of humor, which is often determined by our surroundings during childhood. For example, if you grew up in a family that loves watching TV shows like Friends, The Office, or Seinfeld – chances are that your comedic preferences will lean towards that direction too!

What Makes Someone Funny?

Funny people have an innate ability to find something out of place and turn it into something humorous for others. Although there’s no specific formula when it comes to becoming “funny”, here are some traits you’ll see among the funniest guys around: they’re honest; don’t take everything so seriously; know how to laugh at themselves (and not be afraid to show vulnerability); stay even when things get tough, and know when to apologize.

What Does Someone Need In Order To Be Funny?

To become a better joke-teller and funnier person overall, you’ll need practice – a lot of it! It’s important to understand the basics behind humor before putting yourself out there: what makes people laugh; how they respond differently to different things; what works for some might not work at all with others (and vice versa). The easiest way is just by trial and error. You probably need to find out what your sense of humor is. If your co-worker reacted strongly when you told them the story about how you and another person were arguing over chips, then they might not find it funny.

What Does A Sense Of Humor Reveal About You?

A sense of humor is a must-have for any person, as it makes life more bearable and enjoyable. It also says a lot about your personality: you have the ability to see things from different angles; you’re observant of what’s happening around you at all times without letting anything bother or affect you too much; plus – people generally like the ones with a good sense of humor!

What Is The Best Way To Be Funny?

  • First and foremost, know yourself. Know what you’re good at; know your limits, and most importantly – know when to stop! There’s a thin line between being humorous and coming across as offensive or mean-spirited so it all comes down to how well you can balance these two things out.
  • Next, have some practice sessions with friends who are naturally funny people (or even comedians) in order to get an idea of what works for them and doesn’t work for you.
  • Keep track of your progress by jotting everything down every time something got a laugh from someone else – then implement that into future jokes or stories where appropriate.
  • Lastly, keep working on becoming funnier until one day, you’ll realize that it all came naturally to you!


Life is important. But, life can be hard sometimes. It’s not always easy to stay happy and positive when things get tough or you have a bad day. That doesn’t mean it should stop us from doing what we enjoy in our lives or being kind to other people around us though! Some of the best ways I’ve found to feel good are by laughing with others, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep at night, eating healthy foods that give me energy throughout the day, meditating every morning for 10 minutes before work starts so I’m more focused on my tasks during the rest of the day – these are just some ideas but there are lots of different strategies you can try out if you’re feeling down too! What do YOU do to keep yourself motivated and happy? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

You can use humor to engage your audience, which will increase their likelihood of buying from you. Humor is a powerful tool in the digital marketing world because it creates an emotional connection between people and brands. It makes them more likely to buy products or services that people market with wit and charm.

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