Managing Stress With Easy Steps

stress management

Stress Management

You may find it impossible managing your stress, whether you are at work or home.  But trust me there are steps,  some small steps that can extract you out from those moments of despair and hopelessness.  You need to regain control over yourself whenever you find yourself in any stressful situation.

Importance of Managing Stress

So before looking into ways or tips to manage  your stress,  let’s find out why is it so important to work on managing stress:

 If you have been living under stress for a longer period of time now,  and you are not doing anything to rescue yourself,  you are putting your entire health, physical and mental health in danger.

 It is important to manage your stress because of the following reasons:

  •  It helps in opening up and thinking clearly, functioning effectively, and enjoying life to its fullest.
  • Father, Effective stress management allows you to break the changelessness and monotony in life, By bringing more off happier moments,  better health, and overall productivity.
  • Eventually, stress management aims for a balanced lifestyle that can be equally divided between professional and personal life.

But you need to know that managing stress is not that easy. And the patients need to experiment and find out what goes best for them. 

Here are some stress management tips that are definitely going to help you in a long run.

Tip 1:  Figure Out the Sources of Stress 

The foremost step in stress management is to know about the source or sources of stress.  But this can be very difficult because you might be able to figure out some of the stressors of your life such as monetary issues and relationship problems That come under the category of acute stress but when it comes to chronic stress, are stress that has been hitting you for a longer period of time, it becomes difficult for you to identify the reasons behind them. What you can do is look ok and observe closely your habits, attitude, and excuses. 

For example, when you are talking about your life,  do you mention In front of anyone how tough your life is going on and that you have millions of things to look after? While talking, do you talk about stress making it an integral and important part of your professional or personal life?  Why do you blame others for your issues, and make your issues and problems sound completely normal and unexceptional?

The question is put to you because until and unless you stand up and own your role in creating or maintaining those reasons of stress. You won’t be able to take control of it. Because till the time you will keep thinking that your stress is the cause of your problems, to someone or something else,  you yourself will not be productive enough to help yourself.

Tip 2:  Stick to Four A’s for Managing Stress 

Stick to Four A’s for Managing Stress 

Since stress is an automatic response of your nervous system when stressors reach you. While your nervous system is handling some predictable stressors for example stress occurring because you have a meeting with your boss or you have some family gatherings. In such situations what you can do if can either change the situation or change your reaction song.  The 4A  is that to avoid alter adapt or accept is going to help you in either way.

Let’s discuss these 4A’s  in detail:

Avoid Stress

Avoiding stress doesn’t mean that you have to avoid any stressful situation that comes your way because Important to address some stressful situations. But at the same time, you can eliminate a number of stresses out of your life by avoiding them. Remember these a few points:

Learn to say “no”: Be it your personal or professional life, you need to know your limits and stick to them. Saying yes to more than your capacity Can freak you out. You will do nothing but ruin all your work.

Stay away from people who stress you out:  we often come across personalities Who talk about rubbish all the time.  you just cannot expect anything fruitful out of them. Such people are full of pessimism and tend to fill others with utter negativity as well. To relieve yourself from stress or to stay away from stress keep your distance from search personalities, be it your friend or any relative.

Make your environment favorable for you:  if something is troubling you,  take control over it. For example, if you are getting this term by TV news, turn it off. If traffic noise makes you irritated,  opt for routes that are less traveled. Do online shopping if going to the market doesn’t suit you.

Get into a fixed routine:  look into your schedule and daily responsibilities. Make a to-do list and put the least important work at the end so that even if you miss doing it,  it won’t make any significant difference or loss in your work.


The second A of the 4A’s is Alter. In case you are not able to or it’s not good to avoid a particularly stressful situation try and alter it.  This might involve making some alterations in the way you talk and operate in your daily life.  these ways  can help you out:

  • Be open about your feelings instead of suppressing them: Don’t keep it inside if something is bothering you.  Talking only helps. Voicing out your feelings will release your stress.
  • Be ready to compromise: If you expect something from someone,  be ready to pay back the same. Always remember to take a step forward if someone is willing to do the same towards you. Little compromisations from both sides will provide you with the happy ground to live in.
  • Curate a balanced schedule: Only work and no break is a recipe for burnout.  you need to balance the time and attention between work,  family life, and social activities.


The third A is adapt. Now if you cannot change or alter the stressors. In such stressful situations, you are expected to adapt and act according to the needs of the hour.  Following are the points that’ll help you out:

  • Be optimistic:  I know it’s not that easy.  But building an attitude of looking at a positive side of any situation helps you to reframe the problems. For example, instead of complaining about the traffic jam, Utilise that time to listen to your favorite radio station or enjoy some alone time.
  • Look at the bigger picture:  sometimes it so happens that you go through a stressful situation every now and then. Be it your study or your work. Just give a thought to how fruitful it is going to be in the long run. And if it is unknown to give just distance yourself from this situation. Otherwise, handle it if it is worth it.


And forth A is Accept. We all come across certain situations or stressful situations that are just unavoidable. For example, you cannot avoid illness and death, natural calamity,  or a national recession. Under such conditions, the best way to deal with them is to accept the situation and act accordingly. Accepting such situations will not be that easy for you, But it would be easier than running away or not accepting the situations if not changed. Keep these points in mind  when you are in a stressed situation:

  • Never try to control something that is uncontrollable:  there are many things in this universe that just cannot tolerate your interference or control on them.  So instead of spending your time and energy on them, focus on the things that are under your control.
  • Look for the better side:  when facing problems again and again try to extract out opportunities for personal growth.  and in case you are the reason for your stressful situation try to work on your mistakes.
  • Always learn to forgive: The world and the people living in it can’t be perfect.  Every person on this planet has some sort of imperfection in them.  and you as human beings need to accept it.

