Chicken Salad with Apples – A Refreshing Dish


Chicken salad with apples has been a staple of the American diet for many years. It is a simple chicken dish where chicken breast, mayonnaise, and other ingredients are in combination to create an appetizing meal. In recent years it has become popular to include apples in chicken salad as well. The result is a refreshingly sweet taste that will satisfy anyone’s hunger.

The best chicken salad is made with homemade gourmet chicken salad, apples, cheese, and a maple dijon dressing. This quick and easy apple-based chicken salad is delicious!

Chicken Salad with Apples

Chicken Salad with Apples, the BEST chicken salad with loads of fresh apple, walnuts or pecans, cheese, and a maple dijon dressing. This homemade gourmet chicken salad with apples is quick and easy to make!

Chicken Salad with Apples is a simple dish that’s ideal for a last-minute fall lunch or evening meal! It’s also a wonderful way to utilize any leftovers you already have.

This simple chicken salad is packed with chicken, nuts, fresh apples, shredded cheese, and a homemade sauce. Instead of honey, you may use maple syrup in this creamy honey mustard dressing.

There are so many different ways to make chicken salad! Let’s start with the basics for those who haven’t cooked before…

What is in Chicken Salad?

What is in chicken salad?

A simple chicken salad typically contains three components.

  • Chicken – partially cooked and shredded or chopped. Canned or a rotisserie chicken may also be in use.

  • Dressing – often simply mayo, but it could be yogurt (such as plain Greek yogurt) with other ingredients including mustard, spices, and occasionally even a sweetener like honey, sugar, or maple syrup.

  • Mix-ins – chopped nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, or pecans), grapes, cranberries, cheese, apple, veggies (celery, kale), and even raisins are all popular add-ons. People have also been using blueberries, broccoli, and anything else they have on hand!

You may create a completely new chicken salad recipe by mixing and matching your favorites.

Ingredients for a Homemade Chicken Salad with Apples

  • Mayonnaise (or plain yogurt)

  • Maple syrup

  • Dijon mustard

  • Dill (dried)

  • Salt & Pepper

  • Chicken (precooked)

  • Apple

  • Walnuts (or pecans)

  • White Cheddar Cheese

How to Make Chicken Salad with Apples

  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine mayonnaise, maple syrup, mustard, dill and salt, and pepper until combined.

  2. Make a chicken salad in the same way you’d make any other chicken dish. Add the chicken, apple, and walnuts to the bowl and stir until they’re mixed together. Serve as desired.

Chicken Salad Serving Suggestions

  • Chicken salad is also delicious when prepared with just ingredients. It’s even better than before! You’ll want to serve this at your next get-together or tailgate party. This chicken salad tastes just like the one mom makes, but it’s got a fresh twist on it because of all the veggies. Enjoy!

  • A great sandwich or even a grilled sandwich may be created from it.

  • Serve over lettuce, cabbage, kale, or your favorite greens on top of a salad.

  • Lettuce wraps are another great way to make wraps more nutritious. Serve chicken salad on lettuce leaves for creative wraps.

  • Ideal for a party or holiday chicken salad dip. Serve with crackers, crostini, or even celery sticks for added texture and crunch.

Quick Tips for Best Results

Quick Tips for Best Results

  • Plain, uncooked chicken without any sauces or strong tastes or spices should be used.

  • Use a crisp, crunchy apple of your choosing.

  • Serve the chicken salad within a few hours to keep the nuts and apples from becoming soft and mushy.

  • If you’re in a hurry, prepare the components ahead of time and then combine and serve later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store chicken salad?

Because apples and nuts can soften when subjected to heat, this chicken salad is best eaten right away (or within a few hours). If you must store or have extra chicken salad, keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight container or a well-covered bowl.

If you want to keep the chicken salad for longer, add the nuts (and perhaps the apples!) right before serving since they may soften over time.

Is it possible to freeze chicken salad?

No, this chicken salad should not be frozen. Technically, you may freeze it, but you’ll be unhappy if you try it after thawing.

How long do you keep chicken salad?

This chicken salad is best eaten right away or within a few hours. Though it can last a few days in the refrigerator if seal tight. The apples and nuts will soften over time if you keep them longer.

What can I substitute for the mayo?

For a no mayo chicken salad, you could substitute plain Greek yogurt or even Miracle Whip if that’s more your thing.

What can I substitute for the nuts?

You may use any variety of nuts instead of walnuts, although if you don’t want any nuts, chop some celery for a crisp crunch.

What can I substitute for the maple syrup?

You may add sugar, brown sugar, honey, sugar substitute, or whatever else you like to the mix. However, you may require to alter the amount of sweetener based on your preference; start with just a little and add more as needed. You may also omit the sweetener if making a low-carb chicken salad.

What can I substitute for the apple?

You may also try substituting a firm pear or even chopped grapes or dried cranberries if you don’t enjoy apples.


In conclusion, this recipe is a perfect example of how you can add new flavors to try and create something that tastes good. If you have an idea for adding something different into your chicken salad recipe, go ahead and give it a shot! However, if the apple sounds too weird or out there for your taste buds then don’t worry about trying it in order to please us. We hope we’ve helped inspire some creativity while giving you the confidence to venture outside of your usual recipes with these tips on cooking up delicious food without breaking the bank (literally). Bon appetite!

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