Tip 3: Get Moving

Get Moving

You might not know but physical activities are considered a great stress reliever.  When you exercise,  a hormone called endorphins is released in your body that makes you happy. Regular exercise cannot only level up your fitness but will help you bust your stress.  Here are some of the activities you can indulge in:

  •  dance on your favorite beats
  •  take your dog out for a walk
  •  cycle or walk to the grocery store
  •  use stairs at work and home instead of the elevator
  •  have an exercise partner so that you can encourage each other while working out.

You can also go for some stress-busting exercises such as swimming aerobics and tai chi for managing stress. But whatever you go for just make sure that you are literally enjoying that time because if it poses as a burden in front of you then it would be another cause of stress for you instead of acting as a remedy for stress.

Tip 4: Get Connected to Others

Get Connected to Others

You cannot imagine how fruitful it can be if you spend some quality time with one another.  In fact, it has been studied that face-to-face interaction Triggers a fountain of fluid in your body that acts against the fight or flight response of your body. In addition, it also fights back depression and anxiety

It’s not that people whom you are talking to or whom you are with are going to fix your stress.  No, it’s not that.  But they are surely playing the role of healers for the victim if they are good listeners. On the other hand,  you should not feel that you are a burden on them if you’re looking for some solace by spending time with them.  If they love you and if they care for you,  they will surely feel more connected to you if you share your problems with them. 

We know that it’s not easy to always have such close relations where you always feel comfortable talking about your issues.  But making such connections really helps. So here are some of the tips or some small gestures through which you can build relationships:

  • Help someone voluntarily
  • Reach out to a colleague  at your work
  • Stay connected to your old friends via call or  messages
  • Schedule a weekly or a monthly meeting in a cafe or a dinner date
  • Look for a friend in your teacher, mentor, or sports coach.

Tip 5: Extract Out Time for Fun and Relaxation

Extract Out Time for Fun and Relaxation

Carving out some “me” time is important for managing stress. Is good to take care of fathers but not at the cost of your health and mental peace.  Amongst all the Hustle and bustle of life, You should not forget to take care of your own needs. You might have heard someone say that you can keep others happy only if you are happy and content within. The following tips might help you to extract some me time for yourself and your peaceful mind:

  • Set a leisure time: As we prepare your daily schedule make sure you include some rest or relaxation period in it. And this will be the time when no one can encroach on your space. You should be free from all the responsibilities and charges you have been serving on throughout the day.
  • Involve small activities that you enjoy doing: For relaxation and recharge your batteries,  you need to cut the monotony of serving responsibilities and do something that you all love to do.  you may go for a bike ride, play the piano, dance class, etc.
  • Go for relaxation practice:  some relaxation practices such as meditation yoga and deep breathing Switches on the body’s relaxation response.

Tip 6:  Manage Your Time Better For Managing Stress

Manage Your Time Better For Managing Stress

Time if not managed properly creates chaos. Poor time management just cannot lead you towards managing stress.  Also, it keeps you away from all the heavy things that you should be doing in order to keep your stress and control. You can go for the following steps to manage your time better throughout the day:

  • Never overcome it yourself:  we all have a day of 24 hours. But some people irrespective of a fixed Duration of the day take up work back to back and eventually fail to do even a half of it with perfection. Commit to a certain amount of work that you think will be able to do. Within the time span of 24 hours.
  • List your tasks according to priority: Listing jobs to be done according to the importance and intensity of tackling them. In case you have something unfavorable I am stressed to completely get over it as soon as possible.
  • Divide your job into sections: If someday a work appears to you that is overwhelming and time taking, Break them into small ones and step by step plans.
  • Assign responsibility:  of course, when you are at your workplace you have to accomplish the target given to you. But when you are at home it’s not important that you do it all by yourself. Distribute duties among your family members.

Tip 7:  Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to keep stress at Bay you just do not need to exercise for a manager’s time but also maintain a healthy lifestyle.  By Healthy lifestyle, I mean eating a balanced amount of food and staying away from toxins. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Take a healthy diet:  if you provide your body with full nutrition your mind will be able to cope with stress much more easily. Never skip breakfast because it helps you keep your energy up and your mind clearer throughout the day.
  • Cut down on caffeine and sugar. Caffeine and sugar are something that crashes your mood and energy. To avoid Coffee, soft drinks,  chocolate, and sugary snacks.
  • Say no to alcohol cigarettes and drugs. People under stress try to self-medicate themselves with alcohol or drugs so that they can escape from a stressful situation. But they fail to realize that this is a temporary relief only. Instead of this look for ways that can permanently solve your problems. This will only happen if you fight back strongly.
  • Get enough sleep: an adequate amount of sleep and save the fuel for your mind as well as your body.  Feeling hurt increases your stress and also leaves you to think irrationally.

Tip 8: Learn to Relieve Your Stress Then And There

Never move into another space if you had a stressful one just before. If you had an argument with someone or got stuck in a stressful meeting you need to manage your stress level right there. 

Take Deep breaths using all your senses.  You can listen to some music, smell a specific scent, have a bite of your favorite gum or chocolate, or hug your pet. These steps can help you get out of that serious and stressful environment. 

This was all about stress management. Remember it’s only you who can help yourself. Try out these remedies. If the situation still prevails, seek professional help.

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